UPDATE: New Theatrical Trailer For STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Now Online

<font color="red">UPDATE:</font> New Theatrical Trailer For STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Now Online

First shown in theatres with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Paramount Pictures have released online this new teaser for the J.J. Abrams-directed sequel Star Trek Into Darkness. Offering more footage from the film, check it out...

In Summer 2013, pioneering director J.J. Abrams will deliver an explosive action thriller that takes Star Trek Into Darkness. When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis.

With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction. As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.

UPDATE: This shot below flashes right before the trailer ends. It says FINISH, upside-down. What does it mean? Start of a viral marketing?

Starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin, Alice Eve, John Cho, Bruce Greenwood and Peter Weller, Star Trek Into Darkness will hit theatres on May 17, 2013.

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scarecrow007 - 12/17/2012, 8:35 AM
Finally! Didn't catch this with the Hobbit.
Milling - 12/17/2012, 8:39 AM
can't see a new one
LP4 - 12/17/2012, 8:50 AM
Glad they are finally showing us stuff from the film. All year they've been too silent about every little detail.

Also, not sure if i'm beginning to hallucinate but is it just me or did it seem like at the 1:09 mark, the face of Cumberbatch's character seemed like it just sort of...shifted a bit in texture or something? Might just be my computer monitor...then again I haven't been sleeping much lately either lol
KillerSE7EN - 12/17/2012, 8:50 AM
I think I liked the "announcement trailer" more.. especially when you see cumberbatch run through the glass and the land from the high jump swinging the weapon
Spideyguy94 - 12/17/2012, 8:53 AM
That is the last thing I'm going to watch now, after that they'll be showing to much like they did with TASM, if you watch all TASM trailers in order you can easily figure out the plot, add to the fact Sony released a 4 minute preview and way too many clips.
IgnurRant - 12/17/2012, 8:54 AM
Interest piqued. But it still doesn’t help that Orci & Kurtzman are the scribes. Complete hacks.
BackwardGalaxy - 12/17/2012, 8:56 AM
A humble Kirk? Good luck.
IgnurRant - 12/17/2012, 9:00 AM
Thor was mediocre. Loki was goodbut Thor's humility turning point was superficial.

It's really disappointing MarvelStudios interfered(again) and Director Braughn(?) couldn't make the film he really wanted. Wouldhave been much better.
ManOfKrypton - 12/17/2012, 9:01 AM
Anyone spot the Cryogenic Freezers in the Trailer?

It's got to be Khan now?

I was sure it was Gary Mitchell before!!
continuezero - 12/17/2012, 9:01 AM
This keeps looking better and better. Next year is going to be a good year for big movies.
Mucklefluga - 12/17/2012, 9:07 AM
Spock! Cumberbatch! Esplosions! crappy dialogue...
LP4 - 12/17/2012, 9:09 AM
@ManOfKrypton- No. I believe this film may also be covering androids of sorts. I found info about a week ago hinting that there will be a character with technology built into his head. Those pods could have easily housed those "androids" that or any other number of possibilities. It could be Khan...or he could just be another superhuman Augment SIMILAR to Khan.

DaenerysTargaryen - 12/17/2012, 9:10 AM
Ciaran - 12/17/2012, 9:11 AM

That was awesome! Even the fact that it still didn't give away a single ounce of the story doesn't bother me. That was a DAMN good teaser!
didich - 12/17/2012, 9:13 AM
Not bad but the ones for Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel were much superior, imo.
riseofloganX36 - 12/17/2012, 9:17 AM
So i went to watch the Hobbit this week end and then i had to siut through this garbage. I really don'y know what you people like about this, The acting? The dark story?

Worse garbage of next year.

fr0zt - 12/17/2012, 9:19 AM
This movie looks amazing! Was really surprised by J.J. Abrams first Star Trek and this looks to be a solid sequel based upon the fottage released thus far.
V - 12/17/2012, 9:22 AM
everyone jumping off the edge
riseofloganX36 - 12/17/2012, 9:23 AM
@didich Yeah super man looked amazing. But were did you see iron man 3 there wasent one here in jersey? And o rather see a sneek peek of iron man 3 than the crapfest of this star trek movie.

GetsugaTensho22 - 12/17/2012, 9:23 AM
Getting the intense Mass Effect vibe here, down to the same Avenger Rifle Kirk uses.
Still, good trailer. I'm not a Star Trek fan and this doesn't interest me either, but i'll admit this was really nicely done. The tone was set pretty well.
didich - 12/17/2012, 9:24 AM

If you're asking about the trailer, you can probably find it in You Tube. It's been around since october.
AlexDeLarge87 - 12/17/2012, 9:25 AM
Looks entertaining.
silverdog - 12/17/2012, 9:27 AM
lens flare.. lens flare everywhere. but it does look good.
riseofloganX36 - 12/17/2012, 9:28 AM
This is amazingly bad. And JJ Abrams is shitting all over Gean Rodenberry grave and real true Trekies.


UNTIL next time true BELIEVERS!
LP4 - 12/17/2012, 9:32 AM
@riseofLOGAN- Dude you rant like this on almost every single Trek article. I loved the old movies (First Contact and Generations are still my favorite Trek films) but the 2009 movie DID revitalize it, especially after the Enterprise series kinda...went down (I actually loved the Enterprise series, Archer was a badass) but you want a new movie with Shatner? Look, no disrespect but unless you want the film to focus on when he gets older and...well...more rotund then be my guest. Plus didn't he die in the Generations film? Which is my 2nd favorite Trek movie.

Have you even watched the old movies?

Well your rants have gotten kinda old. You have done this on many Trek articles.
riseofloganX36 - 12/17/2012, 9:32 AM
@didich I know i just rather see the trailer or a sneek peek for iron man 3 than this shitty star trek movie.

