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The Dream was born in Germany, Igrew up in Africa, and has been just about everywhere else except for China and the moon. However he does plan on going to those places too as soon as he is able car keys that is.

He was a poacher hunter in Africa where he had lived for close to 20 years. When he came to America he was a circus performer who toured the USA, Europe, Australia, and South America in a wide variety of entertainment venues. He currently work in the film industry in many capacities. I will not make a list of credits because that falls into the realm of resume, and this is not a resume.

If you want to know more about any of those things, then ask. I may even respond depending on the nature of the question.

Relative to this site however I will say that all of the art, pictures, and animations, that you will ever see associated with this profile were made by the Dream and no one else.

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