Warner Bros. Announce Release Date For Alfonso Cuarón's GRAVITY

Warner Bros. Announce Release Date For Alfonso Cuarón's GRAVITY

Described as a "masterpiece" by those who were at a test screening last year, Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity was handed a PG-13 rating not too long ago and now it finally has a firm release date after numerous delays. Hit the jump for details!

Directed and written by Alfonso Cuarón (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Children of Men), Gravity is still shrouded in an awful lot of secrecy. However, we do have a plot synopsis - see below - and know that it will be converted into 3D before its release. Speaking of which, numerous sources are now reporting that the film will finally hit the big screen on October 4th, 2013. Gravity features Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as surviving astronauts in a damaged space station, and there have been rumours that Cuarón will use his trademark technique of continuous shots for the entire film. With any luck, a trailer can't be too far away at this point! Stay tuned to CBM for updates.

[Sandra] Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky [George Clooney] in command of his last flight before retiring. But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone–tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness. The deafening silence tells them they have lost any link to Earth…and any chance for rescue. As fear turns to panic, every gulp of air eats away at what little oxygen is left. But the only way home may be to go further out into the terrifying expanse of space.


Sandra Bullock as Ryan Stone
George Clooney as Matt Kowalsky

RELEASE DATE: October 4th, 2013.

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third3ye - 1/15/2013, 4:38 PM
Sounds like 127 Hours in space. Pass.
thewonderer - 1/15/2013, 4:52 PM
One does not simply pass up an Alfonso Cuaron film.

I hate Bullock with a passion but I have faith in Cuaron
Gunslinger - 1/15/2013, 5:00 PM
So... It's "Buried" in space.
Nemeres - 1/15/2013, 5:13 PM
Of course it's stupid. It's not an Avengers sequel! It's not a Nolan or a Marvel film! It's not based on a pre-existing property! The trailer doesn't have epic Hans Zimmer songs!
ManofSteel23 - 1/15/2013, 5:20 PM
If it aint a remake or a reboot and sounds interesting,its worth looking at
FilmsFan - 1/15/2013, 5:22 PM
Synopsis is very very intriguing!
Could be a 127Hours-Buried-Matrix-Inception-CloudAtlas of this year!

Plus it's releasing at same time Cloud Atlas was (in US) (i haven't seen it cuz its not released yet in UK)!!
Plus it's same studio: WB!

I really really hope it's great; & of huge scale!!
With Inception's success we've got so many great & big-budgeted SciFi films like Source Code, Looper, Limitless etc!
Plus this & many others !

I hope studio give these films some decently big budget!!
NanoMachines - 1/15/2013, 5:59 PM
"Children of Men" is my favorite movie of all time, and this is going to be the best film of the year in terms with quality just like "The Master" was the best film of 2012. Can't wait to see it!
Maximus101 - 1/15/2013, 6:01 PM
I love anything to do with space and the universe, it just fascinates me so I will see this for sure.
Kyos - 1/15/2013, 6:25 PM
"Children of Men" was so amazing that I allow myself to forget my serious doubts about Bullock and just look forward to this!
RR51 - 1/15/2013, 6:29 PM
Not saying this film will be bad but if this is even half-decent as Prisoner of Azkaban or Children of Men then I guarantee it will sweep the Oscars. Not that Cuaron won't deserve it but the fact it has George Clooney and Sandra Bullock will suddenly change Cuaron into the the next Spielberg in the eyes of all the modern day awards.
Boekelaar - 1/15/2013, 6:48 PM
Love Cuaron son I'll definitely be seeing this even though like many of you I am not a Bullock fan. Though she did win the Oscar so she's clearly not a terrible actress.

This movie will be awesome and I can't wait for a trailer, Cuaron, like his mate Guillermo del Toro, knows his shit. Children of Men is evidence of that and from what I've heard he was doing some amazing stuff on set and they invented a whole bunch of new technology to get the film shot the way he wanted. This won't be your average on wires against a green screen space movie.
BernieSanders - 1/15/2013, 7:35 PM
bring more Mexican directors lol
pro346 - 1/15/2013, 7:41 PM
considering tis guy made the only harry potter movie worth watching and the great children of men......this should turn out great
EdgyOutsider - 1/15/2013, 8:40 PM
@pro346: You shitting me? Prisoner of Azkaban was good but it is the worst of the Harry Potter movies. I've never liked Alfonso Cuaron so, I'll pass on this and any other movie he makes. Shit director.
DioFoRio - 1/15/2013, 9:04 PM
hope they don't get rid of the red undies.
floydian - 1/15/2013, 9:42 PM
@Lizard1: Shit director? What a terrible joke. I would respect your opinion, but you come off as a person who has only seen Prisoner Of Azkaban (The best HP film by far), and you probably haven't seen Children Of Men or Y Tu Mamá También. I wish there weren't so many damn children on this site.
pepe - 1/15/2013, 10:57 PM
I´m so x-ited over this... aaaand its gone.
CaptainA - 1/15/2013, 11:38 PM
I also dislike Sandra Bullock, and the story doesn't sound that great, but its Alfonso Cauron!

Children of Men is my all time favorite movie, so i put faith in him to make another masterpiece.
EdgyOutsider - 1/16/2013, 12:37 AM
floydian: I won't lie. Yes, I have only seen Prisoner of Azkaban (worst HP film but, I respect your opinion). There is nothing about the film that impressed me and convinced me that this guy is a great director and I should see his other films. Also, I'm not a child. I'm gonna be 18 this month. I don't mean to come off ignorant but, I truly don't see the hype and love for this guy. David Slade (even though having only done 3 films) deserves more praise than this guy. Slade is a truly amazing director.
pro346 - 1/16/2013, 2:37 AM
@lizard 1 I'm not a harry potter fan but it was by far the best movie.....watch children of men it might change your mind on the guy

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