JosephKing - 12/17/2012, 9:35 AM

Is it just me or anyone else thought the first half of the trailer was very much like Man of Steel? The music, the voice over...
Chewtoy - 12/17/2012, 9:35 AM
Needed one more shot of someone falling with their arms flailing, but otherwise fairly spiffy.

Really though, just have the plot make logical sense and it'll be an improvement over that last one.
Stumblin - 12/17/2012, 9:35 AM
@riseofLOGANX36, you realize Shatner is older than shit now right? His ass isn't doing Star Trek.
ManofSteel23 - 12/17/2012, 9:37 AM
All I can think of when I hear Benedict Cumberbatch's voice is smaug...
LP4 - 12/17/2012, 9:40 AM
@Stumblin- Yep, Shatner is old as shit and he's gotten kinda pudgy.

I loved the original series, i still have my Captain Kirk toy (exact likeness to William Shatner) in its original packaging and i never intend to take it out.

But realistically, the guy won't be Kirk in anymore Star Trek films...i mean a cameo would be cool sure. They could easily extend an invite for him to cameo in the movie. But for him to actually STAR as Captain Kirk?

I just can't see it happening.
Maximus101 - 12/17/2012, 9:46 AM
Ya I seen this with the hobbit at the IMAX, this movie is going to be epic! Man of steel is number 1 then star trek very close behind it for my most anticipated of movies of 2013.
riseofloganX36 - 12/17/2012, 9:50 AM
@lp4 Yeah it rivitalize it in the toilet. Then they can make a movie with Jhonathan Franks Make another movie with Picard, Ds nine, Voyager. Or NOTHING AT ALL!!!! Look im just sick of shitty remakes i don't like them. Ans i dont care if you care about my rant or not Im just makeing a coment. I have to hear all your bull shit raints all the time. And yes might say somehting also this is what you do in a blog do you not. Speak and say hiow you feel.

I hated the trail it looks like a peace of shit movie. Just like how you people hate Fantastic Four or x-men 3 spider-man 3. You have i right to say you hate these movies i have i right to hate this one.

Call it rant i don't care.

These movie are compleat shit and should stop being made. Eather your with me or your not. I don't care, You like these movies i don't. I dont see how you can call your self a fan and them and think they hace anything to do with star trek.

I don't even think Kir met Kaun when he was a teenager... Oh yeah it's ok cause it's a altered time line and a shitty remake.
riseofloganX36 - 12/17/2012, 9:52 AM
Jhonathan franks isent stweart isent. And if they are then don't make a star trek movie.

LP4 - 12/17/2012, 10:00 AM
@riseofLOGANX36- You're pulling the "how can you be a fan" bullshit with me huh?

How can you call yourself a fan and not even know that Shatner's Kirk already DIED in the Generations film?

How can you be a fan and spell Khan as "Kaun" or Kirk as "Kir"

As for Kirk and Khan meeting as tweens, that's not the case here. Khan has yet to be confirmed in the movie and he most likely isn't in this.

As for rants, I haven't ranted in a good long time so please don't bring up my past. I'm talking about the HERE and NOW. HERE and NOW you've been ranting the TODAY and the past week about how much you hate these new Trek films, fair enough but don't expect a good amount of people here to agree with you.

And revitalized it in the toilet?

Abrams managed to invite people who otherwise HATED Star Trek. Lots of my friends, hated the franchise. Now they like it.

If doing something POSITIVE for the franchise is considered "in the toilet" then i fear how you interpret an actual BAD Star Trek film. Oh and you do realize this is all occurring in an ALTERNATE timeline of course...so...anything goes now pretty much. The writers can do whatever they want- therefore the original timeline- the PRIME timeline can still continue its own thing while this new alternate timeline can do ITS own thing too.

You can be a fan and still like the alternate timeline and films that accompany it while also still respecting and enjoying the original timeline as well.

I don't understand why you have this "you're either with me or against me" mentality. Because that's exactly what you just said to me in your comment riseofLOGANX36
Moriarty117 - 12/17/2012, 10:04 AM
Nice work, LP4!

RiseofLogan just got TOLD! Ha ha..

Seriously, this looks incredible. And I'm a huge TOS and TNG fan :)
LP4 - 12/17/2012, 10:05 AM
And the alternate timeline thing is no joke. It literally means whatever these new films set in place, they WILL NOT EFFECT the original timeline and events.

You do realize Bryan Singer is going to make a new trek t.v show right? That's one i'm actually really excited for. And it will be set in the original timeline i believe and not the altered one.

LP4 - 12/17/2012, 10:12 AM
@Moriarty- Thanks bro. I didn't wanna have to unleash all that on the guy. I understand why he's upset but he needs to realize that this isn't a "remake" as he called it. It's hardly even a "reboot"

It's a totally separate alternate universe taking place side-by-side to the original universe/timeline. Their events will not effect each others...

ok so actually maybe it's a "reboot" but definitely not a remake lol.

Oh and before i log off @riseofLOGANX36- Mr. Nimoy...fully supports these new films.

Yeah...original Spock. As did Nichell Nichols AND Walter Koenig. Shatner WANTED a role in the 2009 film and he was the original Kirk! For all the original cast to speak out in support of it and for the original Kirk to want a role in the movie speaks volumes about what Abrams is doing here.

Just relax :) enjoy the film for what it is- simply fun entertainment.
Hudson3D - 12/17/2012, 10:13 AM
@LP4... I think I love you!!!
HRDWYR - 12/17/2012, 10:18 AM
@riseofLOGANX36 - wow...might want to proofread. Just say'n:)
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