A new Facebook campaign has made it possible to see Captain Archer and his crew return eight years after the series cancellation. Hit the jump to find out more.

Star Trek writer Rob Bolivar and visual effects artist Doug Drexler have launched a campaign via Facebook to resurrect Star Trek: Enterprise with the hopes of a new series or possibly a film incarnation. With the recent resurgence of cancelled TV projects such as Arrested Development and Veronica Mars, the duo believe there is a likely chance we’ll see the series return if fans show their support.

"A short while ago, Brannon Braga (co-creator and executive producer on Enterprise) mentioned that with enough support, it's possible that Netflix could resurrect Enterprise for future seasons or perhaps a movie," Bolivar said. "We took that to heart and started our campaign."

For those in the know Star Trek: Enterprise was cancelled in 2005 after dwindling ratings assisted by the poor box office performance of Star Trek: Nemesis. It was of the last Star Trek series to air before the 2009 reboot.

What do you think though, would you like to see Enterprise return in some form? Or perhaps an entirely different incarnation of the Star Trek franchise? Let us know by sounding off in the comments.
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PeterBenjaminParker - 5/15/2013, 12:37 AM
This show had fans? Were they people who have never seen Star Trek, or any other watchable science fiction shows?
bonesmcgee - 5/15/2013, 12:42 AM
I'm with ya. It had fans?
REDSTORM - 5/15/2013, 12:43 AM
Well, I enjoyed it back in the day since I didn't have cable and it was on the only English channel we had.
hench - 5/15/2013, 12:50 AM
No thanks...rather see J. Frakes "The Rykers" idea.
Nova2012 - 5/15/2013, 12:52 AM
Yeah, it had was a good show...was it Star Trek:TOS? it enjoyable with some really good episodes?...yes...was it perfect? (and neither were the episodes of the original series that featured the second appearance of Harry Mudd or the Chicago gangster planet or the hippies from eden...get the point?)
Luminus - 5/15/2013, 12:56 AM
Commander Trip Tucker is dead, so what's the point? Unless they strike that last episode from canon and rehire Manny Cotto, this sounds like a bad idea.
LP4 - 5/15/2013, 1:17 AM

Sucked it ended JUST when the F.O.P was finally forming.

Still think Tucker's death was a last ditch effort to garner ratings though. If they do come back they should go with their Borg Queen idea they were planning to do originally.

LP4 - 5/15/2013, 1:21 AM
Borg Queen was the best thing about TNG. And one thing I felt was missing from ENT's borg episode was the Queen. The Collective have a hive mind. They should have their queen.

That or save it for a possible Enterprise MOVIE! A movie based on ENT would be [frick]ing epic. Not sure who should direct though.

SuperDude001 - 5/15/2013, 1:21 AM
I never liked it. It was a nice idea, I just never felt it was Star Trek. To be honest if anything I'd prefer a new 'The Next Generation' based on the Abrams reboot timeline.
PeterBenjaminParker - 5/15/2013, 1:26 AM

If by "enjoyable", you mean "mind-numbingly dull", then yes. It was extremely entertaining ;)


HELL YES to TNG in reboot timeline :D Tom Hardy for Picard, anyone?
LP4 - 5/15/2013, 1:28 AM
@PeterBenjaminParker- It was a great show. Hell, Captain Archer was a badass. He was a good mix of Kirk and Picard. He had a bit of the adventurous/womanizing of Kirk mixed with the diplomatic/wisdom of Picard.

@SuperDude- more abrams please. I especially wouldn't want him touching TNG era. Forget it.
113 - 5/15/2013, 1:29 AM
I was never a Trekkie growing up but my dad would always watch Next Generation, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine during the 90s when I was a kid.

I could never get into them because I didn't know what the hell was going on, what time period we were in, what the context of what I was seeing on screen was.

