TRON Sequel Closer To Becoming A Reality! Disney Hires Jesse Wigutow To Rewrite The Script

TRON Sequel Closer To Becoming A Reality! Disney Hires Jesse Wigutow To Rewrite The Script

According to the Hollywood Reporter Disney has finally made a significant step forward with Tron 3, as they have hired a new writer to begin polishing the script. News has been quite for the anticipated sequel to 2010's Tron: Legacy, but now it appears to be a priority.

Let's pretend I had a budget of around $175 million to go make a movie. Then that movie went on to generate just over $400 million at the worldwide box office. So with that bit of info, would you say I had a hit movie or a flop? You have a hit movie of course... unless you're Disney's Tron: Legacy which for some odd reason has the word "flop" pinned to it far too often. Sure the film wasn't the monster hit that Disney was hoping for and outside of some neat special effects, a groovy soundtrack from Daft Punk, the story was a complete mess. But! It made money. And since it made some serious dough it shouldn't be a big surprise that Disney has taken another step forward in making Tron 3 a reality.

The Hollywood Reporter
reports (lol), that the Mouse House has hired Jesse Wigutow ("Peter and the Starcatchers") to rewrite a script originally penned by David DiGilio ("Eight Below").

Not for nothing, but when your biggest weakness was a shaky script, maybe you shouldn't hire two guys that have as many writing credits as I have parking tickets (7 total). Realize your weakness and bring in a seasoned scribe to at least give you a base to work with, right? Either Disney knows something I don't know or they think they can wow audiences again with neon light cycles. Too bad we've already seen that one trick pony.

Besides that, Joseph Kosinki, will be back to direct Tron 3. He helmed 2010's Tron: Legacy which starred Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges.

As of right now little is known about the plot of the third Tron movie, but back in April of 2011 Joseph Kosinki did share his plans at that time, of course a lot could've changed in over a year.

"I think we will pick with where Tron: Legacy left off with Quorra (Olivia Wilde) in the real world and what does that mean and the possibilities it opens up for the next chapter. It’s that relationship between the two of them that’s the next step."

He also envisioned Cillian Murphy having a much bigger role in the film as opposed to his brief cameo as Ed Dillinger's son. Which you can view in the video above.

Dillinger was a really important part of the first film and felt like an easy way to continue that storyline and thread to have his son in the new movie. That way you have people ask those questions of what the Dillinger legacy is in the world of TRON. We didn’t want to ignore it completely and it leaves a really nice springboard for some intertwining development for the next film."

Tron Legacy - Olivia Wilde Home Video TV spot from Jared Gerbrandt on Vimeo.

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marvel72 - 12/5/2012, 7:14 PM
i liked tron legacy,it looks great on blu-ray.
NostalgicYouth - 12/5/2012, 7:17 PM
I really like Tron: Legacy so I'll be down for this one.
Gnyah123 - 12/5/2012, 7:21 PM
this movie was pretty good i liked it
was a decent good fun film!
i was hoping we wud get a 3rd 1
i remember a while back they said it was going to happen
but yeah! im amped
ATrueHero1987 - 12/5/2012, 7:34 PM
It's FUNNY that they're is talks for the sequel. Why? Because I'm actually watching Tron: Legacy right now for the first time!
MilitaryStormtrooper - 12/5/2012, 7:37 PM
when will it be released? 2038?
Funsize - 12/5/2012, 7:38 PM
I hope Daft Punk comes back.
storyteller - 12/5/2012, 7:38 PM
A mess of a story? I get that it wasn't very deep for some people but it's not like you were unable to follow the story. It's no more messy then Tron was.

Daft punk + the effects really made the movie. I think you could have no dialogue and the movie still works. Your doing something right if I want to stay through the end credits for just the movie.
Canon108 - 12/5/2012, 7:40 PM
I don't see how having only one message on the comment section can be considered trolling...maybe stop deleting comments where there's nothing wrong with them and people will have no need to post them again.
Triptheorist - 12/5/2012, 7:44 PM
Just another case of style over substance.
Nick56 - 12/5/2012, 7:51 PM
I absolutely loved Tron Legacy. Despite some of the short comings of the script, I was completely immersed in the world of Tron. Can't wait till this comes out!
Preston - 12/5/2012, 7:52 PM

There are very few things prettier than Olivia Wilde in Tron.



luffycapri - 12/5/2012, 7:53 PM
Oh good, got the 5 disc blu ray and I love it.
campblood - 12/5/2012, 7:53 PM
I like Tron 2 I thought it was jun and Sam had a Harrison ford vibe
HAILHYDRA - 12/5/2012, 7:56 PM
I will be pissed at Disney if this interferes with anything Marvel has planned or Star Wars for that matter
CoolantTech - 12/5/2012, 7:56 PM
Tron was ok... I wouldn't go as far as say it was great or anything, I feel that it wasn't as effective as it should of been, that sound track on the other hand was [frick]ing spectacular!

A score from Daft punk should definately be featured in more films hell., why not let them take a crack at a Star Wars film while you got'em Disney
VicSage - 12/5/2012, 7:58 PM
I've been looking forward to a Tron 3. Really liked Tron Legacy. It was simple, fun, and good entertainment.
GodzillaKart - 12/5/2012, 7:58 PM
BubblesShedAndBreakfast - 12/5/2012, 8:01 PM
I'm down for some more visual goodness.
shamo - 12/5/2012, 8:14 PM
movie sucked. but i'll watch the sequel for Olivia Wilde's face and Cillian's performance.
ThePowerCosmic - 12/5/2012, 8:18 PM
I didn't think the story was a mess. It seemed like a very logical sequel. I loved everything about it, accept the actor who played Sam. He was OK but acted too much like a dumb jock at times.

