THE STAND Director Promises A 3-Hour R-Rated Adaptation

THE STAND Director Promises A 3-Hour R-Rated Adaptation

Good news for fans of Stephen King's classic: While being interviewed, The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone has promised that he'll adapt the novel into an R Rated, star studded, 3-hour epic! Find out what he had to say in full after the jump.

After Scott Cooper, Ben Affleck and David Yates all left the project, Warner Bros. finally signed The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone to helm their ambitious adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand. Why ambitious? Well, the plan is to condense the 900-page novel into just one movie -- quite an undertaking as anyone who's read the book will attest to. You may remember the ABC miniseries back in 1994 with Gary Sinise, Rob Lowe and Molly Ringwald among others, which ran over 6 hours and still didn't manage to cram near enough in. But, Boone has done his best to ease fan concerns in an interview with Vulture.

"We’re gonna do one three-hour, R-rated version with an amazing A-list cast across the board. Every single one of those characters will be somebody you recognize and somebody you relate to. And it’s gonna be awesome. I’m really excited. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever got to do in my entire life. If 12-year-old me had ever known that one day I’d be doing this, to even just go back and look at that kid, I’d be like, Keep doing what you’re doing! It’s just crazy. I’ve met so many actors over the years, and like, when I met Stephen King, I hugged him with tears in my eyes. He meant that much to me when I was young. I still say everything I learned about writing I learned from Stephen King. I don’t read screenplays. I don’t read screenplay how-to books. It’s always just, establish the character. Establish the character."

That all sounds great, but I still think they're going to have to sacrifice a LOT of important material. Anyway, we wish Boone and WB the best of luck. CBS Films will co-produce and co-present the movie, with Roy Lee and Jimmy Miller producing. So far the only actor to be cast is The Fault In Our Stars' Nat Wolff, who will play a character created specially for the movie. More at the link below. 
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Laconic - 6/6/2014, 2:06 AM
Oh boy, he's gonna have such a hard time beating the 1994 classic...

ChristopherNolan - 6/6/2014, 2:07 AM
First! At last my time has come.
ChristopherNolan - 6/6/2014, 2:07 AM
Damn it!
Phronesis - 6/6/2014, 2:08 AM
Still might not be enough of you ask me.
TheDesertGorilla - 6/6/2014, 2:09 AM
Stephen King is a boss, I wish he'd direct it. He needs to eventually redeem himself for Maximum Overdrive.
Demiurge - 6/6/2014, 2:12 AM
3h is NOWHERE near enough to do justice to the source material. He's gonna have to drop a LOT of stuff.
ThedamnBatman - 6/6/2014, 2:16 AM
wished this was more a two parter, how the hell is he gonns cram all that stuff in the movie?
supermarioworldE - 6/6/2014, 2:22 AM
I appreciate his dedication to the characters but MAAAAN is that a short running time, given the material.
WeddingTux - 6/6/2014, 2:25 AM
I recognize that artwork, Mark Bagley? or...
Jollem - 6/6/2014, 2:53 AM
mike perkins. he's similar to bagley sometimes
Jollem - 6/6/2014, 2:54 AM
the miniseries wasn't too bad
Abary - 6/6/2014, 3:00 AM
I'm looking forward to seeing how they do this. I think it would be better to make a trilogy out of it, because they're just going to keep the main plot point of the book while discarding a lot of other stuff.
Humperdink - 6/6/2014, 3:01 AM
THE STAND Director Promises A 3-Hour R-Rated Adaptation

I don't know how it could work like that, especially as a solo film, but good luck.
Tetrahedron - 6/6/2014, 3:14 AM
Sounds good.

Robicon - 6/6/2014, 3:20 AM
So far the only actor to be cast is The Fault In Our Stars' Nat Wolff, who will play a character created specially for the movie.

Is that really necessary? With only 3 hours to work with, to add a new character to a story with more than enough great ones means that they're going to cut someone out to make room.....bad idea.
Nubase - 6/6/2014, 3:25 AM
it is a big book but l think what they will do is have a narrative to speed the story along, we should not be unhappy about this news at all, this will be a great movie and by the looks of it it will have a great cast as well and that will make the movie even better.
loki668 - 6/6/2014, 3:26 AM
Make it 4-5 hours with an intermission (like they did with 7 Samurai). Problem solved!

