CinemaSins Presents: Everything Wrong With THE MATRIX

CinemaSins Presents: Everything Wrong With THE MATRIX

CinemaSins is back with yet another one of their "Everything Wrong With" vids, in which they fire down the sin cannon on Andy and Lana Wachowski's fan-loved film, The Matrix, in 12 minutes or less So hit the jump to check it out!

In the near future, a computer hacker named Neo discovers that all life on Earth may be nothing more than an elaborate facade created by a malevolent cyber-intelligence, for the purpose of placating us while our life essence is "farmed" to fuel the Matrix's campaign of domination in the "real" world. He joins like-minded Rebel warriors Morpheus and Trinity in their struggle to overthrow the Matrix.
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Doopie - 4/15/2014, 8:35 AM
lol, all good points but the movie is still badass
JoeMomma29 - 4/15/2014, 9:17 AM
@ Doopie

I agree!
Mrcool210 - 4/15/2014, 9:21 AM
Well, thank god i don't care. Cinema Sins is pointless and stupid
BigMikeReviews - 4/15/2014, 9:27 AM
This is what film criticism as been reduced to; nitpicking. Entertaining tough, admitedly.
TheGreenBastard - 4/15/2014, 9:36 AM
The 1st one was good, the 2nd was ok to meh, and the 3rd sucked.
StarkRaving - 4/15/2014, 9:55 AM

This isn't supposed to be film criticism, it's mean as comedy.
StarkRaving - 4/15/2014, 9:55 AM
^^^ Oops, "meant as comedy"
Foolkiller - 4/15/2014, 9:55 AM
The only places The Matrix fell down was with the script, the plot and the acting. Hugo Weaving was entertaining but bar that The Matrix was an atrocious film.
JayJayCAW - 4/15/2014, 10:06 AM
So many "sins" that was just there for the sale of being they even look this shit up anymore?? At least the bonner joke was funny lol
Darthrageracerzero - 4/15/2014, 10:31 AM
Second was the most bad ass couldn't even leave to take a piss without missing something
justinroughneck - 4/15/2014, 10:31 AM
Trinity - no doubt, the True Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, she is now in the her late 40s and old for the role. But my opinion, SHE IS WONDER WOMAN.

For the Movie Sin Cinema video- He is just picking anything that can be better explained in deeper analysis.
FerFogs - 4/15/2014, 10:38 AM
Matrix was awesome. At the time it was innovative as hell, a very important piece of entertainment cinema, making us stand in the edge of the seat and not having the slightest idea of what to expect. I remember watching it without knowing ANYTHING about it beforehand. It was the best thing that could've happened.

Matrix reloaded had some good elements and a nice cliffhanger. Highlights to me are the whole sentient programs stuff, being very close to the human mind, even having its vices, and the doubt on Neo's real capabilities.

Revolutions was utter crap. Looked to me they pussied out, fearing to make something game-changing like the 1st, even if risking the possibility of not having a satisfatory ending for most people (to me Revolutions should've ended with Neo awaking in the 3rd level of the Matrix, being the first chosen ever to finally escape its contingency - the "real world" they all though it was).

But that's me, they probably just made a shitty bland general sci-fi battle script and got over with it.

What a shame.
SuperPickle - 4/15/2014, 2:50 PM
I used to like these "Everything wrong with" videos. The more I see them now, though, the more they bug me. I mean, this is why we can't have nice things.

Everybody wants to tear holes in every movie that comes out. Matrix was an outstanding movie. Most of these "issues" are just due to lack of intelligence, imagination, or paying attention on behalf of whoever writes these.

It was the same when Dark Knight Rises came out. All these people bitching about "plot holes" when most of said "plot holes" were really just their inability to put the pieces together without being spoon fed the plot. Do we really need every little detail of every single event driving the action explained and carefully brought to our attention? Can't we just bridge the gaps with a little common sense or imagination?

The nitpicking is just retarded.
SAZMD - 4/15/2014, 3:39 PM
There's nothing wrong with The Matrix.
marvel72 - 4/15/2014, 3:44 PM
yeah it had its fair share of faults,but the film is just so f*ckin cool i couldn't give a shit about them.
Doopie - 4/15/2014, 3:50 PM

i get where you're coming from. people do like to nit-pick and then give that as a reason for the film being shit. but when a movie breaks the logic it has set up itself then i say fair game. i'm thinking particularly of the 'getting into the matrix thru the phone' bit here. if the phone needs to be picked up, how do you get in?

overall i think these vids are just meant to entertain and the criticisms aren't meant to be taken wholly seriously.
joniegogo84 - 4/15/2014, 6:22 PM
WoW!!! I've just watch it on dvd last night, awesome movie though
Vortigar - 4/16/2014, 6:40 AM
This was actually a pretty good episode for these guys. Most episodes they zoom in on really silly tiny things but here they actually kept the criticism pretty straight. Except for that swinging light, basic continuity errors like that are lame.

That's one of the problems with moviemaking. You need to explain enough so people get it yet don't go too far with that or you break the illusion.

Many things what people consider plot-holes are actually moments where the illusion is broken for them and they go "wait a minute" and are taken out of the flow of the movie. Those moments are really personal.

Of course there's stuff wrong with The Matrix. Doesn't make it a bad film.
DJCheckPoint - 4/16/2014, 10:48 AM
This movie was hands down a game changer and awesome. Who gives two sheets what these morons on the video are talking about. You will never sway my opinion of this movie

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