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Username: Pasto
Name: Pasto '[frick]let' Rasto
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"@Pasto you like [Redacted] because you're black hence brown, what color is [Redacted]? yep you guessed it Brown, you're a racist [Redacted], [Redacted] lover. we should have kept you people as slaves"

"Never let the haters stop you from doing your thang."

RP Pasto Stats:
+51 Chest Armor (+6 Defense)
+23 Leg Armor (+3 Defense)
+34 Forearm Gauntlets (+5 Defense)
+32 Armored Boots (+5 Defense)
+66 Gloves (+7 Health Regeneration)
+76 Silver Revolver (+8 Damage)
+10 Tape Deck (+2 Increased Hearing)
+2 "Benny and The Jets" Song

*= Rare
*= Uncommon
*= Common

Current editor for TheNerdWork.

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