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black sheep. black ship & rolls-royce. horse. tiger. dagger, sword, spear, bow, shield. pistol, the smoking gun. colour, sail, jack, flag. the briny deep & the horizon. wind. tree. roots. hat & scarf. coca-cola. chain smoking. tough, rough, hard. love, love, love, scars. gold. old. old gold. curse. demon. devil. famous. legendary. coat of arms, heraldry. victorian. death & glory. filth & fury. skull ring. thick lips. lionheart. hot pants, black trousers, white o’t-shirt, boots. failed rockstar. failed painter. failed writer. ruthless thief, dishonest liar, obstinate lawyer. loyal. raunchy. sweat. hot. heat. fix. sort. lass. bird. eastender, contradictory, cockney. obsessive, possessive, compulsive, impulsive, stubborn. darling, damned, doomed. disaster. gentleman. broken mirror, black cat, unlucky charm. really bad eggs. heartbreaker. troublemaker. soulshaker. i am no quarter given.
i am the plank you will walk on. i am davy jones locker. the hidden treasure. a diamond in the rough. i been dirt and i don’t care. i’ve been hurt. the sum of my father and all his sins. i am the greatest man that never lived. and now i never sleep. whatever this means. bollocks. it’s all bollocks. never mind the bollocks, ain’t it, mates? so what was i sayin’ again i’ve got a little bit carried away…
oh yeah. i am a pirate. and i will sail the seven seas.

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