SDCC '12: Thomas Jane On His Love For THE PUNISHER

SDCC '12: Thomas Jane On His Love For THE PUNISHER

The actor, who played Frank Castle in the 2004 Punisher film, discusses his love for the character and whether or not he'd like to star in a possible film adaptation of the Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe one-shot.

In an interview with Bloody-Disgusting conducted while promoting his new graphic novel Bad Planet at San Diego Comic-Con, Thomas Jane - who played the title role in the 2004 adaptation of The Punisher - looks back on his love for the Marvel Comics character, as well as other fans. "We want to show our love for the character, really, and also the fans that love the character. Not only am I in love for the character, I also have a soft spot for the guys who love the character. You know, there were Punisher fans way before I knew who The Punisher was. There’s a certain kind of Punisher fan that I really love."

Bloody-Disgusting also asks, with Marvel's The Avengers being so successful, if Jane would be interested in reprising his role as The Punisher in a film adaptation of the one-shot comic book Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe (published in late 1995). "That would be fun ... that would be awesome. I love that idea."

In the one-shot (written by Garth Ennis), Frank Castle decides to kill every superhero and supervillain in the Marvel Universe, before finally committing suicide. With The Punisher's film rights back at Marvel, it's not impossible that a film adaptation of the story could get off the ground. (Though I don't see Marvel Studios planning to make such a film any time soon; Plus, a full on adaptation isn't entirely possible, as Marvel doesn't own the film rights to characters such as Spider-Man, X-Men or Fantastic Four.)

Still, I would love to see Thomas Jane play The Punisher once more. The 2004 film wasn't bad, but was rather underwhelming. Jane was easily the best thing about the movie. Whenever Marvel decides to bring Frank Castle back to the big screen, they should definitely give Jane a call to see if he would reprise the role. But do you think that Jane should play Franke Castle again, or should someone else have a turn at donning the Punisher skull?

For Bloody-Disgusting's full interview with Jane (as well as Tim Bradstreet, who worked on the Bad Planet graphic novel with him), click the link below.

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MikeHawk - 7/14/2012, 12:36 PM
now that Marvel has the rights back to the Punisher, Jane can continue on with a new movie! his performance wasnt bad as the punisher, he just didn't have the help he needed.
nicklizard - 7/14/2012, 12:41 PM
i think he was good as the punisher
TheDesertGorilla - 7/14/2012, 12:43 PM
He played a good emotional drunk. Not a really good punisher.
musashi - 7/14/2012, 12:45 PM
I don't see why The Punisher is a hard movie to make. If any movie needs to be grounded in reality it's this one. I just see the Punisher as a revenge flick after his family is murdered. I don't want to see him punch his fist through a guys face or kill the Marvel Universe on film.

The difference between Punisher and Batman for me is that Punisher would obviously kill the villains and he had suicidal tendencies as well. He would throw himself in a fire fight and not care about getting killed or injured.

Thomas Jane is obviously a fan but he needs a better story and another chance.
ManofSteel23 - 7/14/2012, 12:46 PM
I love his punisher,i like it better thn daredevil,elektra,FF etc
FightAs0ne - 7/14/2012, 12:48 PM
He was a really great punisher to me, much better than that guy in War Zone
RorMachine - 7/14/2012, 12:58 PM
I think he was the best Punisher, Stevenson was good but the movie he starred in was so abysmal that it hurt his performance. Jane and his movie were both underrated I think.
jessepostal - 7/14/2012, 12:59 PM
I thought jane was blah punisher, or maybe it was just the movie itself. Dolph and ray Stevens were a lot better
LAXtremest - 7/14/2012, 1:00 PM
Ray Stevenson, IMO, played a great Punisher. He wasn't the problem. For me, the guy who played Soap and the villains had terrible performances.
siggisuperman - 7/14/2012, 1:05 PM
I felt Jane was good as Frank Castle. Under MARVEL it would be an entirely different animal, and I think he could do a great job working with the MARVEL team. He seems enthusiastic enough.
WellDrawn - 7/14/2012, 1:11 PM
Seriously, why is the Punisher such a hard character to get right?! He's one of the few characters who requires no suspension of disbelief - Just a badass ex soldier with a grudge.

Granted Ray Stevenson LOOKED the most like the Punisher, but Jane gave the best performance IMO.

89 - Lack of a skull t-shirt aside, this ones' the definition of late 80's /early 90's low budget straight to video.

2004 - Any good elements of the movie are completely undermined by cheesiness and lack of a consistent tone - we go from melodramatic scenes, to trying to be funny, back to depressing and overly serious - plus John Travolta gives one of the worst performances in his career.

War Zone - An over the top cartoon, the director of which obviously had no respect for Frank Castle as a character, and is simply interested in showing that a female director is capable to filming buckets of blood and tons of senseless action as much as any man . Plus it has by far the most cringe inducing dialogue of any of the films in the series.
MasterApoc81 - 7/14/2012, 1:11 PM
thomas jane all the way ....make a actual sequel to the punisher 2004 and bring him back !!!!!!! marvel
DioFoRio - 7/14/2012, 1:14 PM
what ror said. The last Punisher movie was a joke. I'm all for violence in a movie as long as it sets a mood that's comparable to the blood shed on screen. The last one was hokey as fcuk. Tom Jane wasn't a bad Punisher and his flick wasn't bad. What the Punisher needs is the guidance of the MCU.
Visualiza - 7/14/2012, 1:15 PM
IMO, Man on Fire was everything a Punisher movie should have been, albeit with more overt gore. I'd like to a see a visceral and intelligent Punisher flick in the same spirit as Man on Fire...that's all I kept thinking while watching that movie.
DioFoRio - 7/14/2012, 1:16 PM
the Punisher movie doesn't need to re-invent the wheel. It just needs to have spinners on it. Make that shit good
DioFoRio - 7/14/2012, 1:17 PM
@Visualiza ...exactly...and with Toney Scott directing(and going easy on the filters). That would be sick
Montross - 7/14/2012, 1:17 PM
I love both Tom Jane's Punisher and Punisher: War Zone, and I do so for the very reasons they are different. IMO, Jane' version was much more realistic atmospherically and had a much better plot (The extended cut is amazing) On the other hand, Stevenson (whom I think is a fantastic actor) played the character well even though the movie was thin on plot and chock full of ridiculously over-the-top violence.

