Karl Urban And Vin Diesel Reunite In Latest RIDDICK Still

Karl Urban And Vin Diesel Reunite In Latest RIDDICK Still

First look at Karl Urban in Riddick. He's exchanging less than ideal pleasantries with Vin Diesel's Riddick and by less than ideal I mean he has a knife to his throat.

Vin Diesel has once again released another still from Riddick via his FB page. We see Karl Urban (Dredd, Star Trek into Darkness) as Vaako in a familiar confrontational exchange with Diesel's Riddick. Will be interesting to see how the film picks up from the previous which saw Riddick assume the Necromonger throne. The third film is said to return the formula of the first with Riddick marooned on a dangerous planet.

The film hits U.S. theaters September 6th, 2013.

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continuezero - 1/26/2013, 4:35 PM
Hope the get back to more the original style, the sequels got too sci fi for me and I'm a huge sci fi fan. I prefer the tone of the original better.
thorhulk77 - 1/26/2013, 4:38 PM

LOL! kinda looking forward to this acyually.
thorhulk77 - 1/26/2013, 4:39 PM
nowtheresaBATman - 1/26/2013, 4:42 PM
@tea lol I believe it
Blackvoid - 1/26/2013, 4:44 PM
never seen chronicles was it any good, pitch black wasn't bad
JordanKing - 1/26/2013, 4:46 PM
Seriously, how this guy is not being considered for Drax, is a crime.
BrotherStarkofMABMindz - 1/26/2013, 4:47 PM
Vin Diesel would be a great Vision
RichardHedski - 1/26/2013, 4:48 PM
Chronicles of Riddick is a classic. This movie will blow minds!
continuezero - 1/26/2013, 4:49 PM
@Blackvoid Chronicles was alright, Pitch Black was much better but Chronicles was alright.
edmundo - 1/26/2013, 5:00 PM
Karl Urban makes some odd choices
marvelstudios - 1/26/2013, 5:02 PM
DevilHulk666 - 1/26/2013, 5:05 PM
Urban for Namor,Diesel for Drax or Vision
DevilHulk666 - 1/26/2013, 5:23 PM
jazzman - 1/26/2013, 5:25 PM

hes not that unlucky he is still in Star Trek
JayJayCAW - 1/26/2013, 6:03 PM
Urban: I AM THE LAW!!

superpooper - 1/26/2013, 6:54 PM
Lol...it's funny that Karl is almost a bigger start than Vin now. They might have to call the next movie Vaako.
KnobGoblin - 1/26/2013, 8:01 PM
They make yet another shitty Riddick movie, but the odds on another DREDD are slim to none. I'm sure there'll be a dozen more Resident Evil, Underworld and Fast and Furious movies though. What a shame, Karl Urban deserves a good franchise of his own.
Minato - 1/26/2013, 8:52 PM
Do we really need to make a petition for another DREDD movie or what?
gaikinger - 1/26/2013, 9:04 PM
I'll sign that petition. I liked the theatrical cut of chronicles more than the directors cut. I didn't like the reveal they did on origins of Riddicks people and preferred it left mysterious. Looking forward to this.
Jollem - 1/26/2013, 9:13 PM

Jollem - 1/26/2013, 9:26 PM
what was that...

about karl urban...

being unlucky?

xfan320 - 1/26/2013, 9:42 PM
I love karl urban being in this, but why is his hair different from the last one and not shaved on the sides?

Silly complaint I know..
CharlesLord - 1/26/2013, 10:49 PM
am i the only one that doesnt think that looks like urban? I just cant tell from that angle
SCURVYDOG619 - 1/27/2013, 12:26 AM
I can rememcer wfen Karl Urban played the role of Cupid on an episode of Hercules.lol
BlackFlash - 1/27/2013, 2:16 AM
@PantherX - he's not being considered for Drax because he cant act at all, if it wasn't for the fast & furious franchise and Riddick we wouldn't be seeing him on screen. The biggest reason he probably isn't being considered is because of how much Riddick and Drax look a like the only difference is that Drax is green.

Give the role to someone who can at least act different in what ever role they take on, or to an unknown actor.
PeeJ - 1/27/2013, 6:25 AM
Sooo apparently I'm the only one that likes te IDEA od Riddik but hates the films?

I mean seriously, no one is bothered about a guy crashing a spaceship, from low-orbit, with no windscreen, and surviving with a couple of cuts but nothing else?

Go home physics, you're drunk.
marvel72 - 1/27/2013, 8:55 AM
i enjoyed both the riddick movies,pitch black is the better of the two.

bring on a trailer.
OrsonRandall - 1/27/2013, 9:35 AM
Pitch Black was Great, Butcher Bay had a great story and Chronicles was shit.
MrChuff - 1/27/2013, 10:16 AM
I liked Pitch Black so much I never bothered with "Chronicles" after I started to hear so much negative shit about it. Hopefully this really is a return to Riddick being a bad-ass killer.
Jollem - 1/27/2013, 10:39 AM
^return to? riddick has been a complete badass in all of the three movies and both video games. riddick has an abundance of bad-assery
DumbledoreCalrissian - 1/27/2013, 11:51 AM
im so happy this movie is happening cant wait.
NorseGod - 1/27/2013, 12:48 PM
My favorite line from the last one: "It's been a long time since I smelled beautiful."
DevilHulk666 - 1/27/2013, 2:40 PM
@BlackFlash,...cant act ?seriously? Bale is appalling,Chris Evans isnt much better ,they look good in action scenes,but give Diesel credit when its due,hell 4 months ago everyone was bagging Urban ,after Dredd hes loved by everyone,wtf? believe it or not i think Depp is a great action star he needs to be a Marvel Hero ,as does Diesel
Logan5 - 1/27/2013, 4:13 PM
@Jollem 1/26/13 9:13pm and 9:26pm

:-D I am in tears! :-D

Karl Urban is Scotty.., spent roughly two years with Jackson and crew in New Zealand on a little D&D movie, is the law and Judge Dredd.., and got to make out with, quite possibly, the most beautiful woman on this ball. Yes, sorry folks, I've had a thing for Thandie Newton since Gang Related. She.., I'm speechless when I look at her on film circa '98-'08.
Logan5 - 1/27/2013, 4:18 PM
The Riddock movies aren't great and they're not terrible either. Bring it on. I'll definately watch it: Sackhoff looks good in the pic I saw and I like her. The pilot of BSG found me hating her.., she annoyed me. Second viewing, I got it.., or accepted it. I think she's a good image. I want her to be Whedon's Cpt/Ms Marvel. For serious.
Logan5 - 1/27/2013, 4:33 PM

Your account may be a tad delusional. Loved him after LOTR: Two Big 'ol Dicks Swingin' in the Southeastern Air.., or the Two Towers. I also loved him as Bones! He is Judge Dredd and we can only hope they find funding for a sequel! That cave troll sequence in the mines was historic! Thanks again Pete!
J0RELLC00LJ - 1/28/2013, 5:37 AM
Hey Urban, you rock! Oh and Zod wants his armor back

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