Cool Concept Art For REAL STEEL, THE HUNGER GAMES & AKIRA Featuring Kaneda's Bike

Cool Concept Art For REAL STEEL, THE HUNGER GAMES & AKIRA Featuring Kaneda's Bike

Exclusive concept art from Tim Flattery showcasing Kaneda's motorcycle from Warner Bros. live-action Akira and robot designs for Real Steel. Also, artwork for Ted and Brad Bird' Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Images Courtesy of Tim Flattery

AKIRA - Kaneda's Bike

REAL STEEL - Midas & Twin Cities




Visit to see more of Tim Flattery's amazing work.

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Pontius888 - 7/9/2012, 8:13 PM
Cool I guess....
DZ123 - 7/9/2012, 8:17 PM
Why is the bike the only thing they bothered keeping accurate? [frick] H'wood.
TheAmazingSpiderMan47 - 7/9/2012, 8:30 PM
this is kinda ... random lol
GLprime2814 - 7/9/2012, 8:31 PM
Yeah yeah bike is same as anime but movie is going to go way of DBZ.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 7/9/2012, 8:34 PM
For a second I thought it said
New Concept art for Man of Steel
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 7/9/2012, 8:35 PM
I like the Akira one, don't really care about the rest.
R888 - 7/9/2012, 8:41 PM
Ted is awesome
Effusion - 7/9/2012, 8:42 PM
Kaneda's bike looks cool
Asterisk - 7/9/2012, 8:42 PM
Haha Ted.
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 7/9/2012, 10:01 PM
Ted was hilarious, and I actually really liked Real Steal. It was a ridiculous movie, but also a lot of fun.
DoomXfactor - 7/9/2012, 11:49 PM
REAL STEEL was too cheesy for my tastes but the CGI was top notch
WpX - 7/10/2012, 3:23 AM
that ain't a kaneda bike, that's juct ducati USA plugging their bikes anywhere (not that I'm not a huge gan of 1198S, 799, hypermotard and pre-2010 mostro)
marvel72 - 7/10/2012, 4:11 AM
thats pretty much kaneda's bike,also ted is funny you should go & see it guys.
DanteSparda - 7/10/2012, 8:18 AM
Woow Kaneda's bike is awesome!!
Tao1 - 7/10/2012, 10:31 AM
First things first Kaneda's Bike is epically done, however why oh why are they gonna make a live action movie why not just tell people to read the manga which is way awesome or just watch the anime which is incredible? please don't tarnish Akira by making it as lame and poop as dragonball z evolution..
SuperFrost - 7/10/2012, 1:09 PM
TED IS AWESOME..... they need a a follow up to that movie

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