THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING Fire Passes IRON MAN 3 As Highest 2013 Earner

THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING Fire Passes IRON MAN 3 As Highest 2013 Earner

The Marvel threequel held claim to the title for quite a while, but the second installment in the Hunger Games series has scraped by in domestic box office earnings. But fear not Stark fans, Iron Man 3 is still ahead globally. Read on for more.

Lionsgate has announced that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has surpassed Iron Man 3 to become 2013's top grossing domestic release. The movie has earned $409.4 million in the United States and Canada, just beating Iron Man 3's $409.3 million - though technically the latter still holds the title of highest grossing picture of the last calendar year. Tony Stark also has Katniss on the ropes when it comes to total global earnings, with a whopping $1.2 billion. Catching Fire currently sits at $838.2 million after seven weeks in theaters.
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themidnightking - 1/10/2014, 8:40 AM
1.2 billion is all that matters :-)
JordanKing - 1/10/2014, 8:42 AM
Ahh, so not worldwide. Nice try, HG.
DEVLIN712 - 1/10/2014, 8:58 AM
charlie2094 - 1/10/2014, 9:02 AM
Glad to see it doing so well! Fantastic film, one of my favourites from last year
TheVirgin - 1/10/2014, 9:03 AM
I am starting to realize there are more Hunger Games fan boys than fan girls actually. Just like there were more Twilight fan girls than boys.
MightyZeus - 1/10/2014, 9:05 AM
Good for Catching Fire. It truly deserves the profit and attention since it is a spectacular film.
ArthurNumeriano - 1/10/2014, 9:06 AM
Iron Man 3 was in 3D. Catching Fire wasn't. So CF is the winner.
AGoodHonestMan - 1/10/2014, 9:10 AM
I think IM3 is the last billion dollar maker until 2015. Maybe The Amazing Spiderman 2 but somewhere around 750-800 is where it will probably make.
SuperCat - 1/10/2014, 9:12 AM
JohnnyRoss - 1/10/2014, 9:13 AM

I think the last Hobbit movie has a good chance.
ALmazing - 1/10/2014, 9:14 AM
That means it also out grossed domestically all the other CMBs to come out this year, why are some people happy about this? Oh right, as long as Marvel fails right?
charlie2094 - 1/10/2014, 9:15 AM

Honestly, probably only the Hobbit that really has a chance, that and Transformers 4...honestly don't see Hobbit achieving that though, but possible
Sumitsjc - 1/10/2014, 9:15 AM

cipher - 1/10/2014, 9:16 AM

Wink wink, nudge nudge.
charlie2094 - 1/10/2014, 9:16 AM

No one's even once mentioned Marvel, many are just happy because it was such a great film, deserves to be recognised like this...a cbm doesn't always have the be at the top, sure many like me, think Hunger Games was a far better film than any 2013 cbm's
cipher - 1/10/2014, 9:16 AM
♪ You keep it good and she'll beat you at your own game
Flip a switch and she's crying out her own name
Keep a lady happy as a little lamb
Give her head and you're riding on a sure shot... ♪
cipher - 1/10/2014, 9:17 AM
I miss tea.
lolken - 1/10/2014, 9:19 AM
I hate to admit it.. but catching fire was way better than IM3.. and I HATE the first hunger games movie and book.

I took my kid (i did resist) to see catching fire and thought it was awesome. :/
jlabatman - 1/10/2014, 9:24 AM
Fanboy power or Teenage girl power? Both are formidable forces of nature when it comes to driving BO numbers!
AlexanderLykins - 1/10/2014, 9:27 AM
Imagine what it would have been like if Iron Man 3 was a little more serious and had the Mandarin from the comics.
AlexanderLykins - 1/10/2014, 9:28 AM
We're talking $1.6 or 1.7 billion.
knocturnalzen10 - 1/10/2014, 9:28 AM

tea was so random an gif's so inappropriate...........i miss em too smh lol
AlexanderLykins - 1/10/2014, 9:29 AM
Also, hopefully they re-release Iron Man 3 so it can add on. Steal a little more money before Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out.
AGoodHonestMan - 1/10/2014, 9:32 AM
Totally forgot about Transformers 4! Lol! That shitty movie will make a billion easily thanks to being shot partially in China and getting itself a Chinese distributer.
Ceejay - 1/10/2014, 9:35 AM
@DukeNukem - Try reading a book every now and then or at least be aware of current worldwide best sellers in the world of real literature instead of comic books and you may find the answer to that question.

