BOX OFFICE: RIDDICK Opens With $7.3M; On Track For A Disappointing $18M Weekend

BOX OFFICE: RIDDICK Opens With $7.3M; On Track For A Disappointing $18M Weekend

After debuting with a disappointing $900,000 on Thursday night, Riddick ended up earning $7.3 million on Friday for a projected weekend total of $18 million. Hit the jump for further details on that and some interesting behind-the-scenes gossip!

With a 'B' CinemaScore from moviegoers, Riddick debuted with $7.3 million yesterday, putting the fourth instalment of the franchise (which cost $38 million to produce) well on its way to a disappointing $18 million three day total. The character hasn't been seen on the big screen for nine years and it looks set to make considerably less than its predecessors. As we told you yesterday, Vin Diesel managed to get his hands on the rights to this franchise from Universal by making a free cameo appearance in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. Well, Deadline now adds: "Diesel has been both savvy and stupid behind the scenes of this pic. He leveraged a lot of his own assets because he loves this galactic ex-con character or hopes to earn more coin from it or both. When a completion bond fell through, Diesel personally advanced funds until bank loans were secured. Eventually Universal came back in with an equity position but also insisted on a PG13 rating. Diesel fought the studio for an R rating – and the result is more bone-crushing and blood gushing violence." It sounds like the actor has a lot riding on the success of this movie. It also opened in many international territories this weekend, so we'll bring you word on that when we have the numbers. Did you guys decide to check out Riddick this weekend?

The infamous Riddick has been left for dead on a sun-scorched planet that appears to be lifeless. Soon, however, he finds himself fighting for survival against alien predators more lethal than any human he's encountered. The only way off is for Riddick to activate an emergency beacon and alert mercenaries who rapidly descend to the planet in search of their bounty. The first ship to arrive carries a new breed of merc, more lethal and violent, while the second is captained by a man whose pursuit of Riddick is more personal. With time running out and a storm on the horizon that no one could survive, his hunters won't leave the planet without Riddick's head as their trophy.


Vin Diesel as Richard B. Riddick
Karl Urban as Lord Siberius Vaako
Katee Sackhoff as Dahl
Jordi Mollà as Santana
Nolan Gerard Funk as Luna
Dave Bautista as Diaz
Matt Nable as Boss Johns
Bokeem Woodbine as Moss
Antoinette Kalaj as Shirah
Andreas Apergis as Krone
Neil Napier as Rubio
Alex Branson as Lex Branman

RELEASE DATE: September 6th, 2013.
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TheBigBoss917 - 9/7/2013, 4:55 PM
if he wasn't such a tool in his interviews I would watch it
MexicanSexyman - 9/7/2013, 4:55 PM
Yup, making $18 million in one weekend sure is disappointing.
BlackHulk - 9/7/2013, 4:56 PM
I saw it Friday. It exceeded my expectations. But only hardcore fans of Pitch Black really pushed for this type of movie. As a result, the movie was only catered to those type of fans which explains the box office results.
JordanKing - 9/7/2013, 4:56 PM
It's only disappointing if anyone expected more.
Jazza815 - 9/7/2013, 4:57 PM
I literally don't see how he could possibly be struggling with money unless he's made a string of bad investments. His own fault for trying to force a movie that for all intents and purposes didn't need to be made

He's very likely signed a six picture contract with Marvel and is signed for another three Fast & Furious pictures.
80sFace - 9/7/2013, 4:58 PM
I guess he'll have to fall back on his Groot money now.
Lizardking310 - 9/7/2013, 4:58 PM
Was never interested
nld3 - 9/7/2013, 4:59 PM
No one really cares about Riddick since Pitch Black was a sleeper. Its the media that kept acting like we were dying for another one. Guess what we weren't!
patrat18 - 9/7/2013, 5:02 PM
Brainiac13 - 9/7/2013, 5:04 PM
half of the budget!
JordanKing - 9/7/2013, 5:06 PM
@80sFace Giving "money tree" a whole new meaning.
prettynucIear - 9/7/2013, 5:12 PM
18 is pretty good.
Mrsinister - 9/7/2013, 5:13 PM
4th movie in the franchise? Pretty sure this is number 3...
Kyos - 9/7/2013, 5:14 PM
Wait... the movie cost $38 million to make, and making $18 million back in three days is a disappointment?! o_O
HBarnill - 9/7/2013, 5:14 PM
No one asked for another Riddick. I hope this bombs do that Diesel will learn a thing or two about humility.
HBarnill - 9/7/2013, 5:14 PM
CrimsonFlash - 9/7/2013, 5:14 PM
I'm seeing it tomorrow, I'm quite excited.
Kyos - 9/7/2013, 5:16 PM
NeoBaggins - 9/7/2013, 5:17 PM
4th installment?
TheWolverine08 - 9/7/2013, 5:23 PM
@MAC You cold bastard.
MBZ1993 - 9/7/2013, 5:25 PM
4th if u include the cartoon short and this took too long to make shouldve been made 2008 or 2009 the least that way ppl wouldve still been way more interested in the franchise
Nick56 - 9/7/2013, 5:28 PM
It wasn't terrible, but it also wasn't that great. Kinda meh and forgettable.
SoundWave - 9/7/2013, 5:30 PM
R-raiting is an only reason for watch it. Not interested in PG-13 Riddick movie, only R: gore, nude girls, language and other awesome things.

