President Snow has a second message for Panem, this time with Johanna Mason at his side as well as Peeta. But interrupting Snow's broadcast is Beetee, all he way from District 13 with a message of his own: "The Mockingjay lives!"

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Jennifer Lawrence returns as Katniss Everdeen, along with Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Stanley Tucci, Jena Malone, Julianne Moore, Donald Sutherland, Willow Shields, Sam Claflin, Natalie Dormer, Stef Dawson, and Jeffrey Wright.
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TheRationalNerd - 7/9/2014, 9:51 AM
I've only seen the first one, but man did it surprise me. I really gotta catch up, this film has truly inspired me to continue my creative writing.
McGee - 7/9/2014, 10:00 AM
I would beat Gusto's dick just to get my dick within a mile radius of Jena Malone!
Klone - 7/9/2014, 10:07 AM
KKK party.
Gusto - 7/9/2014, 10:07 AM
I second that!!!!!!!
Gusto - 7/9/2014, 10:08 AM
Wait...hang on one second!
sKeemAn - 7/9/2014, 10:14 AM
Good movies. I expect these last 2 to be equally as good.
sKeemAn - 7/9/2014, 10:16 AM

ICEMAN5151 - 7/9/2014, 10:18 AM
@ everyone -i can't see the trailer, it say movie not loaded when i right click and thats all?????????
pestulio07 - 7/9/2014, 10:21 AM
I've seen both the first two movies, but can someone clarify for me who the girl is in this trailer? My only guess is the lumberjack girl from District 7 in Catching Fire, but that doesn't seem like it'd make sense...
pestulio07 - 7/9/2014, 10:21 AM
Nix my comment, I read the description above the video like a normal person...
kong - 7/9/2014, 10:45 AM

CaptainMexico - 7/9/2014, 10:50 AM
Hunger Games blows. So lame that they are stretching the last stupid ass book into 2 movies. People are allowed to like what ever movies they want, thats their right. It's my opinion that people that like these movies are morons (or teenage girls).

MrFridayNights - 7/9/2014, 11:19 AM
Movie of the year!!!!!!!!!
LEOSTRATOR - 7/9/2014, 12:02 PM

Exactly, these movies are horrible and reading the first two books are one of my greatest regrets. I tried to read the third book just to find out what happens at the end. I couldn't finish this crap and there are far better books that could be adapted to movies. Jeremy Love Bayou, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, Dhalgren and Imaro to name a few.
yonny616 - 7/9/2014, 1:00 PM
@CaptainMexico Well, you're "opinion" is sadly stupid. The first film was good, the second was great and the third looks to be just as good, if not better.
MsDarkPhoenix - 7/9/2014, 1:01 PM
@pestulio07 She is indeed the lumberjack from District 7, Johanna Mason. Capitol has her and Peeta. She is wearing a blonde wig because they shave her head when they torture her in Capitol.

But only Peeta took part at those Capitol spots, not Johanna..... Whatever.
pestulio07 - 7/9/2014, 1:25 PM
Appreciate it! I suppose reading the books would help me, but I'M LAZY!
MsDarkPhoenix - 7/9/2014, 1:33 PM
@pestulio07 Haha yeah :) I recommend the books, they are pretty good!!
RobbieDigital - 7/9/2014, 1:46 PM
You know......I saw the 1st in the theater with the was a PG "Running Man" kinda way.....but after catching #2 on Netflix.....I can say that #2 really was an improvement over the 1st....
JediPhilosopher - 7/9/2014, 1:54 PM
The second one took a while to get going and then ended abruptly. If I had payed money to see it, I would have been pissed.
UlisesMX - 7/9/2014, 2:07 PM
No mames capitán México
MercwithMouth - 7/9/2014, 2:34 PM

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