Punisher: War Zone

Ultra-Violent, Red-Band Punisher: War Zone Video

WARNING! The video that appears below contains extreme graphic violence, and may not be suitable for some viewers. Who are we kidding? If you had a hard time watching the new Rambo movie, this video (and the movie) are sure to give you nightmares.

Uploaded 12/5/2008
ANooBiS - 12/7/2008, 10:45 AM
Hate to sound shallow here, but this just sold me on the movie. I had no interest in seeing this film AT ALL with its silly overdone Boondocks Saints chandelier hanging scene but this looks very true to the comics after all. Seems like a "Turn your brain off at the door and enjoy" kinda movie that i need right about now. haha
FrankCastle1 - 10/24/2009, 10:48 AM
i jizzed myself over this movie, finally Marvel did a dark movie , but they shouldnt do it again, Punisher is a dark character, therefor they made the film dark .... kiss my ass ..... i give this film a 5 / 5 :D

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