Poster And New Image Debut For The DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special - 'The Snowmen'

Poster And New Image Debut For The DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special - 'The Snowmen'

For Doctor Who fans the most exciting thing about Christmas isn't the gifts, but the chance to see their favorite Time Lord in action in the annual yuletide special. Check out a new poster and pic of the titular Snowmen after the jump..

Following the epic mid-season finale, the Doctor gets in the holiday spirit in the all-new Christmas special written by lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat (Sherlock).

Accompanied by his newest companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, the Doctor’s latest adventure through space and time sees him once again crossing paths with the homo-reptilian Silurian Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and her cohort Jenny (Catrin Stewart).

The special airs on Christmas day at 8pm (UK) and at 9 on BBC America.

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Hellsboy - 11/26/2012, 7:21 PM
i saw the first image and thought it was a remake of the christmas carol
maxxgone - 11/26/2012, 7:50 PM
seriously one of the funnest & best shows we got. tennant is my doctor but smith is an astonishingly close 2nd. i can't wait for this & am going nuts trying to figure out what moffat has in store for "whomever" oswald.
DCwanabe - 11/26/2012, 8:14 PM
kirklazarus87 - 11/26/2012, 8:23 PM
Awesome can't wait
lalosuper3001 - 11/26/2012, 9:27 PM
I think the people that don't like this show, or even want to watch it, are just not allowing their inner child to come out and have some clean, utterly fantastic fun!
I love it!
jimoakley666 - 11/27/2012, 3:30 AM
"Holiday spirit"? We don't have "holiday spirit" in Britain. We have merry Christmasses and 'holidays' somewhere hot in the summer.
ComicalDisaster - 11/27/2012, 9:13 AM
Freaking love Doctor who so much but still, how the feck is this comic book news?
DemonicJoker666 - 11/27/2012, 9:34 AM
hehehehehehe, my reason to get excited for Christmas
JorEllinator - 11/27/2012, 12:22 PM
Still a bit sad when Rory died, (Amy can die, I don't care) don't know about this new companion.
amxt - 11/27/2012, 1:15 PM
I'm still sayin'...

dezdigi - 11/27/2012, 2:02 PM
I'll take any Dr. Who I can get but the Christmas specials always disappoint me.
Anyone know when the show returns for the rest of the season?

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