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The Official Punisher: War Zone site has updated with a few cuts from the soundtrack, and you can listen to Rob Zombie's "War Zone" track here... - ComicBookMovie
Well, THIS casts doubt on earlier rumors! The new video clip that appeared on the official site is bloody good, and begins with a smiling and obviously "involved" Lexi Alexander, who it was rumored had been booted off of the movie. - ComicBookMovie
We just updated our Punisher: War Zone wallpaper area, and have even create an exclusive wallpaper! - NateBest
Despite the rumor that Punisher: War Zone would be going the family-friendly PG-13 route, the MPAA has properly given it an "R" rating for pervasive strong brutal violence, language and some drug use. - ComicBookMovie
Ex-Punisher Thomas Jane took an inebriated joy-ride and got caught. He has pleaded no contest to DUI, and was sentenced to one year probation and $1,700 in fines. Let that be a lesson to younglings never drink and drive 120mph in your Maserati. - ComicBookMovie
Are in in a hard rockin' band? If you can make music to accompany violent scenes showing decapitations or gouging out eyes, then you could win a cut on the Punisher: War Zone soundtrack! - ComicBookMovie
Rumormonger no more with this in-depth insider's view about the Punisher War Zone troubles. This really rings true, and sheds light on the whole fiasco. - ComicBookMovie
There is no way to be sure this is true, but a forum poster over at FilmStalker, who claims to be Punisher: War Zone cinematographer Steve Gainer, wants to set us all straight about a rumor started by Latio Review that "War Zone" was being numbed down to a PG-13. Not so, Gainer says... - ComicBookMovie
WTF Lionsgate! First the Lexi Alexander drama, and now rumors that arguably one of the most violent comics characters in history is shooting for a PG-13 rating. - Galactus
CHUD is claiming that all the controversy regarding ex-director Lexi Alexander and Lionsgate over Punisher: War Zone is simply a viral promo campaign. - ComicBookMovie
After director Lexi Alexander's absence from Comic-Con, rumors abounded that there was trouble at Lionsgate. Now Lexi has been "let go." So, what does this mean for the movie? - ComicBookMovie
Check out the latest trailer for Punisher: War zone--shown at Comic-Con last week. This one is definitely a guys night at the movies... - ComicBookMovie
If you're not into exploding heads and such, you may not want to see this violent music video for Punisher: War Zone. - ComicBookMovie
We've seen 2 of these, now REALLY see them, plus 2 more in High Def! - ComicBookMovie
2 NEW posters for the Marvel movie Punisher: War Zone, starring Ray Stevenson were revealed at a party in the actor's honor... - ComicBookMovie
Lionsgate has given IGN Movies the exclusive first look at the next punisher movie, but thanks to embedding, you can see it right here! - ComicBookMovie
Lionsgate has released a NEW publicity pic of Ray as Frank, a.k.a. The Punisher! - ComicBookMovie
SEE the first one-sheet teaser for the Punisher: War Zone movie. - ComicBookMovie
The latest poster from Punisher: War Zone has been revealed. - cahcat
At an internal screening that went "reasonably well," it was decided to move Punisher: War Zone back from its original September 12th release to December 5th. Director Lexi Alexander also hinted that the R-Rated movie will be bloody. - ComicBookMovie
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