More GODZILLA Footage In Toho Trailer; Plus First International TV Spot

More GODZILLA Footage In Toho Trailer; Plus First International TV Spot

Hit the jump to check out an international cut of the new Godzilla trailer. It was posted by Toho, which is the Japanese company that created the radioactive "King of all Monsters," Gojira!

Before you get too excited, the additional footage in the Japanese trailer isn't much. So, what's new, or different shall we say. Well, you get an extra clip of Ken Watanabe as scientist Dr. Serizawa, and more Comic-Con footage is spliced in there that features Godzilla growling as though you are viewing the destruction through his eyes. If you'd like to compare it against the domestic trailer click here.

Legendary Pictures: Godzilla -- An epic rebirth to Toho's iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world's most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence. Gareth Edwards directs Godzilla, which stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, and Juliette Binoche, with David Strathairn and Bryan Cranston. The screenplay is by Max Borenstein, Frank Darabont, and Dave Callaham. Thomas Tull and Jon Jashni are producing with Mary Parent and Brian Rogers. Alex Garcia and Patricia Whitcher are the executive producers, alongside Yoshimitsu Banno and Kenji Okuhira. The film is from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures.

GODZILLA will stomp into theaters May 16, 2014.
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Reasonnnn - 12/11/2013, 12:24 AM
Show the other monster like at SDCC. :)
Banner - 12/11/2013, 12:26 AM
It has that Pacific Rim feel to it.
Space - 12/11/2013, 12:27 AM
I hope the other monster is Gigan or Rodan.
SoundWave - 12/11/2013, 12:29 AM
hm... where is more Godzilla footage? again only smoke-crap in the end.

"Pacific Rim" rulezzz, but this movie will be a fail...
patrat18 - 12/11/2013, 12:35 AM
Not enough.
Mothchild - 12/11/2013, 12:37 AM
looks amazing
thewolfx - 12/11/2013, 12:42 AM
To not like this at all is just IMPOSSIBRUUUU!!!
Tony93 - 12/11/2013, 12:53 AM
Yea the footage showed a monster with lots of arms laying on its side like it was dead..
konoyaro - 12/11/2013, 1:02 AM
konoyaro - 12/11/2013, 1:04 AM
TheVirgin - 12/11/2013, 1:16 AM
blackscienceman - 12/11/2013, 1:27 AM
Goooooooood things are going well for this movie

 photo 31166830_zps2f72be47.jpg
SaxoWolf - 12/11/2013, 1:39 AM
Bl00dwerK - 12/11/2013, 1:46 AM
That roar...
MightyZeus - 12/11/2013, 2:04 AM
I love it. It looks amazing. I certainly cant wait to see this.
AGoodHonestMan - 12/11/2013, 2:21 AM
Hail to the King, baby!
Ceejay - 12/11/2013, 2:52 AM
About as underwhelming as it gets.
JGAR - 12/11/2013, 3:29 AM

Yeah, right....
Jwe75 - 12/11/2013, 4:30 AM
where is the "we need bigger guns!" dude??? :)
RatedR - 12/11/2013, 4:39 AM
All honestly when they show Godzilla little bit sounds like Mothra in the background
MeanDeanMachine - 12/11/2013, 4:49 AM
"It has a Pacific Rim feel to it"

Of course it does, because PR had a Godzilla feel to it.

BackwardGalaxy - 12/11/2013, 5:35 AM
Why no Matthew Broderick are in it? Is not sequel to epic win film?

I kid. I kid.
Pasto - 12/11/2013, 5:39 AM
This film will be awesome. I honestly think it will be the 2014 film.

Pasto - 12/11/2013, 5:42 AM
I noticed they cleared up the smoke in the TV spot. Probably so people seeing the spot would realize what mofo they were looking at.
MizeatWizad52 - 12/11/2013, 6:12 AM
I love these ppl post that this is a Pacific Rim knock-off. Godzilla's been around for 60 years, so it's vice versa dummies...
JediPhilosopher - 12/11/2013, 7:03 AM
You may think there's nothing frightening about a giant monster until one day you feel the ground trembling and you look out into the distance and see a towering beast destroying everything in its path, with its eyes aimed in your direction. Giant monster movies are back and I'm happy about it. I was beginning to lose hope after Cloverfield.
xXkryptoniteXx - 12/11/2013, 7:42 AM
Pacific rim wins this shit because it was only out last year and while Godzilla has been around more than that. That's why Pacific rim wins. Also this is a pacific rim rip off, WB and hollywood never actually inspired to do any monster work without Godzilla as an inspiration.

