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The Daily SuperHero is a writing brand alias.

A seasoned online writer since 2007 with two degrees, in journalism and film. Believer of high quality reporting over quantity of reports and still believes journalism is an artform, despite the lowered writing standards in this day and age of the Internet. This writer has the contacts and investigative abilities to land stories and scoops in the movie biz, and more and more are beginning to realize this too.

Also an experienced football sports writer, this guy has editorial experience when he oversaw all NFL beat writer content for one of the largest sports websites and he was editor-in-chief of his college's campus newspaper. He has been published, or linked to, on some of the largest sports and entertainment websites across the Internet.

Tex-mex craver, white rice over brown rice, sriracha on everything. All about Marvel and Star Wars with a splash of Batman and Superman.

CBM Accolades:
–Exclusive on location beat reporter covering the Captain America: The Winter Soldier filming in Cleveland.

–First detailed online photo taken and posted of the Winter Soldier's bionic arm on set.

–CBM press rep for Marvel Studios' SDCC 2013 press conference.

–CBM press rep for Marvel Studios' press screening of the One-Shot Agent Carter at SDCC 2013.

SCOOP Tracker:
The Daily SuperHero wants to be transparent with ALL scoops and whether they're right or wrong and you can check out a SCOOP Tracker in the following link:

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