For now here's some facts..

Before the first movie had even been released in 2012 the book series had already sold over 23.5 million+ copies in the United States alone.Translated into over 26 different languages, you can only guess the sheer amount of fandom that potentially brings to a movie adaptation let alone the regular moviegoers who will jump on the bandwagon. Add to that its' female empowering characters and extremely brutal delivery minus comic relief and silly jokes like your average comic book flick, it's not hard to see its wide appeal outside of geeks and nerds who mostly are into muscle clad men with underpants outside their tight, spandex costumes.
AGoodHonestMan - 1/10/2014, 9:35 AM
@ AlexanderLykins

I don't think they would. But I can see Marvel/Disney will releasing a Director's Cut version of The Avengers before Avengers 2 though.
cipher - 1/10/2014, 9:36 AM
knoc- I know, man.. I know.


C'mere, buddy.. I need a shoulder to cry into.
RorMachine - 1/10/2014, 9:36 AM
Honestly? Catching Fire > Iron Man 3 in pretty much every way.
NeoBaggins - 1/10/2014, 9:38 AM
Comparisons and competitions aside, Catching Fire deserves all of it's success. The series in general so far is an entertaining, compelling and well executed story. I went to see the first film, cynically, to see what the big deal was, and liked it. The second is progressive as a sequel should be. Can't wait for the rest.

Far as Iron Man 3 is concerned, it will be interesting to see if any future Iron Man film(s) will strike a billion.
RichardBoldly - 1/10/2014, 9:39 AM

And Catching Fire didn't even had that crap called 3D.
NovaCorpsFan - 1/10/2014, 9:40 AM

Is that what we give or what we're gettin'? If it's what we give, I dunno if my frail frame could handle "Powerful Sex"...

kaijunexus - 1/10/2014, 9:41 AM
Why are domestic box office numbers even looked at separately? What is the purpose of that?

Why not just compare the numbers by state, or city, or continent, or individual country, or hemisphere?

What the hell does it matter? The only thing anyone should give a rat's ass about is how much a movie made in TOTAL.
charlie2094 - 1/10/2014, 9:46 AM

What does this at all have to do with DC? This is about Hunger Games...besides, DC has already had two billion+ solo films, one of which was nominated for 8 oscars...they're doing just fine
cipher - 1/10/2014, 9:55 AM
Greg- Heh, I honestly don't remember (thank you sleep-deprivation). I just think they're funny.
cipher - 1/10/2014, 9:57 AM
Nova- Hahaha, it's okay, I'm pretty wiry myself, not to mention kinda short ('bout 5'9.. whatever, I think it's kinda short). WORK WITH WHAT YA GOT, MAN!! BE PROUD!! Apparently, I'm inventive with locations. Heh, "anywhere possible".. whatever.
charlie2094 - 1/10/2014, 9:57 AM

But only two Marvel Studios films have made more than Man of Steel did? With Downey Jr, Avengers/Iron Man 3 was always going to be huge, one of the biggest stars around now...besides, $660 million (still big numbers) for a very serious reboot of such a character, surrounded by unexpected competition, isn't bad at all. The sequel + Batman, will undoubtedly be a lot bigger too. Regardless, both Marvel and DC fanboys (the best are one's who enjoy both) benefit from both companies doing well, which they are undoubtedly both doing. So hard to enjoy both? Make completely different films
JasonBlue - 1/10/2014, 9:59 AM
@Arthur good point...

Iron Man 3 was big cause its the 4th time people around the world are seeing Tony Stark... there's a big relationship between the audience and him. Hunger Games will develop the same demand soon after more people see this film. They have actors/characters that people will grow to love just as much as the Avengers.
Bloodraven - 1/10/2014, 9:59 AM
Catching Fire was a much better film than IM3.
JasonBlue - 1/10/2014, 10:00 AM
@Blooddraven agreed... easily
cipher - 1/10/2014, 10:00 AM
Again. AGAIN, I thought I heard the f*ckin' phone. F*ckin' hell, I've probably got tinnitus or somethin'.
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