All you people feel that way are just hating or uneducated in such topic. Pacfic rim is good and opens doors to does type of films but there is no way this Godzilla is a rip off of Pacific rim. There had beens talks in remaking Godzilla ever since final wars closed the Godzilla movies for a decade. Cloverfield reinspired the talk in remaking it.

Pacific rim is a fan movie created by a fan who is a talented writer, producer and director. He inspired to make it based on Japanese story hence why it has the feel of it. If you want some ideas go watch Mazinger Z and Gundam: G gundam. These two are just a few of many inspiration to creating pacific rim. If you think about it, add Godzilla as the the final pieace and it's a wrap.

Just watch the intros and you know what I'm talking about.

Godzilla 2014 for the win buddy. If anything Pacific Rim was just the appetizer for the ultimate monster smash. Either way, legendary pictures and WB both wins as well as the fans.
ALmazing - 12/11/2013, 7:42 AM
I think the best thing about these Godzilla trailers that is they teased at everything without really showing you everything, kind of like the old horror trailers. I'm really digging the look of this movie.
8thDynasty - 12/11/2013, 9:27 AM

A Godzilla trailer with a bunch of people I don't care about and no Godzilla.

Thelastdalek - 12/11/2013, 9:52 AM

I don't want to sound insulting. But did you even [frick]ing see the original 1955 film (the one this one takes inspirations from). It was all about the impact Godzilla had on people and the aftermath of Godzilla's attack was actually a much more important scene than Godzilla's actual attack.

That's what made the original a great film instead of the cheesy sloch the other films were (don't get me wrong I love those films) and that's what this film has going for it.
MisterBabadook - 12/11/2013, 1:03 PM
Agreed ^^^
MizeatWizad52 - 12/11/2013, 2:01 PM
They's the same people that don't know Robert Englund is the real Freddy or that Pulp Fiction is what launched Sam Jackson's these days...
Bodwulf - 12/11/2013, 3:17 PM
Bodwulf - 12/11/2013, 3:21 PM
The Puff Daddy version is still out there.
Alexandre - 12/11/2013, 3:47 PM

Looks Good
HankPymp - 12/11/2013, 5:02 PM
This right here, is not Godzilla,

Godzilla (and to those film's credit 'cause I love them all) was placed eventually into the role of a children's hero, and earth's protector.

Gojira, on the other hand in the 1954, and 1984/85 films, was a indiscriminate, powerful, and vengeful force of nature. The result of man's meddling in affairs it shouldn't. The previous comment about the impact of the destruction after he decimated Tokyo in the original B/W film hit the nail on the head. The effects of battle, and the people who get made casualties that are bystanders caught in the middle of it all. Americanized, yes this movie will be more than likely. But the impression I got, at least for now, was they're going for that feeling of dread the first movie had.

But hey, you know what. Im a HUGE 'G' Fan, and if he's kicking some monster arse in the story, while my heart strings are being pulled, I'm down for that too!!
HankPymp - 12/11/2013, 5:06 PM
Also, a friend of mine who is an ever bigger Godzilla fan than I am, went on a trip to Japan and went to Toho Studios, and took the Godzilla tour. He came back with tons of info about the movie. He said Toho was very happy with ths production, and had a heavy hand in this new movie and making sure it treated the mythology with respect

Also ((( Potential Spoiler Alert)))...........

It was said that this movie would tie in to the 1954 movie's continuity.
GodzillaKart - 12/11/2013, 5:15 PM
This looks great. I like to more serious mood as opposed to the comic book feel of Pacific Rim.
jimdotbeep - 12/11/2013, 6:03 PM
there were WAY too many white people in this trailer. it isn't enough to have Japanese subtitles on the screen. You can't have a GODZILLA attack a nonsensical version of Japan that doesn't have any Asian people in it.

Every time I think Hollywood;s racism can't get any worse they prove me Wrong.
MizeatWizad52 - 12/11/2013, 7:28 PM
^^^umm, Godzilla is attacking San Francisco in this movie....not a nonsensical version of Japan, but San Francisco...
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