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Red 2 Teaser Trailer

Get your very first look at footage from Dean Parisot's upcoming sequel in the trailer for RED 2, which sees Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker and Helen Mirren return to action with some new friends along for the ride.


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Amazing512 - 10/30/2014, 4:48 PM
Marvel all the way, baby.
Amazing512 - 10/30/2014, 4:48 PM
But both sides have plenty to be excited for.
SuperPickle - 10/30/2014, 4:51 PM
staypuffed - 10/30/2014, 4:51 PM
DC, by far.
Amazing512 - 10/30/2014, 4:53 PM
Captain America + Iron Man + Black Panther + Russo Brothers = Nerdgasm
ComicsBornAndBred - 10/30/2014, 4:53 PM
Marvel easily. Just absorb that lineup. BP, Inhumans, Cap 3, Ragnarok. It's just better and more significant. It's full of sequels and new solos that are more impressive than Aquaman and WE no offense to then. BP is more interesting than Aquaman. Better casting as well.
Amazing512 - 10/30/2014, 4:56 PM
Just throwing this out there now. If Captain America: Civil War is even half as good as Winter Soldier, then it's the ew best superhero trilogy of all time in my opinion.
ShallowDeadpool - 10/30/2014, 4:56 PM
I just can't really get behind the DC slate until I get to see what they are going to give us.
MCU4TheWin - 10/30/2014, 4:58 PM
Marvel has a proven record, DC's playing catch up with it's tween TV shows. This isn't even close. Marvel isn't winning, it won.
AlexanderLykins - 10/30/2014, 4:59 PM
MCU is on top right now.
GinjaNinja - 10/30/2014, 4:59 PM
DC's is going to be awesome.

but marvel as of now is doing 2 Avengers. BP (Better than pretty much every solo movie on DC's slate) and matches up the black actor film. Woman film and Civil war as well.
TheMfayz - 10/30/2014, 5:00 PM
DC really needs to calm down. Marvel has established and familiarized their universe so they can do risky movies like Guardians, Dr.Strange, and Ant Man. DC should be focussing on core league members, not creating a Cyborg solo film....
daddybear - 10/30/2014, 5:01 PM
Marvel is ending this game. After what they've done these past few days even BvS seems small in front of this galaxy, and i say that being a supes fan. This was some kind of ultimate Wombo Combo.
HAILHYDRA - 10/30/2014, 5:01 PM
It's honestly hard to say about DC right now. We haven't seen enough. Marvel has a proven track record and as long as all the Phase 3 films are better than the worst MCU film, they'll all be good movies.
TheGoat - 10/30/2014, 5:02 PM
I hope DC can pull off the next 2-3 movies. If they can give us GOOD movies and take things up a notch, then we all win. Right now Marvel is more exciting, but DC has Superman. Has there ever been a better super hero?
FordEl - 10/30/2014, 5:02 PM

No. The first was so mediocore it really drags it down
XMenMarvelFan - 10/30/2014, 5:06 PM
I'm salty because FOX is not counted in here :/
Spoon366 - 10/30/2014, 5:06 PM
I'm goin with DC. Not saying I'm not pumped for Marvel as well, I've always loved Marvel.. but I've been obsessed with DC for as long as I can remember.
Amazing512 - 10/30/2014, 5:06 PM
I really appreciate how Marvel makes their fans feel special. They actually announced their slate in a packed house of fans instead of telling a bunch of investors and then sending it to various news outlets. Kevin Feige is the man. He understands what it means to be a Marvel nerd.
Carl - 10/30/2014, 5:06 PM
Amazing512 - 10/30/2014, 5:07 PM
Speak for yourself. I really enjoyed the first one. It symbolized the time period very well.
SpaceRobot - 10/30/2014, 5:08 PM
Wow, thought it would be closer than that. DC all the way as far as movies are concerned for sure. Aquaman, Wonder Woman, BVS, Justice League > Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and Black Panther.
MightyZeus - 10/30/2014, 5:10 PM
Batman + Superman + Wonder Woman = Epic.

I thought we where only going to get two titans on the big screen together but apparently we are going to have three. Also DC has a solo female hero movie coming before Marvel's solo hero movie.

