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Hey guys, name's Lex. I'm 20. I like TONS of movies and TV shows. I used to read comics all the time, but not so much anymore. I like to make machinima (movies utilizing a video game engine) with my brother and friends on Xbox. I play on Xbox 360 and spend all day on my computer. :-P

My favorite movie is Back to the Future. My other favorites are Serenity, The Boondock Saints and The AVENGERS.

Favorite TV shows are Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Castle, Terminator: SCC, NCIS, Smallville and Supernatural.

Favorite cartoons: Batman Beyond and The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Favorite comic characters: Spider-Man, Carnage, Punisher, Batman, Joker (Hamill OWNS)...

Favorite CBMs: AVENGERS, Iron Man, Spider-Man 2, Kick-Ass, Batman Begins, X-Men: First Class, X-Men, X2, Captain America: TFA.

Favorite web-series:

Video Games: HALO (pre-343 raping), racing games, shooter games (no [frick]ing CoD), superhero games.

Inspirations: Jesus, The Boondock Saints, Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion.

Anything you wanna know about me, contact me or somethin...

Merry Christmas!

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