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CHUD is claiming that all the controversy regarding ex-director Lexi Alexander and Lionsgate over Punisher: War Zone is simply a viral promo campaign.
After director Lexi Alexander's absence from Comic-Con, rumors abounded that there was trouble at Lionsgate. Now Lexi has been "let go." So, what does this mean for the movie?
Check out the latest trailer for Punisher: War zone--shown at Comic-Con last week. This one is definitely a guys night at the movies...
If you're not into exploding heads and such, you may not want to see this violent music video for Punisher: War Zone.
We've seen 2 of these, now REALLY see them, plus 2 more in High Def!
2 NEW posters for the Marvel movie Punisher: War Zone, starring Ray Stevenson were revealed at a party in the actor's honor...
Lionsgate has given IGN Movies the exclusive first look at the next punisher movie, but thanks to embedding, you can see it right here!
Lionsgate has released a NEW publicity pic of Ray as Frank, a.k.a. The Punisher!
SEE the first one-sheet teaser for the Punisher: War Zone movie.
The latest poster from Punisher: War Zone has been revealed.
At an internal screening that went "reasonably well," it was decided to move Punisher: War Zone back from its original September 12th release to December 5th. Director Lexi Alexander also hinted that the R-Rated movie will be bloody.
Director Lexi Alexander unveils new stills from the Punisher: War Zone set and announces the birth of the future Punisher!
First look at Ray Stevenson as Frank Castle/The Punisher.
SCI FI Wire recently interviewd Punisher: War Zone co-star Juile Benz about her role in the film.
Lexi Alexander, director of Green Street Hooligans, discusses Ray Stevenson’s mysterious ability to summon rain, and skulls that magically appeared during the filming of Punisher: War Zone.
Welcome back, Frank: Rome Star Ray Stevenson Debuts as The Punisher in Lions Gate’s Blockbuster Non-Sequel.
Lion's Gate announces that we shall see Frank Castle and his guns again at the end of next year...
Actor T.J. Storm, a world class martial artist who holds belts in Arashi-Ryu Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Ninjitsu, Jujitsu and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu has been cast as Magnity in Punisher sequel "Punisher: War Zone". has up an interview with new Punisher 2 scriptwriter Kurt Sutter where he gives his views on the film and why Tom Jane left the project. Good stuff...
The Punisher is one of those movies that are always going to do well at the box office, simply because of the underlying themes of a movie that sees an ordinary guy dispensing justice, especially if he has been on the wrong end of it before.
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