'DOCTOR WHO' Stars Matt Smith & Jenna Coleman On What They'll Miss The Most

'DOCTOR WHO' Stars Matt Smith & Jenna Coleman On What They'll Miss The Most

They still a bit of ways to go in their respective roles on BBC's "Doctor Who" but stars Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman look ahead to Smith's departure and what they'll miss the most when he's gone.

The seventh series of the popular and long running British science fiction television series Doctor Who aired from September 2012 to May 2013, with a brief hiatus splitting the series into two parts. The series was broadcast concurrently on BBC One in the United Kingdom and BBC America in the United States. Doctor Who's seventh series was the show's third and final series in which Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill played the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor and his companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams respectively. Karen Gillan's Pond was replaced by Jenna-Louise Coleman who co-stars as Clara Oswald. While Smith is moving on, Series 8 will see Steven Moffat return as series writer and the feature of iconic adversaries the Ice Warriors and the Daleks. The eighth series is planned to start filming in September 2013 with new episodes airing in 2014.

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GLprime2814 - 7/24/2013, 3:39 PM
BlueHawaiiSurfer - 7/24/2013, 3:39 PM
<3 Going to miss him.
Dmon - 7/24/2013, 3:42 PM
Have they announced who will play the new Doctor yet?
Bodwulf - 7/24/2013, 4:01 PM
O.K. Doctor Who. I can see why that is here.
Sp1d3y - 7/24/2013, 4:33 PM
The 11th Doctor was absolutely brilliant. And you what? So was Clara!
JayJayCAW - 7/24/2013, 4:38 PM
I hope Jenna stays on board the TARDIS even after Matt leaves, Billie Piper did, why cant Jenna :p
BlueHawaiiSurfer - 7/24/2013, 5:02 PM
Jenna has signed on for series 8. So that's good news because Clara still has some tread on the tires.
BillyBatson1000 - 7/24/2013, 5:12 PM
They need to break away from the current single-episode format and develop some real plots. It's become flat and empty again - wasting good actors. < - - not a troll. Just a constantly disappointed fan. SO much potential here.
JorEllinator - 7/24/2013, 11:49 PM
Gonna miss him a lot. My favourite new series Doctor and I started watching the new series with him. I find the RTD Era to be really light science fiction and boring.
jimoakley666 - 7/25/2013, 1:15 AM
Tough shit, Smith. You just made yourself old news.
SuperSomething616 - 7/25/2013, 8:48 AM
DAMN IT!!! It was hard enough saying bye to Tenant....this is going to be a killer!!! :(
AUSSYACE - 7/27/2013, 8:49 AM
Jenna is HOT HOT HOT...

I hope she doesn't leave anytime soon as she is easily my favourite companion ever now...

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