Benedict Cumberbatch claims he is NOT playing Khan!

Benedict Cumberbatch claims he is NOT playing Khan!

Follow the jump to hear the actor's opinion on the surge of speculation regarding Khan. And more "sympathetic" details about his character John Harrison!

While being interviewed by Access Hollywood's Scott Mantz, Benedict assured Scott that he would not be portraying legendary Star Trek baddie Khan Noonien Singh in the forthcoming sequel slated for 2013.

In fact, he downplays the Khan rumors as "strange" and furthermore simply regards it as 'fun speculation'

Here's the exact excerpt from the conversation-

"A few have asked that which is strange, I play a character called John and not that other name" Benedict continued. "It’s interesting. Speculation is speculation and that’s all fun"

While being obviously coy in the interview, Benedict was however able to give us a few more nuggets of information on his character and even going so far as to saying that he hopes at one point or other in the film, we will be able to SYMPATHIZE with his character and the reasons he is doing what he's doing in the film. Read on for details!

~ "I play John Harrison who’s a terrorist and an extraordinary character in his own right," the Brit said. "He’s somebody who is not your two-dimensional cookie cutter villain. He’s got an extraordinary purpose, and I hope that at one point or other in the film you might even sympathize with the reasons he’s doing what he’s doing — not necessarily the means and the destruction he causes. But it was a great ride, not just because he’s the bad guy and the antagonist but also because he has a purpose and it’s hard not to see his point of view at certain points."

So according to Benedict and prior interviews with other crew-members, he's a villain we should most likely "sympathize" with...perhaps the plot has some connection with that sick little girl who was mentioned in the prologue? Perhaps that's his reason for doing what he's doing? Only time will tell And what do you all think of his dismissing of the Khan rumors? Still think he's Khan? I personally doubt this will simmer the Khan speculation as Mr. Cumberbatch had stated himself- "speculation is speculation and that's all fun" but if I were to take a bet- I'd bet against Khan popping up in this film at all. Post below in the usual place!
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LP4 - 12/12/2012, 3:39 PM
If this doesn't quiet the Khan speculation I don't know what will.

Or like what costar Simon Pegg had stated-

"It’s not Khan. That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s not."

Well, that's pretty blunt and straight to the point. Khan isn't the villain :)
SuperDude001 - 12/12/2012, 3:54 PM
I think this is all cause of The Dark Knight Rises...ever since Cotillard and Nolan denied Talia and it turned out there was Talie no one will trust any confirmations on characters.
I mean most fans still did always speculate but TDKR gave those fans an evidence and excuse to keep speculating.
Jollem - 12/12/2012, 3:56 PM
LP4 - 12/12/2012, 4:01 PM
Furthermore, Benedict never struck me as the lying type.

If he claims he ISN'T Khan. Then he isn't. Simple as that. I think people are reading too much into something that just isn't there. They are searching for some deeper or philosophical meaning but that is what makes the speculation so much "fun" as Benedict himself had plainly and clearly stated. Khan was a great villain. He will always go down in Trek history as one of the greats. But that's it, he is history. Time for people to let him go and move on. Nostalgia is nice but clinging is unhealthy.

CoolantTech - 12/12/2012, 4:41 PM
Really Know he's playing Khan now... Kidding I really don't care who BC is playing, he seems to be a cool villian and Im not really up to speed on the Star Trek lore becuase I came in on the Star Trek Next Gen shows, as long as he's a good villian in the TDK, Avengers, Skyfall, kind of way
LP4 - 12/12/2012, 4:41 PM
@SuperDude- True but you have to remember, J.J Abrams is WELL KNOWN for never lying about any details concerning his films.

He never lies about them, trust me.

But even Abrams denied Khan was the villain.

So I'm more inclined to believe Abrams than i am to believe anything from the mouth of Nolan.

From everything I have gathered, I THINK Abrams might have just created a brand new villain NOT directly lifted from Trek lore (like Nero from the 2009 film) but this one may be made more in honor of the legacy of Ricardo Montalban's iconic Khan portrayal. And to honor that legacy, Abrams is going to make this new guy- John Harrison a FORMIDABLE foe to the Enterprise crew just in the same way that Khan was in TWOK.

But is this guy ACTUALLY Khan? No. Of course not and he was never meant to be that.
LP4 - 12/12/2012, 4:47 PM
And I think people misunderstood Abrams'initial intention of originally trying to cast Benicio Del Toro in the role. I think Abrams was aiming for mainly latino actors to again- honor the legacy of Ricardo Montalban's khan. You can honor the legacy of someone while at the same time not copying them to a T

Khan isn't in this movie. And if i had to hedge a bet, I don't think he'll even appear in the 3rd film if they get to that point with this franchise. Khan is done. He's had his story told.

Time for this new crew to face new threats.
SmellofDuty - 12/12/2012, 7:29 PM
I cannot wait! I love Benedict! I just finished season 2 of Sherlock, anyone know when season 3 starts?
TheBumblingIdiot - 12/12/2012, 7:54 PM
maybe the character John is Kirk's Brother and thats why this villain is so personal to him

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