THEN Enterprise came on TV and I started watching it, and from the opening theme song "It's been a long road getting from there to here...." which showed the progress of mankind's quest for discovery, and showed the images connecting our current space mission with the near future, to the Star Trek Enterprise future left an indelible impact on not only how I viewed Star Trek or Sci-Fi, but how I viewed humanity's quest to reach for the stars.

Enterprise was the first Star Trek show that I experienced that bridged the gap between our modern times and the Star Trek canon of the 90s shows. It gave me context to understanding the Star Trek universe, but better yet it was just more accessible because it felt closer to "our time." I felt I could almost reach out and touch it.

So I understand that most die-hards hate (or just dislike) the series, but it's the series that allowed me to really appreciate the Star Trek universe, which spurred me to go back and Voyager and Deep Space Nine (not all episodes mind you).

Not to mention I liked the cast, and Jolene Blalock was incredibly hot as T'Pol.

I'd love to see new episodes, or a movie, with the original cast reprising their roles. I'd love for them to find a way to bring Trip back, but his death is so core to the show's ending that I don't think there's a way of doing that without it feeling cheap.
LP4 - 5/15/2013, 1:33 AM
^Yeah Enterprise is unique in that it's the only Trek series to have an opening theme that was rock oriented.

LP4 - 5/15/2013, 1:35 AM
Almost every Trek series I find a woman I wanna bone.

TOS- T'Pring

VOY- Seven of Nine

ENT- T'Pol

Maia87 - 5/15/2013, 1:51 AM
PeterBenjaminParker - 5/15/2013, 1:54 AM

Fair enough. You can't argue that Scott Bakula is awesome :)

But seriously, TOM HARDY AS PICARD. Not only would it be awesome, but it also makes perfect sense! And Michael Emerson as Data! And Jason Momoa as Worf! (He would look quite bad-ass with dreads) You know what, I'm doing a freaking editorial on this!
miggyman24 - 5/15/2013, 1:54 AM
Hope so they didnt make enuff episodes, its properly the star trek series because it was the last one set 100 years before the original series, theres still more to be told because the timeline reboot, bring it back.
PeterBenjaminParker - 5/15/2013, 1:56 AM

I seriously love that GIF! xD


Oh yeah, my first comment was a reply to Nova. A series of technical difficulties caused me to forget to change it.
LP4 - 5/15/2013, 1:59 AM
@PeterBenjamin- Sorry, ya forced me to pull the o'l Bakula card out ;P

Seriously though, Bakula is the best. I [frick]ING LOVED QUANTUM LEAP WHEN I WAS A KID
Luminus - 5/15/2013, 2:03 AM
@LP4: That Borg Queen idea for Enterpise was horrible and just goes to show how much the producers hated the fans and cared nothing at all about continuity or making sense. The only good seasons of Enterprise were 3 & 4, and that does NOT include the final episode of Season 3 and the first episode of season 4. Just reboot, using Abrams' universe as a starting point.
INSTANTJUSTICE - 5/15/2013, 2:15 AM

As the CEO of Netflix stated: The only reason Arrested Development is getting another series is because (according to their data-streams) its audience has increased since its cancellation. He also said this is rare and hasn't happened for shows like Firefly where the audience has decreased (according to their data-streams). One would presume the same is true of a luke-warm show like Enterprise,

Darkapollo - 5/15/2013, 2:22 AM
Any new Star Trek series will be worthy of a fiendish masturbatory session.
GINGERV - 5/15/2013, 2:22 AM
I didn't mind the show, and i think it would be nice to continue it so it can A) sort out that crappy Tucker death thing and B) tie it into the reboot somehow, as Archer is mentioned in the first one, and it would present the ideal opportunity to see more of the Kelvin class ships ... even if they are only in dry docker something.
WarnerBrother - 5/15/2013, 2:23 AM
As a life long Star Trek fan who first discovered that world 40 years ago,it is to my great regret that in my opinion,the original timeline is likely dead outside of fan made web stuff.

Paramount is gonna get one more film out of the new kids in 2016 with a new director,(Brad Bird?) then make a trilogy of Next Generation films that should take the franchise into the mid 2020's before they reboot again.