But they could do a usual trick: PG-13 in the theaters, R-rated as extended on the DVD/BD. Like "Intership", "Now you see me", "Limitless", "Never Back Down", (Many hopes on "The Wolverine", they promised!!! Hope R-rated for "Paranoia" - Amber Heard has perfect body, more nudity with her!!!) and etc) Can't remember all of them.
MrDonut - 9/7/2013, 5:35 PM
Maybe it's cos I never cared for Riddick but the film was kinda shit n generic, us the cgi was faker than a wooden scrotum... Only good thing about it was there were a few good boobs on display, the rest was just boring n shit...
Swiftsword777 - 9/7/2013, 5:45 PM
Most of you guys did not go see this because your racist admit it or not it is the [frick]ing truth. On top of that for some reason you dick riders hate on Vin and the Riddick character yet some how you thought IM3 laughable.
TheGreenBastard - 9/7/2013, 5:48 PM
Who'da thunkd it?
JoJo1982 - 9/7/2013, 5:53 PM
I thought it was good, it's really for fans of the Riddick movies and to me it didn't disappoint!!! Riddick being badass, had humor, crzy looking aliens, and some good action. 18 mil- 20 mil is not really a disappointment for a Fall movie(come on folks the summer is over with) for a movie that cost 38 million. The packed crowd I seem it with loved it, so I think word of mouth is going to help this movie.

Atleast it's going to have a bigger opening than Kick ass 2 and Dredd
Cartoon22 - 9/7/2013, 6:35 PM
this guy is a perfect cast as THANOS. Just like riddick . Thanos is a badass and Vin loves those roles/
INSTANTJUSTICE - 9/7/2013, 6:36 PM

$18 million on the first weekend in a single market is not disappointing for a film that only cost $38 million. It's would be disappointing for Pacific Rim or The Lone Ranger but not a low-budget film like Riddick. It's more than Kick-Ass II made.

UrbanKnight - 9/7/2013, 6:38 PM
Did we decide to watch the movie during he weekend? [frick] no!
Pooh - 9/7/2013, 6:38 PM
I loved the original Riddick, but it was also extremely violent. You don't get a big turn out for those type of movies.
Pooh - 9/7/2013, 6:42 PM
@MrDonut, I disagree with your review. But I like the way you express yourself MrDonut. Kudos to you.
UrbanKnight - 9/7/2013, 6:42 PM
I don't give a [frick] about RidDICK or anyone who plays him!

[frick] Vid Diesel! lol
UrbanKnight - 9/7/2013, 6:46 PM
Lmao! j/k. Leave Vin ALONE!
He's a good guy! He worked with Spielberg once... Did those Furious movies.
thebearjew - 9/7/2013, 6:47 PM
Alfredo27 - 9/7/2013, 6:47 PM
LMAO this guy has made a truck loads of cash on 20 damn fast n furious, if he blows it making a movie he is doing better than 50% of actors who blow it on drugs, bad investments, and hookers.
UrbanKnight - 9/7/2013, 6:48 PM
He'll be fine. I think I'm gonna go rent Fast 6 on Red box. Haven't seen it yet but heard good things.
UrbanKnight - 9/7/2013, 6:50 PM
This was a bad investment though.
alecwright - 9/7/2013, 6:58 PM
Crazy that a mediocre Aliens rip off that didn't make a lot of money to begin with spawned TWO sequals.

Chronicles of Riddick was horrible, and while I haven't seen this new one (and have no intention ever to) it looks awful as well.
Jollem - 9/7/2013, 7:09 PM
it was great. it was riddick doing what he does. love the character and the universe they created there. moar riddick!!

also, director's cut!! there were things that didn't make the theatrical release

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