Short version: I'd love to see Tom Jane get a second shot at it.
DioFoRio - 7/14/2012, 1:17 PM
OhGawDuhhh - 7/14/2012, 1:32 PM
Thomas Jane for Marvel Studio's THE PUNISHER.

Make it happen. He obviously has a great love for the character and I have nothing but faith in Marvel Studios adapting their own creation. I want Punisher hunting Jamie Bamber's Matt Murdock/Daredevil.

Also: Patrick Wilson for Henry Pym while we're at it. Assuming that Nathon Fillion isn't available. Morena Baccarin for Wasp too. Someone please stop me. I'm going to make myself sad thinking of what-ifs.

After watching 'The Amazing Spider-Man', it confirmed that if it isn't a Marvel Studios production, it's bound to disappoint me somewhat.
Tainted87 - 7/14/2012, 2:09 PM
Tom Jane is an awesome guy. I don't like the Punisher, but I think I liked the 2004 movie over War Zone because of Jane - and the fact that he was less like the character in the comics.

Talontd - 7/14/2012, 2:12 PM
Minus that horrible scene on the beach with his wife, THOMAS JANE was an awesome fcuking PUNISHER!!!
TheMalcontent - 7/14/2012, 2:16 PM
They never really got Punisher right on film yet. Not just a good movie but the character Frank Castle & the Punsher.

I think marvel are the people who know how to pull him off on film.(that doesn't sound right... whatever)

I think Thomas Jane his the ability to play Punisher accurately under Marvel's guidance with a better director.

TheMalcontent - 7/14/2012, 2:26 PM
If War Zone and the first were meet in the middle in terms of tone & character then add some more marvel mythos and lore.

We need the bad-ass that can be sympathetic with. Not the sympathetic guy from the first film or the ridicule mass murdering "ass" from War Zone.

TheBatman938865 - 7/14/2012, 2:39 PM
that movie kicked ass! ..bring him back at once!
eleven59 - 7/14/2012, 2:49 PM
Perfectly fine with christopher lambert playing punisher again. With a better script and production, Jane has better talent to pull it off, plus it would be cool to not have yet another hulk scenario again. Keep some continuity, so to speak. Origin is done, move on!
90caliber - 7/14/2012, 2:58 PM
Deathwish 1 and 2. That's what a Punisher movie should be like. Straight revenge!
IIIAdamantiumIII - 7/14/2012, 3:09 PM
both the punisher films were good ....but one was lackluster and the second was pure cheese at times ... as for him killing off the whole marvel universe (having not read it) how do bullets kill super heroes/villains....?
ATrueHero1987 - 7/14/2012, 3:09 PM
His Punisher was the best.
RamonSuarez - 7/14/2012, 3:48 PM
Punisher is my favorite alltime Marvel character.

But Jane ain't that.
marvel72 - 7/14/2012, 4:47 PM
if he loved it why didn't he return for punisher war zone.
CharlesLord - 7/14/2012, 5:46 PM
i actually liked Janes Punisher film. They didnt take the movie seriously and give them an adequate budget. Parts of it coulda been written better as well
laughterman26 - 7/14/2012, 6:09 PM
i really liked the first punisher movie, i dont understand all the hate over it. but the second movie oh dear go that was a horrible movie "it was like an ass hole ate an ass hole" the only thing decent to come out of war zone was the costume. the game was pretty badass
Jollem - 7/14/2012, 6:21 PM
dolph lundgren - good punisher in a great punisher story. no skull t-shirt :(

thomas jane - very good punisher in a crappy story. bad dialogue. bad characters. the storyline of Welcome Back, Frank-hacked up and shit on. director's cut was better tho

ray stevenson - great punisher in a good punisher story. it had the feel of Punisher MAX all over it
TheDetectiveComicRises - 7/14/2012, 7:17 PM
I think Jane is best Punisher the 04 Punisher movies is a classic!
ClarkFarley2012 - 7/14/2012, 8:36 PM
Get Jane back in there!
Fogs - 7/14/2012, 8:45 PM
Stevenson was better IMO. Good actor, loved his work in Rome, I root for the dude.

And the 2004 Punishes was bad as [frick]. Not Jane's fault, though.
ATrueHero1987 - 7/14/2012, 9:01 PM
@marvel72 He didn't return because he didn't like any of the scripts that he read.
AUSSYACE - 7/14/2012, 9:23 PM
How simple is a Punisher movie to make...
fistofthenorthstar - 7/14/2012, 10:38 PM

you can't be serious...
Jollem - 7/15/2012, 3:57 AM
@Mr.Northstar - stevenson was a stone cold, singular minded, no nonsense killer

that's how i like my punisher :)
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