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I've been a comic book reader for over twenty years and I love them. I love the single connected universe aspect and the never ending story aspect. I was primarily a DC reader for most of my life but after the New 52 I became a Marvel only comic reader. My favorite superhero is Thor and my favorite team is The Avengers. My other favorites include all the bigs Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Spider-man, Wolverine, Black Widow and Hank Pym (whichever name he is going by). My favorite X-man is Nightcrawler. My favorite DC superhero is Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). My favorite storylines are Doomsday and Annihilation. I am a 616 kind of guy and rarely read what ifs, elseworlds, and other alternate realities. I own thousands and thousands of comics and have read even more.

I am also a huge sports fan. My favorite sport is basketball. I root for all the Dallas teams especially the Dallas Mavericks.
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