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2004 portrayed the Marvel franchises foray in to the world of the Punisher, and surprisingly found themselves a hit success. News is slowly making its way out on the sequel, slated to be released sometime in 2008.
New information on the upcoming Lexi Alexander-directed film!
Star of HBO's "Rome" takes over as the violent vigilante
In a letter to AICN Thomas Jane announced that he's dropping out of the Punisher sequel.
Will the UFC fighter be playing a villain in the upcoming film?
They look cool! I'm hoping, they're real!
“We’ve gotta get a good script, and then we’ll be ready to rock.” – Thomas Jane
Actor Thomas Jane has confirmed to IGN that the first movie's director and co-writer Jonathan Hensleigh is working on a script for a sequel to "The Punisher"...
A sequel to The Punisher is sure to come!
...but which set of wheels will assist him when marauding in search of the wicked?
Look for Jigsaw to show up in the long-anticipated sequel.
Thomas Jane says the producers are still looking for the right script.
Sequel makes the move from Florida around the Gulf Coast.
Thomas Jane says he'll be Frank Castle again when the summertime comes.
The beautiful Rebecca Romijn reveals to IESB.
Is the Punisher headed for the small screen?
Thomas Jane told the IESB that the Punisher sequel script is currently being worked on and they expect production to start in two months. Location wise it looks like Tampa is out and New York is in.
Ain't-It-Cool-News scoopers attended the Dallas Comic Con Convention this weekend, where Tom Jane revealed some new details on The Punisher 2...
Lions Gate is putting the money together for The Punisher sequel because the DVD did so well.
The star of the Punisher is giving some hints as to what a sequel may be like.
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