Brand New Concept Art For David Twohy's Riddick Revealed!

Brand New Concept Art For David Twohy's <i>Riddick</i> Revealed!

Via his offical Facebook page, Vin Diesel has revealed this cool new concept art/key frame for the upcoming sequel RIDDICK, directed by David Twohy. Also, he shares some info on the possible 2012 release date. More after the jump...

"In the spirit of Creative Sundays... I asked the director to send a key frame that I could post it for you.

Concept art and Key frames allow a production to explore possibilities before actually committing to film. The road to the "R" rating, that so many of you were vocal about, has been a long one. The advantage however, (never empower the negatives) was that we were allowed a really extensive preproduction process. The art work is so good, the artists have really outdone themselves in illustrating this world at it's early stage.

When this film comes to the screen... know that you willed it into being!


I got two meetings today that I have been prepping for... one with the Director and another one with the head of the studio to discuss casting and the 2012 release date. Like always, I appreciate having your voice present in these meetings.

[Click on image to enlarge]

It was previously reported that this film will be much more like Pitch Black, as far as the tone and rating goes. Based on his words, I think we can expect some more details very soon.

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NOLANITE - 9/18/2011, 1:51 PM
First!! so should we plan on seeing fast 6 or this first?
NOLANITE - 9/18/2011, 1:51 PM
or second..damn you yossarian! haha
95 - 9/18/2011, 1:52 PM
Cool art. I never seen Pitch Black. Not interested. Am I FIRST?
seaman - 9/18/2011, 1:55 PM
riddicks gona get hit butt whooped by all those scary thingys thats fo sure
DELBERT - 9/18/2011, 2:00 PM
i think this image just might of gave away the ending "the final stand of riddick"
AlexDeLarge87 - 9/18/2011, 2:07 PM
pretty cool.

hope they has a good story
marvel72 - 9/18/2011, 2:07 PM
that looks good,i need another riddick movie.
jazzman - 9/18/2011, 2:09 PM
all these concept art look great and all but the final product is more important
Varmintkiller2 - 9/18/2011, 2:10 PM
VinzClortho - 9/18/2011, 2:16 PM
Riddick rocks!!!
PaulRom - 9/18/2011, 2:39 PM
@Nolanite Fast Six is slated for May 2013.
TerminatorMode - 9/18/2011, 2:58 PM
pretty sweet piece of artwork - reminds me of the ending of jet li's the one combined with conan....mb old conan
ROMACK - 9/18/2011, 3:03 PM
Hopefully the story is better this time around.
AGENTJAY1130 - 9/18/2011, 3:19 PM
Now what is the odds on that??
ForceOfLegend - 9/18/2011, 3:36 PM
I am looking forward to this. I wanted CoR to be more like Pitch, but CoR wasn't bad.
Elijah06 - 9/18/2011, 3:49 PM
Looks like a badass scene.
MaddMonkk - 9/18/2011, 4:37 PM
Looks like it may be heading back toward Pitch Black type scenerio. Which is COOL! it got complicated somewhat in TCoR. Futuristic Conan is perfect.
GUNSMITH - 9/18/2011, 5:00 PM
dantheman432 - 9/18/2011, 6:27 PM
I'm guessing since this is riddicks last stand he'll probably die and go to the underverse for a sequel (since vin has said that they planned for shooting two back to back)
RobinNumbah6 - 9/18/2011, 6:28 PM
good, going back to its origins
DeathGambit - 9/18/2011, 10:44 PM
lets hope so.
abw2 - 9/19/2011, 1:32 AM

I'm actually, kind of looking forward, to seeing this movie, myself here, ya know? P :)

drfate - 9/19/2011, 7:13 AM
I loved chronicles. totally looking forward to this one
fistofthenorthstar - 9/19/2011, 12:23 PM
i can not wait
TheSoulEater - 9/19/2011, 1:33 PM

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