As for "making up for Maximum Overdrive", The Green Mile did that.
Jollem - 6/6/2014, 4:09 AM
1408 was pretty damn good. there's some good king movies out there
SuperCat - 6/6/2014, 4:12 AM
R-Rated. That's what I like to see. No watered-down BS.

loki668 - 6/6/2014, 4:33 AM
They might need to make it Rated X for the "gun rape" scene involving TrashCan Man.
Desrow - 6/6/2014, 4:57 AM
Lhornbk - 6/6/2014, 5:27 AM
I cannot remotely see how you could do a good adaptation of The Stand with a single 3-hr long movie. To truly do that book justice (and no, you do NOT have to graphically portray the "gun rape" scene), you would really need to make about a ten-hr long mini-series on HBO or Showtime or maybe Netflix. Or, if it just had to be in theaters, at least a trilogy of 3-hr long films might work. One 3-hr film? I'm not seeing it.
ckal - 6/6/2014, 5:39 AM
900 page Stephen King book in one movie and the first actor they cast is for a character that is not even in he books.

GG great start.
rdvargas1 - 6/6/2014, 5:59 AM
This is going to be an extremely flawed movie. Even if they did 3, 3 hour movies it might not be enough to truly get it right. Unless the buzz is incredible and trails and early reviews tell me otherwise, I will probably skip this movie. Too many Stephen King adaptations have been super disappointing, and with the Stand being the granddaddy of them all(outside of the Dark Tower), I have serious doubts and reservations.
Objectivelybiased - 6/6/2014, 6:05 AM
Yeah, it is the casting a brand new character before the rest of the important cast that bothers me more than the run time. There are plenty characters to choose from so why bring your own creation into an established and beloved tale? Its like if during pre-production of the first Lord of the Rings film that Peter Jackson decided to create a character specifically for Michael J. Fox because he enjoyed working with him on freighteners. I just don't see why he wasn't just chosen to play Nick Andros or Larry Underwood. BTW, who wants to take bets that those two will be f'ed with the most? I can picture them changing Larry's race and making him a rapper.

For me, it was always a given that they were going to speed past the WHOLE plague portion of the story within the credits ...if not before. And I think either Harold or Nadine will be cut. To a screenwriter who probably isn't familliar with the content, I could see them seeing that they both serve the same purpose. Same goes for Lloyd and Trashcan and at least one of the spies. I don't like it, but we are looking at A LOT of cuts to fit this into a three hour film.

And I don't care about A-list actors ...I care about actors who can play the parts they are cast in. They don't have to be huge stars fact, most of the cast I envision would not be huge stars. The first casting that comes to mind is that Josh Holloway should be Stu Redman but if we are going for a listers that is not happening.
MightyZeus - 6/6/2014, 6:50 AM
I look forward to see how it turns out.
fettastic - 6/6/2014, 6:50 AM
I thought the mini series was fantastic, except the lame-assed ending. I don't know how they plan to handle that.
Tainted87 - 6/6/2014, 7:17 AM
The mini-series had problems because it didn't know how to pace itself. Yes, bad acting was one of the biggest problems, but even then - the trouble is going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth between characters as they deal with Captain Tripps and the apocalypse that follows.

Incidentally, that was how the book played out, however, we're not watching a book larger than the Bible.

Stu should be one of few characters focused on for 'the Plague'. He's there when the deserter brings the superflu at the gas station, he gets quarantined, and we see most of the government response through his story. The rest doesn't need to be spelled out all at once.

All the characters are tethered to Mother Abigail anyway, so we don't need to see so much of their own personal suffering and loss as the world dies around them.
I know Larry's a favorite, but there's so much of his story that can be cut down for pacing. He's a one-hit wonder who went back home to New York to get a loan from his mom, and realizes that he's pretty worthless and has treated people like crap all his life.

Fran and Harold don't need a whole lot of story-telling - it should be made clear that he has an obsessive crush on her, and she's not interested. She's pregnant, didn't really care about her boyfriend, and after burying her father, comes across Stu who fills the void. She chronicles their time in a long, open-ended letter (similar to how Mina's Diary works in 'Dracula') to her unborn child. Fran can be a side character.

Nick doesn't do a whole lot before he comes across Tom - well, that's not true I guess. He gets mugged, arrested(ish), gets acquainted with a family, they die, he plays with their bodies, he gets attacked (again), and then finds Tom. Tricky thing is, we can't have Nick just explain what happened when the superflu broke out.