Civil War and Avengers Infinity along with GOTG 2 get's me excited too.
bropous - 10/30/2014, 5:11 PM
DC = Dog Crap.

A stick insect cast as Wonder Woman.

Ben Assfeck cast as Batman.

That fruit kid as Lex Luthor.

That right there forced a stillbirth of the DC Cinematic Universe.

And then, struggling to make it out of the gate? What do they go with?


Give me a major freeing break.

Marvel all the way.

DC Films and WB suck hind titty ever since 2008.
Amazing512 - 10/30/2014, 5:11 PM
Balck Panther > All of those
For me anyway. I love Black Panther.
DexterDouglas - 10/30/2014, 5:12 PM
Lol... serious?

MercWithAGun - 10/30/2014, 5:12 PM
While I prefer Marvel, Im excited by both line ups. It's a good time to be a fan guys :-D
Amazing512 - 10/30/2014, 5:14 PM
They couldn't have picked a better actor for Black Panther
vPuik - 10/30/2014, 5:15 PM
Marvel all the way for me. MoS was disappointing, but what I've seen from BvS got me cautiously optimistic.
DaddyTuesday - 10/30/2014, 5:16 PM
AS a life long DC fan there is only one team I'm on and that's Marvel. Man of Steel was good but good isn't good enough. We've waited so long for a Superman movie and all we got was a good movie. When it comes to repeat viewing Man of Steel is a clip show only. Marvel movies I can watch over and over again. They embrace there comic origins, DC seems to be kind of embarrassed about theirs. Maybe someone should let DC / Warner Bros know that bright red, bright yellow and light blue exists as colours.
fettastic - 10/30/2014, 5:17 PM
People say that Josh likes to make flamebait articles to get clicks.

I just don't see it.
CaptShipwreck - 10/30/2014, 5:19 PM
Flame broiled lobster is the only way to go
HeadPool420 - 10/30/2014, 5:21 PM
I'm excited for both Dc and Marvel.
TexasTwoFace - 10/30/2014, 5:23 PM
I'm excited for the DC movies, but Infinity War, Ragnorak, Civil War, it's just far too tilted on Marvel's favor right, while DC is introducing some great characters Marvel is pushing forward into Phase 3.
beane2099 - 10/30/2014, 5:27 PM
For now I gotta say Marvel. And understand for me this isn't about comparing the quality of Marvel Studios vs WB movies. This thread is about which slate has me more excited.

Bottom line, until I see more movies in this shared DC universe I can't really get excited past the point of that feeling of "it's about damn time, WB!" BvS will be the real proving ground for me. I liked Man of Steel but it ain't on any "top ____" list for me. It was a Superman movie and I like Superman so by default it gets a certain measure of my like. But I like it a little less the more I see it to the point where eventually I'll probably only give it a pass regardless because it's Superman but nothing more than that.

But the fan in me hopes Justice League kicks all kinds of keister.

fatcobra - 10/30/2014, 5:27 PM
As a fan of both companies, this really is an embarrassment of riches. That being said I'm probably more excited for Marvel's films. If nothing else they have a much more built up universe at this point. As long as the films are quality, everybody wins.
String - 10/30/2014, 5:29 PM
I had to go with Marvel. I don't know enough about DC's movies but only the movies dealing with Justice League seem like big movies. The rest seem like origin stories. Marvel has gone beyond just origin movies -they're giving us events now -like Civil War and Infinity War. Every movie builds on what has come before. I don't see that with the Warner movies -YET.
UltimateHunt - 10/30/2014, 5:29 PM
It doesn't mean I wont see premier day of the DC movies, but, Marvel knows what they are doing. Its un fair to put DC vs the gigantic Marvel Studios.
DC vs FOX..... thats a more fair race
willyburz - 10/30/2014, 5:29 PM
Marvel Vs. Who?! Lmao, really...who the F woul vote DC with fail wb, and no structure behind them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHABAHAHAHAHA
venkman9993592 - 10/30/2014, 5:30 PM
So if you split the "I can't Decides" and "It's a Ties" evenly among marvel and DC because their basically the same, Marvel is at 77% and DC and 23%. Interesting. Hopefully DC gets it together because all CBMs are a win for viewers.
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