I feel like a new Tron film will be even better than Legacy! Can't wait.

All my favorite properties are at Disney now. Time to join the Mouse Club!
TheGambitFreak - 12/5/2012, 8:20 PM
Microsoft needs to get their priorities straight and green-light another Halo film, cause I'll be damned if I'll never see Olivia Wilde play my favorite nude Artificial Intelligence Program.

Silentman - 12/5/2012, 8:20 PM
i really liked tron legacy. i never understood why people didn't. the ones complaining about the story clearly didn't see the original cause that was no mind bending story either
supermarioworldE - 12/5/2012, 8:32 PM
Legacy definitely could have had some better pacing and more frequent exposition, but I must admit it was an immersive treat for the eyes.

Hope these newbies pull through for part 3.
fungusmonkey - 12/5/2012, 8:43 PM
Maybe I should clarify some of the less "accurate" parts of the article.

1) Tron 3 isn't a go. It's not even greenlit yet. They are just in negotiations to bring on a new writer to re-work the same draft they've had for Tron 3 since before Legacy even came out. This happens all the time in Hollywood - studios will occasionally bring someone on to dust off a script to see if they can make it work. That doesn't mean it's going to get any further than that.

2) Most reports put the *production* budget for Legacy at around 175-200 million. It made $400 million so you'd think that would be a win, right? Wrong. The problem is that Disney sunk nearly another 200 million into marketing, toys, advertising, theme park rides, haute couture fashion lines, giant SDCC events, etc. And there's no real record of how much money Disney sunk on Tron Legacy for the almost 20 years they tried to get a sequel off the ground. That's why (besides critically) it's considered a flop. Disney needed it to be the next Matrix or Star Wars and it barely even made it's money back, all expenses considered.

3) It did make it's money back, so there's a chance that Disney could green light a third film based solely on the hope that they'll be able to unload the entire warehouses of toys that didn't sell, and possibly kick off the franchise they were hoping Legacy would spawn. However, that hasn't happened just yet. This is just typical studio stuff to keep hammering away at a high profile IP in hopes that something eventually clicks.

Let's not all get too excited just yet. Once Disney announces it's officially in production and they have a director signed to it (signed, not "attached" - they're not the same thing), then the fans can celebrate.
pro346 - 12/5/2012, 9:01 PM
Great soundtrack from daft punk! Shows Disney can get it right.....and get it really wrong avengers anyone?
DarthTesla - 12/5/2012, 9:03 PM
Cool. Legacy was pretty awesome.
mgeoff88 - 12/5/2012, 9:40 PM
I loved the cast in Tron: Legacy, but I thought the movie failed to live up to its potential.

I can't get enough of Olivia Wilde. She was awesome in Legacy.

I hope Disney steps it up for Tron 3.
gaikinger - 12/5/2012, 9:50 PM
loved loved loved Tron and nerdgasmed all over the sequel. Thank god Kosinski is back to continue the vision. Saw Legacy twice in the theatre and bought the bluraycombo pack. The cartoon as been very good too.
vtopa - 12/5/2012, 9:53 PM
Daft Punk needs to do the soundtrack. I was off the hook.
mk - 12/5/2012, 10:24 PM
i want a john carter sequel disney :(
pepe - 12/5/2012, 11:10 PM
This movie was pure ..... Cr*p!!!!!
pro346 - 12/5/2012, 11:14 PM
@mk me too!
Christuffer - 12/5/2012, 11:37 PM
Tron Legacy was amazing. I was a Tron fan before Legacy too
NostalgicYouth - 12/5/2012, 11:45 PM
@ fungusmonkey
Why do you have to be such a downer man?

Plus Daft Punks score at the end of the movie was quite effective in the emotion department for me, but I believe Flynn will come back some how.

AztecRainGod - 12/5/2012, 11:49 PM
I couldnt wait for the 1st one to end. It seemed to go on forever.
DCjohnny - 12/6/2012, 12:08 AM
man !!!!! Olivia Wilde is hot...........
Lasastard - 12/6/2012, 12:13 AM
I can see why people who didn't grow up with the original film would like Tron:Legacy. It looked spectacular and had a great sound track - these days that seems to be enough to be considered a great movie. Anyway, what made Tron great was it's social/historical context - apart from the never before (and never since) seen visual style. A society in which computers and arcades started to become an essential part of everyday life. And the movie then took this and asked the question 'imagine there is life within the machine...'

Obviously, the way our society has changed, the entire premise doesn't work as well as it did and so Legacy is really just a pretty looking scifi-action flick with a so-so story.
Seejay - 12/6/2012, 12:53 AM

Daft Punk made the movie better than it acctually was.
ComicBookFanatic - 12/6/2012, 2:01 AM
I really didn't feel the "into the machine" thing. Besides, after the Matrix movies, Tron: Legacy
wasn't exactly ground-breaking stuff.
Nevertheless, Olivia Wilde and her big innocent eyes themselves would make another Tron movie immensely watchable. :-) But they really will have to think up something new in the effects department.
Don't really understand the 'why another sequel' stance of some of the posters. There were enough pointers in Tron: Legacy towards a need for explaining a few things. Of course, its a different thing whether the sequel will be greenlit at all.
P.S. - I really really hope Disney hasn't cancelled the John Carter movies.
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