Randall Flagg needs to be much more behind the scenes and in the shadows to give the audience a larger sense of dread. The transition from man-in-the-shadows to a focused character can happen when he rapes Nadine. Lloyd can show us a narrative, but not too much.

It's going to be tricky, but if they work a lot from the Walking Dead's first and second seasons (ironically influenced by the Stand), they can make it happen.
RetroFit - 6/6/2014, 7:18 AM
"So far the only actor to be cast is The Fault In Our Stars' Nat Wolff, who will play a character created specially for the movie."

Oh brother. He said I'd recognize every actor in the movie. Never heard of this guy. And how are they going to cram 900 pages into 3 hours when they're also creating new characters just for the movie? Does their plan to make it work boil down to changing it so drastically that it entails removing large portions of it and replacing it with broad strokes and combining multiple elements into one made up character? If that's the case, then they should have just done a 15 episode HBO season and made it faithful to the source material.
RetroFit - 6/6/2014, 7:25 AM
Seriously, this is a major contradiction:

"We’re gonna do one three-hour, R-rated version with an amazing A-list cast across the board. Every single one of those characters will be somebody you recognize"


"So far the only actor to be cast is The Fault In Our Stars' Nat Wolff, who will play a character created specially for the movie."

So they're saying we'll recognize all the characters and they'll all be played by A-listers. And then they say the first actor cast is a nobody and is playing a character that's made-up (IE we won't recognize).

GodzillaKart - 6/6/2014, 7:33 AM
Still, that's a lot of book to squeeze into 3 hours.
RyKnow - 6/6/2014, 7:35 AM
Slightly worried that they're making a 3 hr film out of a massive book. If they can turn The Hobbit into 3 films, surely they can make 3 films out of this. After all, the book's split into three sections;

Captain Tripps
Crossing The Border
The Stand

There's your trilogy, and there's more than enough material in the book to fill 3 films.

And Trash-can Man better be in it or I won't be happy.
rabid - 6/6/2014, 7:37 AM
The Stand in 3 hours?
Ryguy88 - 6/6/2014, 8:50 AM
The Hobbit: 330 pages, 3 movies at 2 hr 45 mins each = 1.5 minutes per page

The Stand: 900 pages, 1 movie at 3 hrs = 0.2 minutes per page
Jhuntdaprodigy - 6/6/2014, 9:12 AM
Never read The Stand, but the premise sounds pretty interesting to me, especially knowing that Stephen King wrote it. But if a 6 hour mini-series couldn't even cover every aspect of the book, I fail to see how one 3 hour film could.
Objectivelybiased - 6/6/2014, 9:26 AM
This screams of one of those re-makes where the studio nor director just read the cliffnotes on it and is just using a well known material to do whatever the frick they want. It is going to loosely tie into the book. Nobody working on this cares about the source material nor wants to make a GREAT movie. They want a quick buck ...if they didn't, they would be touting this as the biggest thing since LOTR with a trilogy each summer. This is going to be a movie that will be filler for the slow months of October or February.
Scorpio9 - 6/6/2014, 10:36 AM
Perhaps this "new" character will be used as a kind of narrator to move the story along in more of a "tell us about what happened" mode, similar to how Paul Atredes mother and sister were used in the first Dune movie...
TheDesertGorilla - 6/6/2014, 12:12 PM
@loki, Stephen King didn't direct The Green Mile.
ruledout - 6/6/2014, 2:02 PM
I thought they would break it up into three films, Hobbit style, but why it works with those films is the source material has a pretty great ending battle. The Stand, on the other hand, literally has a Deus Ex Machina ending. I read the uncut edition, so maybe King added in far more than was originally there, but the ending didn't feel as ramped up as other situations from the novel. But from other King novels I've read, there seems to be a common thread of endings that feel like the inspiration of their concepts peter out and he doesn't know where to take the story.
Braveandthebold - 6/6/2014, 2:14 PM
"one of those characters will be somebody you recognize and somebody you relate to."

Question, why the [frick] do I need to relate to someone in a movie to appreciate the character ? just odd that soo many directors seem to think that that's the key, I certaintrly dont relate to likes of Joker(heath Ledger) or RDJ's Iron Man yet still enjoy them on screen, just odd.
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