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I'm Tristan, a comic book movie geek from Florida. Going on this website has practically become a daily routine that's equivalent to going to the bathroom and taking a whiz. It's really sunk me into the comic book and movie world further than I could have ever imagined, even as a kid. It's been maybe several years since I discovered this site. I haven't even realized just how popular it's really gotten over the years, as millions of users start to invade. And that was when I was maybe ten years old? I was under the impression that this site only had four to five visitors each day (including me), and I'd always surprise my comic book loving dad with the latest news I'd hear about any adaptation of a superhero we're familiar with. It all started when I was impatient for the next Spider-Man movie (Spider-Man 3, which was a disappointment I couldn't accept after so much anticipation at the time), so I ended up on Google trying to find any kinda clue as to what to expect from the threequel. It wasn't until a link from this site of the first official look at Spidey in black that's convinced me "this is the site I must go on", if I wanted to see official glimpses of the movie. However, as I continued coming to the site to look for anymore Spider-Man news... my common knowledge of comics at the time, was really tested. I've started reading articles about movies being made, that I wouldn't expect to be based off a comic. So I decided to expand my knowledge, researching general explanations and background details based off specific articles that caught my attention. From then on, I started loving the website and up to this day... I'm still committed to coming here for my comic book movie news after about eight years. I'm probably one of the oldest visitors, and I mostly read than comment or post articles. (considering how I realized just how psychotic fanboys can really get) But after nearly a decade of going on this site, I've decided that it'd be in my best interest to drop a milestone and attempt to be more productive and social. I hope to post many articles, and make joyous conversation with the CBM users.

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