BOX OFFICE: Strong Opening In China Sees JURASSIC PARK Pass $1 Billion Worldwide

BOX OFFICE: Strong Opening In China Sees JURASSIC PARK Pass $1 Billion Worldwide

Originally released in 1993, a 3D re-release has seen Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park finally reach the $1 billion milestone at the worldwide box office. That is partly down to a strong opening in China which has seen it have the fourth biggest opening day of 2013 there. Read on for details!

The 3D version of Jurassic Park has kicked off its run at the Chinese box office with an impressive $6.3 million opening day which saw it take the #1 spot in the now vital territory. That gives it the fourth biggest opening day of 2013 behind only Iron Man 3 ($19.1 million), Pacific Rim ($8.6 million) and Fast & Furious 6 ($8.3 million). Zack Snyder's Man of Steel opened just below Jurassic Park 3D with $6.2 million. The 20 year old movie has so far taken $20.7 million internationally and grossed a total of $18.2 million in North America back in April. Add this to the $970 million it earned when it was originally released and Jurassic Park now has a total of $1.03 billion. Did you guys check out the movie when it returned to the big screen earlier this year? Does this news heighten your anticipation for the planned fourth instalment? Sound off with your thoughts in the usual place!
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DrDoom - 8/21/2013, 1:47 PM
shaunmagg - 8/21/2013, 1:48 PM
Probably because Dinosaurs don't eat Chinese
BigMikeReviews - 8/21/2013, 1:51 PM
I'm down for 3D re-release of Back to the Future
GodzillaKart - 8/21/2013, 1:55 PM
TheOneAboveAll - 8/21/2013, 1:56 PM
EdgyOutsider - 8/21/2013, 2:02 PM
DioFoRio - 8/21/2013, 2:03 PM
What's the difference between WHAM and JAM? Nothing when it's George Michaels junk.
UrbanKnight - 8/21/2013, 2:04 PM
Sooo what. I mean, love the flick, but everyone knows about the 3D rerelease.
This just proves China is just happy that they can go to the movies more and their economy is growing.
They'll watch just about anything.
LEVITIKUZ - 8/21/2013, 2:06 PM
This is the type of film that deserves a billion, not shit like how some are.
InfiniteMonkey - 8/21/2013, 2:19 PM
Freaking dinosaurs!
HellsHammer - 8/21/2013, 2:23 PM
Rerelease Close Encouters Steve!
Ocelot - 8/21/2013, 2:38 PM

Movie never gets old.
UrbanKnight - 8/21/2013, 2:43 PM
No. It deserves 900 million. :) j/k
With inflation, it had already passed a billion.
marvel72 - 8/21/2013, 2:44 PM
one of the best movies ever!

jurassic park changed cgi effects the same way star wars changed sfx.
SamM - 8/21/2013, 2:53 PM
Minato - 8/21/2013, 3:07 PM
This can’t count can it??? Does this put it officially in the 1 bil club with: Titanic, Avatar, Avengers, Harry Potter, Skyfall, TDKR, TDK etc?
InfiniteMonkey - 8/21/2013, 3:25 PM
So, if a movie wants more money, they just post convert it to 3D and then re-release to other countries, BANG! Instant cash. Wow.
They should re-release the shittiest movies ever, see if the other countries will pay.
marvel72 - 8/21/2013, 3:26 PM
@ 2challa

the dark knight crossed a billion by being re-released,so why can't jurassic park?
UrbanKnight - 8/21/2013, 3:38 PM
@marvel72 - Actually it didn't. Just a rumor made up by haters. It got rereleased but crossed a billion either way.

InfiniteMonkey - That's what I'm saying. It has less weight than doing it in it's first run.

Still, it deserves it's money if people want to pay to see it in theaters again (I did. lol). They should do this with every good movie.
I'm sure some people will pay for movies they've seen to see it in theaters again every few years even if they own it. Business is business, it's the life time gross that matters in the end. It's the studio's very own investment gift that keeps on givin.
Mike89 - 8/21/2013, 3:57 PM
I thought JP already had 1Billion at the Box Office?
marvel72 - 8/21/2013, 4:01 PM
@ urbanknight

in an attempt to cross $1 billion in worldwide gross and in order to increase the chances of the film winning oscars since the voting for the academy awards was approaching, warner bros. re-released the film in traditional theaters and IMAX theaters in the united states – as well as in other countries,on january 23, 2009.It finally accomplished its goal, to cross the $1-billion-mark, in february 2009.therefore, as of march 2009, its total earnings stand at over $1 billion worldwide.
LucasMend - 8/21/2013, 4:26 PM
I'll try to catch it up at theaters, my chance to see Jurassic Park at theaters, don't [frick]ing care about 3D, I just want to say in 20 years that I once watched JP in theaters.
UrbanKnight - 8/21/2013, 4:46 PM
@marvel72 - Sorry to bust your bubble but gonna have to school ya. I'll do the math for you... it's original gross was $1,003,045,385.

Now its rerelease made roughly "only" just over 2 million dollars. $2,278,406.

$1,003,045,385 - $2,278,406 = $1,000,766,979

Still looks like over a billion dollars to me.
WB just wasn't taking chances but they would of done it anyway, by less than a million ($766,979), but still OVER a billion.

If you keep saying the same thing from now on, you would be lying, and biased.
UrbanKnight - 8/21/2013, 4:49 PM
See how the truth is sometimes more complicated than it seems?
marvel72 - 8/21/2013, 5:38 PM
@ urbanknight

believe what you want & i'll do the same.
Fornication - 8/21/2013, 5:46 PM
Now you can expect to see some chinese characters in JP4.
MightyZeus - 8/21/2013, 6:11 PM
The film deserved to hit the one billion mark. It was a great film.
SnapperCarr - 8/21/2013, 8:07 PM
@Chloefornication loooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!
yinyangpalms - 8/21/2013, 9:12 PM
Special Editions and 3-D conversion film grosses should never have been added to the original film grosses.

Amazing to think of how different CGI was perceived and used in '93 in comparison to today. JP seemed like a huge deal because we could finally see what Dinos may have looked like. By the time the 3rd film hit the novelty didn't matter so much.

Jump to 2013 and CGI is everywhere and is overused to sell shit films like Man Of Steel and Transformers.

Films are so CGI heavy that films like Man Of Steel Phantom Menace and Transformers are cartoon films with cartoon battles, science and characters.

Man Of Steel for example expects us to believe in "Toon Science" when Superman and Zod's toons destroy the toon town of Metropolis and no one gets killed.
That was like a homage to all the Bugs Bunny cartoons where bombs just covered people in black dust.
UrbanKnight - 8/21/2013, 10:05 PM
@marvel72 - "believe what you want & i'll do the same."

Lol. No shit, of course. Thing is.. I'm right, and you're lying and biased.
superbatspiderman - 8/21/2013, 10:34 PM
Jurassic Park really is the greatest special effects marvel of all time. The effects still look great 20 years later.
Indy - 8/22/2013, 9:32 AM
Love Jurassic Park it was great in 3-D now we wait for JP4.

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