Christopher Nolan To Tackle Sci-Fi In His Next Movie; INTERSTELLAR

Christopher Nolan To Tackle Sci-Fi In His Next Movie; INTERSTELLAR

Now that he's completed The Dark Knight Trilogy, Christopher Nolan is set to tackle a full-on sci-fi flick with Interstellar. The film was written by Jonathan Nolan and will feature time travel, alternate dimensions and more. Read on for details!

Memento, The Prestige, Inception. All of these Christopher Nolan helmed movies are as good as (if not better than) his The Dark Knight Trilogy, so you may want to start getting excited about the news that his next project will be Interstellar for Paramount and Warner Bros. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he will direct and produce the Jonathan Nolan penned screenplay which "involves time travel and alternate dimensions in a story that sees a group of explorers travel through a wormhole." It's apparently based on scientific theories developed by a Kip Thorne, a theoretical physicist, a gravitational physicist and astrophysicist at Caltech. Nolan is said to be very close to wrapping up the deal, so there is obviously no word on a cast or release date at this point.

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RorMachine - 1/9/2013, 6:52 PM
DaenerysTargaryen - 1/9/2013, 6:56 PM
Nolan doing sci fi! Say what!
PaulRom - 1/9/2013, 7:03 PM
I'm already psyched. Sounds exactly like a project that Nolan would be interested in. Sounds fantastic.
Asterisk - 1/9/2013, 7:04 PM
AlexRival - 1/9/2013, 7:05 PM
Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, Marion Cotillard, Ken Wantanabe, and Cillian Murphy in talks to star
Reasonnnn - 1/9/2013, 7:08 PM

Can't [frick]ing wait. I hope he gets someone like Christoph Waltz, somebody outside the box.
crazycharliemma - 1/9/2013, 7:09 PM
I am intrigued
Asterisk - 1/9/2013, 7:11 PM

Actually just came back here to say I hope he can get Christoph Waltz on the cast
JokerFan21 - 1/9/2013, 7:13 PM
Sounds about right.
BIGBMH - 1/9/2013, 7:13 PM
I've got tons of issues with TDKR and I didn't love Inception, but Nolan is brilliant so I'm looking forward to this.
GuardianAngel - 1/9/2013, 7:14 PM
Should be interesting to see how he does with a lot of CGI (assuming he doesn't try to work around it). About time I have a movie to be excited about.
Feedthemachine - 1/9/2013, 7:15 PM
Anyone else think Nolan would be an ideal candidate to direct the Mass Effect movie?
superbatspiderman - 1/9/2013, 7:15 PM
Whatever the movie is I bet it will be brilliant. Chris Nolan doing a movie that involves Time travel and alternate dimensions sounds like pure brilliance. I am very excited for this. A small part of me still wants some Batman even though it isn't going to happen.
113 - 1/9/2013, 7:16 PM
First thing I thought was something like Sliders. I loved that show when I was a kid.
JDUKE25 - 1/9/2013, 7:18 PM
Sounds awesome, can't wait.
InfiniteMonkey - 1/9/2013, 7:19 PM
LOL! @AlexRival The Usual Suspects of course.
ATrueHero1987 - 1/9/2013, 7:20 PM
If it's anything like Inception(by that I mean great as hell) then HELL YES
marvel72 - 1/9/2013, 7:20 PM
the streak has already been broken

-batman begins
-the dark knight

i hope his new one is good but i couldn't give a shit about his other movies seen them a couple of times don't need to see them ever again.
Jolt17 - 1/9/2013, 7:22 PM
Time travel? Alternate dimensions? Two of my favorite sci-fi tropes, in a movie directed by the man behind Inception? [Frick] YES.
MrReese - 1/9/2013, 7:23 PM
Nooo!!!! Now he's gonna [frick] up the whole sci-fi genre!!!!! U know he's just gonna make everything realistic!! He can't make different kinds of movies either way wtf!!!! this is gonna b a Shit Movie!!! XD
TheAbomination - 1/9/2013, 7:26 PM
Lol @ all these Nolanites jizzing their pants. You sheep need to calm down; let's what until we know more about this film before we get our panties in a knot.
CoolantTech - 1/9/2013, 7:27 PM
Nice Totally stoked about this news, so him and Pfister doing scify flicks, looks like hard scify is coming back in a big way
DrHorrible - 1/9/2013, 7:33 PM

I can't wait!

Emanuel14 - 1/9/2013, 7:38 PM
Banner - 1/9/2013, 7:39 PM
time to Inceptionized the whole freaking sci fi genre!
Tymminator - 1/9/2013, 7:41 PM
I think this could be great.
maxxgone - 1/9/2013, 7:42 PM
i love his ensemble of regulars, but it would be cool to see a few new faces added to the nolan lineup. gotta keep michael caine, though :)

anyways, im mostly thrilled to hear he's gonna do another original AND that it was penned by jonah. jesus this is great news. i don't think its fully sunk in yet.
thewonderer - 1/9/2013, 7:47 PM

You just went full retard, never go full retard

J.Nolan has written and been a part of every single Nolan movie. Goyer, Chris, AND Jonathan wrote each installment of the Batman trilogy.

And Jonathan is primarily responsible for the bulk of Memento I'd say.

Troll harder somewhere else. This isn't an established franchise, let Nolan add his own original movie to the genre.
Warcam - 1/9/2013, 7:48 PM
I already know what the ending is.....ambiguous.
ToTheManInTheColdSweat - 1/9/2013, 7:49 PM
[frick] YES!!!!

give it a rest wonderer, manofsuperguy isn't attacking your movie. tdkr made a billion and is loved, be happy :P
Ranger14 - 1/9/2013, 7:51 PM
Sci Fi without CGI? will this turn out? Time will tell.
ToTheManInTheColdSweat - 1/9/2013, 7:53 PM
Sci Fi without CGI? will this turn out? Time will tell

star wars, aliens, blade runner, 2001 space odyssey .... If you gonna hate at least be smart about it. Gaddamn, i need a drink after reading that comment.
LP4 - 1/9/2013, 7:54 PM
This will be [frick]ing awesome, I always wondered how Nolan would approach scifi!
CaptainAmerica1945 - 1/9/2013, 7:55 PM
Just like M. Night Shyamalan only opposite!
Jolt17 - 1/9/2013, 7:58 PM
Of all his regular collaborators, I want to see Cillian Murphy being the lead in this the most. The guy's pretty damn talented, and he surely needs a lot more attention.
zachman2013 - 1/9/2013, 8:02 PM
You guys, Its called Science Fiction for a reason. It wont be unbearably realistic.
Ranger14 - 1/9/2013, 8:03 PM
"star wars, aliens, blade runner, 2001 space odyssey .... If you gonna hate at least be smart about it. Gaddamn, i need a drink after reading that comment."

Okay...contemporary sci fi without CGI, sorry I didn't clarify that. Who was hating? I asked a question and I said we will see. For the record, the original Star Wars did use some CGI. ;-)
thewonderer - 1/9/2013, 8:04 PM

Respond only when you understand the original post

dracula - 1/9/2013, 8:10 PM
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