New INTERSTELLAR Images With Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey

New INTERSTELLAR Images With Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey

Two new images from Christopher Nolan's sci-fi epic, Interstellar. The images feature new looks at Anne Hathaway ("The Dark Knight Rises") and Matthew McConaughey ("Dazed and Confused"). Come check them out.

Official Synopsis - The adventures of a group of explorers who make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage.
INTERSTELLAR - Directed and co-written by Christopher Nolan (“Inception,” “The Dark Knight” Trilogy), a script based on the combination of an original idea by Nolan and an existing script by Jonathan Nolan. The cast includes: Matthew McConaughey (“Magic Mike”), Anne Hathaway (“Les Miserables”), Jessica Chastain (“Zero Dark Thirty”), Bill Irwin (“Rachel Getting Married”), John Lithgow (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”), Casey Affleck (“Gone Baby Gone”), David Gyasi (“Cloud Atlas”), Wes Bentley (“The Hunger Games”), Mackenzie Foy (“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Parts 1 and 2”) Timothée Chalamet (TV’s “Homeland”), Topher Grace (“Spider-Man 3”), David Oyelowo (“Jack Reacher”), Ellen Burstyn (“The Exorcist”), and Michael Caine (“The Cider House Rules”.The film will be released in IMAX® and 35mm theaters on November 7, 2014.
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WinterSoldier33 - 8/14/2014, 11:27 AM
really excited for this
FordEl - 8/14/2014, 11:29 AM
This is going to be so great.
frova - 8/14/2014, 11:31 AM
dat cast
Nomis - 8/14/2014, 11:36 AM
cipher - 8/14/2014, 11:37 AM
Heh, Anne.. tea would be having a stroke right now.
Dingbat - 8/14/2014, 11:37 AM
Alright, Alright, Alright

MrPrime - 8/14/2014, 11:38 AM
dis movie gon b gud.
EhMaybeSays - 8/14/2014, 11:46 AM
I smell an Oscar a-coming.
BANEofExistence - 8/14/2014, 11:47 AM
so pumped for this! Matt is taking his career in the right direction!
MarkV - 8/14/2014, 11:47 AM

I actually didn't know about the third trailer, stopped watching don't want to see too much.

The hair is standing up on the back of my neck.

"Love is the one thing that transcend time and space."

[frick]ing dusty in this room.
shabat - 8/14/2014, 11:50 AM
This movie, for real, I can't wait.
BigMikeReviews - 8/14/2014, 11:50 AM
Spider2YBanana - 8/14/2014, 11:54 AM
SmellofDuty - 8/14/2014, 11:55 AM
I haven't looked forward to a movie this much
DaVinci31 - 8/14/2014, 11:56 AM

Actually, in this case, McConaughey would be the one to stay the same age, while the high school girls would be the one's to become older.

Destined - 8/14/2014, 11:56 AM
Nolan looks to have another winner. Can't wait to see this.
ThedamnBatman - 8/14/2014, 11:57 AM
this is gonna be sth special
MercwithMouth - 8/14/2014, 12:21 PM

I am very much an Anne Hathaway fan. Sexy time.
DrunkenNukem - 8/14/2014, 12:21 PM
im really intrigued about this movie
MercwithMouth - 8/14/2014, 12:25 PM
I am very much a fan of Anne Hathaway... shit, fapping and typing at the same time is hard...
SidDaAstroSloth - 8/14/2014, 12:28 PM
Its not that hard Merc
InfiniteMonkey - 8/14/2014, 12:31 PM
Anne Hathaway is that one girl you just want to BANG but not sure if you should...Nah, just F*cking with ya. BANG HER AND BANG HER Till the cows come home!
MercwithMouth - 8/14/2014, 12:39 PM
@SidTheAstroSlut've had more practice.
batz11 - 8/14/2014, 12:51 PM
I love that pic of her in the blue I miss Teabag, he loved Anne sooooooo much!
SidDaAstroSloth - 8/14/2014, 12:53 PM
Shut up Merc!

I like to explore my body!

What else am i to do in small town Canada?
MercwithMouth - 8/14/2014, 12:57 PM

It's ok buddy, we all do...gimme a can cry if you need to.


Lol, some of us farm and smoke weed... But whatever gets your motor goin little guy.
Nomis - 8/14/2014, 1:20 PM
@ DaVinci31 - LOL!

I don't know if the writers of 'Dazed and Confused' took the mathematical equation of the effects of the space time continuum into consideration when penning that classic line.
SauronsBANE - 8/14/2014, 1:31 PM
Tea had started to post less and less by the time I was a member, but I still remember him from my days as a lurker. Miss the guy!

I simply can't wait for this movie anymore. No more trailers. Just let November get here already!
SauronsBANE - 8/14/2014, 1:48 PM
I adore Hathaway. Her acting range is absolutely incredible, her natural personality always seems to come through in every role in some small way, she has awesome comedic timing, and on top of all that, she's gorgeous.
CaptAmericaSux - 8/14/2014, 2:55 PM
After the new Cosmos series, I'm really looking forward to this. They dont play the original trailer anymore, it had a beautiful score.
unknownguy - 8/14/2014, 3:06 PM
It would be hard for me to be any less interested in this rehashed bag of crap.
DrewDeLand - 8/14/2014, 3:17 PM
This is the movie I'm most excited for now
DatNerdyKid - 8/14/2014, 3:24 PM
Ummmmmmm...what happened to Teabag?
batz11 - 8/14/2014, 3:52 PM
He went and got married and had a kid, [frick]er...
staypuffed - 8/14/2014, 3:58 PM
I am so excited.
JediPhilosopher - 8/14/2014, 7:09 PM
It could be good I suppose. I know what the excitement is. People got a version of Batman that wasn't by Tim Burton or full of neon lighting and bat nipples for a change and think Nolan is a god because noone had done it before him. I see through that sh!~. What Nolan didn't do was hit the target on each of the characters. No, he just made a different target, take the charcaters, get a couple things right about each one and make up the rest to his liking. A GOD, this Nolan guy. Worshipped.
abw2 - 8/15/2014, 1:08 PM

This is looking more and more like a, pretty, decent film - Although, of course, that's no BIG surprise, considering who made it... *cool*/P :)

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