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So I came to as a lurker around 2011, when the hype machine was beginning to build for both The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Needless to say, the epic flame wars that arose during that time pretty much guaranteed that I'd STAY as a lurker...until I finally couldn't help myself from spouting off my opinions for everyone to see.

So here I am, a few years later, and I'm only now deciding to write something here. I figured I'd open some windows and shed some light on what actually makes me tick...because I'm sure everyone is DYING to know.

This might make me look arrogant or closed-minded or whatever, but here are my top non-negotiable, un-arguable, set-in-stone, not-in-any-particular-order "rules" that I firmly believe in when it comes to movies, fans, opinions, and anything else that can be found on a site like this:

1) The Hobbit movies are crap.

Yeah, I said it. I loved all of Tolkien's Middle-earth books, I really liked Peter Jackson's LotR trilogy (there's still PLENTY of flaws)...but The Hobbit movies are crap. In fact, the first Hobbit film is what inspired me to actually start writing my polarizing, sometimes-controversial editorials. So there's that.

2) Everyone absolutely has a right to say their opinions...but not all opinions are equal.

This not only applies to movies; it's basically a fact of life. Some opinions are just more informed than others. Some people actually do the research, learn all they can, and spend more time developing an opinion on something than others.

So when two users are talking about a certain movie and one likes it because it has hot women, lots of explosions, cool lines of dialogue, and the superhero's costume is comic book accurate...while the other actually appreciates the plot of the story, the writing of the characters, the thematic through-lines that manage to be relevant to the world today...guess who's opinion you should value over the other?

3) Critics are critics for a reason

Namely, it's because they actually know a thing or two about movies. In fact, they most likely know more about film and the film industry than any fans who like to think of themselves as experts.

Personally, I usually like to defer to the people who actually, you know, get paid and make a living by reviewing, studying, and knowing movies and how they work.

Of course, there are some who are biased and don't really know much about what they're talking about. But for every one of those types of critics, there's a dozen more who are objective, impartial, knowledgeable, and deserve to be heard.

Enough with the conspiracy theories of how all critics are "hacks" and should be dismissed entirely. Grow up, read reviews, temper expectations accordingly, and then ultimately make up your own mind. It's not that hard, and it shouldn't be controversial.


This is a biggie. Most kids think that the only way to debate someone who disagrees with them is to hurl insults, make condescending remarks, and basically do the equivalent of screaming at strangers on a megaphone in order to get their point across.

Ugh. There's ways of calmly, rationally, logically defending your argument without resorting to trolling.

The big thing to understand is that NO MOVIE IS PERFECT. And so when you're defending your favorite movie...admit that there's flaws. Seriously, it's okay. That doesn't negate your entire argument, it doesn't mean you're a bad person. It just means you're realistic. And it goes a long way towards telling people that you are level-headed and able to listen to reason...not some irrational troll who thinks that their favorite movie is beyond ANY and ALL reproach.

Another thing to remember is that you're allowed to admit that you're wrong. Or if you can't do that, at least admit that some parts of your argument are flawed. Again, that's perfectly okay too. It's better to do that than to keep on railing at the other person...even when you yourself are beginning to realize that you're talking BS.

Basically, I try to find the middle ground in everything. No movie is perfect...but all movies have at least SOME type of redeeming factor as well. I try not to come into a discussion with the mindset of: "It's my way or the highway!" I firmly believe in what I believe...but there's some leeway there. I could be COMPLETELY wrong, or some small parts of what I believe could be flawed and subject to re-examination. It's not the end of the world!

5) Racism, sexism, misogyny, etc are MAJOR issues in the gaming/film/television industry...ESPECIALLY when the source material is comic books. No further explanation should be needed.

6) "Plot Holes" are not what you think they are.

The popular YouTube channels of "CinemaSins", "How it Should Have Ended", and "Honest Trailers" are fun, hilarious, eye-opening videos (if not a little too long and nitpicky, though). They are also obviously played for laughs. But unfortunately, most people don't understand that and so these videos have driven home the mentality of watching movies while trying to nitpick EVERY little detail possible.

Let's get this straight: EVERY MOVIE HAS "PLOT HOLES". You know why? BECAUSE MOVIES AREN'T REALITY. They are inherently fiction. Movies take shortcuts, cheat physics, and make no logical sense sometimes because that's what's needed in order to make a story better. So I laugh whenever people get so wrapped up in how "bad" movies are, simply because "It wouldn't happen like that in real life." No crap! Movies aren't real life, and they never will be. Bad movies have plot holes, and amazing movies have plot holes, and everything in between does as well. Get over it!

[More to come soon]

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