PROMETHEUS Gets An "18" Rating In Spain

PROMETHEUS Gets An "18" Rating In Spain

It seems that Ridley Scott's Prometheus has been given the equivalent to an R rating in Spain. This bodes well for those hoping for a return to the adult orientated sci-fi/horror of the early Alien movies..

These days it's actually pretty rare for a movie to receive an 18 rating in Europe. Most movies containing moderate amounts of gore/sex/profanity etc tend to be given the much more lenient (and lucrative) 16 rating. So when a movie does end up being certified 18 it tends to be fairly hardcore piece of cinema one way or the other. As you can see below, Spanish theater chain Cinefilo have assigned Prometheus an 18 certificate along with their synopsis..

Now it's a safe bet that the UK and Ireland at least will follow suit, and quite probably the US too, meaning the movie will be rated R there. Of course, it's still a couple of months away from release so cuts may be demanded along the way in certain Countries to secure a more "box office friendly" rating, but if everything remains the same it seems Scott will be going old school and delivering a real chiller.

Prometheus is directed by Ridley Scott, from a screenplay by Damon Lindelof and Jon Spaihts. The film stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Sean Harris, Rafe Spall, Logan Marshall-Green, Patrick Wilson and Kate Dickie, and is due for release on June 8th 2012 in the USA, and June 1st 2012 in the UK.

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WolvieCBM - 4/25/2012, 7:39 AM
Uh oh! I honestly didn't expect this. At all. This could only mean that they are going for an R-rated version in US. Awesome and bold move.

CoolantTech - 4/25/2012, 7:55 AM
One can only hope for an R rated US release *crosses fingers*
RealGothamite - 4/25/2012, 7:55 AM
Most of the Alien films have an 18 rating as far as I can remember.

This has made my day, looks like they'll sacrifice some box office receipts to give us a great film.

Superheromovie - 4/25/2012, 7:59 AM

I don't think America will get an R rating in the U.S.
Greengo - 4/25/2012, 8:12 AM
Hasn't the MPAA been dumbed down anyway?

There's plenty in modern PG-13 movies that would have been classified as "R" based on content had they been released in the 80's.

That said, this must be pretty hardcore if it does pull off a R-rating in the U.S.
Greengo - 4/25/2012, 8:16 AM
I wonder if this will get an NC-17 rating in Saudi Arabia?

Or will they just gouge out your eyes for watching it?
Greengo - 4/25/2012, 8:24 AM
[frick] YOU VICKI!!!
Fogs - 4/25/2012, 8:48 AM
DanteSparda - 4/25/2012, 8:57 AM
Hell yeah!! Gory newborn stomach opener aliens!!! (GNSOA)

Also I love when aliens spills acid on people faces, you can't beat them Magneto!!
Zoidberg - 4/25/2012, 8:59 AM

Spain is a secular country and I can assure you we (I live there) are a lot less religious and puritan than USA nowadays. The Pope and american religious/family groups would have a heart attack if he saw the language and images we see in our Network channels.

Also, the '18' rating is like the 'R' there. A 15 y/o could watch the movie if he/she goes with an adult.
RorMachine - 4/25/2012, 9:19 AM
Owlman, all of them those rubbish AVP movies.
CCB1984 - 4/25/2012, 9:34 AM
Ridley Scott already confirmed the MPAA rated it PG-13 in the US...he was shocked what ends up getting a PG-13 rating from them...believing it should have been given an R
forthesakeofnow - 4/25/2012, 9:58 AM
It will be a 15 at most in England
AutobotCommander84 - 4/25/2012, 11:59 AM
@CCB1984 No, he said that he wouldn't want to deprive younger people from seeing it, I don't know where you got your info from.
CaptainObvious - 4/25/2012, 12:44 PM
Fingers crossed it gets an R rating here.
ManOfKrypton - 4/25/2012, 12:49 PM
@CCB1984 It has not been confirmed if the movie is PG-13, all he said was that he was surprised at what gets passed as a PG-13 movie - not that Prometheus WILL be PG-13.
AsianVersionOfET - 4/25/2012, 1:39 PM
WarnerBrother - 4/25/2012, 1:58 PM
It doesn't mean anything.American censors have a higher tolerance for violence then
in Europe.In America it's sex and bad language that will more likely get a R-rating.
Fox spent a lot of money on this film and Ridley Scott left the door open by saying
he planned to shoot two versions of the film.One R and one PG-13.If the director can envision a PG-13 version of his film that protects the integrity of his vision,then why would FOX not release that version when it would lead to higher box office?

Think of it this way,will anybody reading this not see the film if it gets a PG-13 rating?
Azzzby - 4/25/2012, 2:32 PM
Sorry to burst the bubble, but if you follow the link to the actual site there is a blank square where the '18' is on the screenshot. Unfortunately this seems to be untrue :(
Lert - 4/25/2012, 3:58 PM
Its most likely going to be "R"!
AUSSYACE - 4/26/2012, 1:36 AM
It Better be Bloody then...

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