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Hello all, here’s my bio if you want to get to know me;

I’m an easy going guy, sometimes laidback, sometimes depressed; we’re all human and we have mood swings, can’t change that. I’m an A Level student so generally from December to January, and March to June, I’ll be incredibly busy and my time schedule will work around my Six Form. So please, unless it’s me requesting, please don’t ask for cloning or trading requests as my work is top priority.

If I was writing this months ago, I’d just make some crap up on how awesome a guy I am, but truthfully, I’m not, I’m just like everyone else. And that’s the best part about me; I’m human. I’ve done some good things in my life, and some things I’m not exactly proud of either. I guess I’m adaptable then; I go with the flow. If you’re nice to me, by golly will I return it, but if you’re not and just annoy me and waste my time, then I will keep myself away from you before I start depressing myself.

If you’ve read the whole bio up to now, I admire your patience, as it’s something I’d probably never do. So all in all, cheer’s for getting to know me, and I look forward to chatting with you all in the future. Here’s some specific opinions comicbook wise and stuff:

Favourite CBM: The Avengers

Favourite CBM Hero: Christian Bale Batman

Favourite CBM Villain: Heath Ledger Joker

Place of Origin: United Kingdom

Twitter: @TheGoddamnPeel