THUNDERBIRDS Creator Gerry Anderson Dies Aged 83

THUNDERBIRDS Creator Gerry Anderson Dies Aged 83

The creator of iconic British TV shows such as Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet and Space: 1999 (all of which were adapted into comic book form at some point) has sadly passed away aged 83. Read on for details.

Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray and more, has passed away at the age of 83 reports Sky News. His son Jamie told the outlet that he died peacefully in his sleep on Boxing Day (December 26th) in a nursing home after suffering from mixed dementia; a condition which worsened over the past six months. Nick Williams, the head of "Fanderson" (a Gerry Anderson appreciation society) had this to say about Anderson's legacy. "To those who met him Gerry was a quiet, unassuming but determined man. His desire to make the best films he could drove him and his talented teams to innovate, take risks, and do everything necessary to produce quite inspirational works. Gerry's legacy is that he inspired so many people and continues to bring so much joy to so many millions of people around the world." Over the past few years, he had worked as an ambassador for The Alzheimer's Society, helping to raise awareness of the disease. His family have asked that donations be made in his name HERE.

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ABLEE337 - 12/28/2012, 3:13 AM
Ceejay - 12/28/2012, 3:45 AM
two day old news..
Mucklefluga - 12/28/2012, 3:55 AM
:( Sad Times
@Ceejay How about you write an article and find quotes and sources on Boxing Day and then you can comment that
0ptimusCrime - 12/28/2012, 4:05 AM
if my computer starts, you hear the Thunderbird Count, Childhood Sentiment

marvel72 - 12/28/2012, 4:36 AM
r.i.p mr.anderson not a fan of thunderbirds or stingray but i did like captain scarlet & space:1999(awesome space craft,iconic in its own way).

FOOM - 12/28/2012, 4:40 AM
Two days old or not, its good to see the acknowledgement here. The first season of Space 1999 for the time was excellent.In rivaled Trek thgen.
DEATHbyEXILE - 12/28/2012, 5:29 AM
SpideyQuad - 12/28/2012, 6:03 AM
I love Thunderbirds, I used to play it all the time I might bicycle back in the 60s!

Just got the entire set on DVD last year. Rest in peace Mr. Anderson, you brighten this persons childhood!
longbowhunter - 12/28/2012, 6:22 AM
I havent thought about the Thunderbirds in years. Then last week my Dentist brings it up while shooting me full of numbness. Coincidence? Of course...but still.
Techinsane - 12/28/2012, 9:47 AM
Man, you will be missed you were one of the few people who shaped my childhood, till this day Thunder-birds is still one of the best things that I ever say on TV. The terms FIB, will forever live with me. The tracy family, Joe 90, Brains, Captain Scarlet, Thunder-birds 1-6, stingway etc.

I bought the Thunderbirds on DVD a couple of years ago and still have the same excitement that I had when I first watched it as a Kid.

plasticman - 12/28/2012, 11:54 AM
In a time of little special effects this guy led the way on making one of the coolest shows. Visually awesome and often duplicated which means he did it right. You will be missed but your imagination will live on.
wavehunter - 12/28/2012, 12:55 PM
Loved Space: 1999 (and UFO). Space: 1999 had the best intro of any show.
Logan5 - 12/28/2012, 7:24 PM
12/282012 DeathbyExile

Hilarious! Funny shit, but I actually redently caught one of those classics on TCM and with Gerry, I don't think you'd have Jackson.., going yard, yes I am.
Logan5 - 12/28/2012, 7:24 PM
Logan5 - 12/28/2012, 9:15 PM
Let me reiterate; he is the cpt. of scale and perspective. Sucks to hear and double sucks on the timing.
AUSSYACE - 12/28/2012, 10:29 PM
I Absolutely Loved the Thunderbirds as a kid...


IronHood - 12/29/2012, 12:11 AM
Parker2017 - 12/29/2012, 5:02 PM
terrible my grandmother pased away form Alzhimers to. :c

R.I.P. Guy who I never knew or met.
SCURVYDOG619 - 12/30/2012, 9:14 AM
No Thunderbirds=No Team America.

Condolences to his family.

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