They are aware that overexposure of Star Trek on T.V. helped kill it as a movie franchise (why pay for something you get for free?) so they will protect the restored movie franchise at all costs.

Maybe by 2028 or so,they will go back to t.v. with a series set 100 years after Picard, which would be cool if they used Data(new actor of course) as the Star Ship Captain.
PeterBenjaminParker - 5/15/2013, 2:26 AM

Not to mention his guest starring role in New Adventures of Old Christine :)

Any other interesting thing's his been in? I'm drawing a blank at the moment lol
Luminus - 5/15/2013, 2:27 AM
Data is dead. I do not recognize that ridiculous B4 copout.
LP4 - 5/15/2013, 2:38 AM
@Luminous- Why do you and SuperDude want abrams universe to make its way into the shows?


Luminus - 5/15/2013, 2:41 AM
Because I like the reboot. Things change. It's pointless to hold onto the past. Society will just pass you by, if you do.
Pharaoh - 5/15/2013, 2:50 AM
I love it, grew up on the original series and watched every other series of the franchise and this is a great Star Trek series
LP4 - 5/15/2013, 2:54 AM
Also what was the problem with their Borg Queen idea? They planned to bring back the original actress even i remember. They were gonna show her get assimilated and becoming the Borg Queen. Sounded cool.

Though...i THOUGHT she got assimilated as a child. But eh.

Oh and i liked Abrams' reboot too. But i don't feel it should now suddenly become the new template for everything else to follow
Luminus - 5/15/2013, 3:14 AM
@LP4: Humans never ran into the Borg until TNG's "Q, Who." Period. All that garbage in Enterpise's "Regeneration" and Voyager's "Dark Frontier" is just some hack screwing with history and not even in a clever way at that. With that said, how exactly was a Starfleet Medical Officer going to be assimilated into the borg queen, after we clearly saw all the borg in "Regeneration" destroyed? The Borg aren't even in the Alpha Quadrant in that century. They also CLEARLY don't know what a human is by the time TNG's "Q, Who" comes around. And then it takes a whole year for that cube to get back to the Alpha Quadrant, intent on assimilating Earth most likely due to its "magic" technology (i.e. Q's powers that they aren't aware of).

This is why it's a horrible idea and there was no way in hell the producers/writers could've created anything credible off of this.
marvel72 - 5/15/2013, 3:38 AM
i f*ckin hope not,it was shit.
AnungUnRama - 5/15/2013, 3:42 AM
Would love it be back. The last season was so great. Loved the Section 31 episodes as well as the explanation why the klingons in the ST:TOS looked like humans while they now look like,.. well klingons.
AnungUnRama - 5/15/2013, 3:45 AM
Love me some T'Pol, too (-:

PeterBenjaminParker - 5/15/2013, 4:18 AM

That's why it makes perfect sense! He's still young enough to play Picard in the new timeline, but also old enough to imbue the sense of aged wisdom.
Luminus - 5/15/2013, 4:46 AM
I liked Voyager.
CaptainSweatpants - 5/15/2013, 4:52 AM
To the suggestion that an Enterprise storyline in the Abrams' rebooted timeline would be cool...yes it would. BUT - Quinto's Spock clearly explains that the new time line or alternate timeline branched off the original timeline and set of events with the destruction of the U.S.S. Kelvin in 2008's Star Trek. That would mean that everything that happened before that event...namely, Enterprise, would be uneffected by the changed timeline. Wouldn't it?
dellamorte1872 - 5/15/2013, 4:58 AM
i hope they bring this back not EVERY episode was stellar but it WAS a good show. not the worst TREK but def the worst theme song
dellamorte1872 - 5/15/2013, 4:59 AM
yes, @SWEATS. it would be unaffected by the ABRAMS timeline
Luminus - 5/15/2013, 4:59 AM
^No. Using Abram's time travel laws, changes to the past ripple forward AND backward through the timestream. But I was talking about a rebooted timeline starting after the movies.

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