J.J Abrams Reiterates That The Door Isn't Closed On STAR TREK 3

J.J Abrams Reiterates That The Door Isn't Closed On STAR TREK 3

After J.J Abrams was hired on to direct Star Wars: Episode 7 many of us thought his Star Trek days were long gone. However, back in April Abrams said not to rule him out for Star Trek 3 and here, the director reiterates the same.

Star Trek Into Darkness has been released worldwide, and has not yet raked in the dough Paramount expected it would. Now, since J.J Abrams received the job for directing Star Wars: Episode 7 many of us believed his Star Trek days were long gone. That turns out to be wrong, Abrams recently said that “I don’t know. The idea of working with these people again would be a thrill and a privilege. One of the reasons I wanted to do the second one was so I had a chance to work with this cast and crew again.” Abrams continued to say “It really would depend if there’s a third movie that the studio wants to make. It would depend what the schedule was. Would I be open to it? Of course I would.”

In Summer 2013, pioneering director J.J. Abrams will deliver an explosive action thriller that takes Star Trek Into Darkness. When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction. As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.

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YeezusWept - 5/21/2013, 8:49 PM
DaenerysTargaryen - 5/21/2013, 8:54 PM
Good luck with that JJ
LordoftheThrones26 - 5/21/2013, 8:57 PM
Does this mean Star Trek Into Darkness is enough of a success that paramount will release a third movie in 2016 to mark the 50th anniversary?
LordoftheThrones26 - 5/21/2013, 8:59 PM
I mean its Star Trek! I mean IMHO it was better than IM3 im not saying Im3 was bad just that Star Trek met and exceeded my expectations while IM3 was a bit of a dissapointment!
DrDoom - 5/21/2013, 9:32 PM
I really hope he does come back. He directed a stellar sequel.
JohnLamb - 5/21/2013, 10:27 PM
Please come back for the sequel J.J!
l0rdleg0las - 5/21/2013, 11:13 PM
i don't really care if he comes back or not. my main issue is that there not be another 4-5 years between sequels.
TelaVizion - 5/22/2013, 2:46 AM
Let him finish a trilogy (if he wants it), and then find another director (if JJ doesn't want to do more after a 3rd one)
Christuffer - 5/22/2013, 8:57 AM
Hell yeah
Scooby - 5/22/2013, 8:57 AM
Hey JJ, for the love of all that is holy, leave Star Trek. Don't come back. Thanks for the 2009 movie. It was cool and reestablished Star Trek. You're not a fan, you're doing this for the money and shits and giggles, so just move on buddy. Star Trek needs to be made by people who believe in the human spirit and a positive future and have heart - someone who is an idealist. You're not. Have fun at Disney. Now [frick] off.
marvel72 - 5/22/2013, 9:50 AM
he should direct it,then continue with the new star wars trilogy.
niceguyeddie - 5/22/2013, 10:14 AM
It's gonna be Edgar Wright for the third most likely. Didn't he shoot something for this Star Trek?
CaptainSpain - 5/22/2013, 10:18 AM
G0 away, JJ, you hate STAR TREK, You are destroying TRUe STAR TREK, your 'STAR TREK' is a PIECE OF MINDLESS PIECE OF NULL,
STID: Teenager action movie movie, absurd plot, noise and fireworks...
mindless movie...
AustinFan4Life - 5/22/2013, 10:30 AM
LordoftheThrones26 - 5/21/2013, 8:57 PM
Does this mean Star Trek Into Darkness is enough of a success that paramount will release a third movie in 2016 to mark the 50th anniversary?

Whether or not ST: Into Darkness is a success or not, is kind of irrelevant when it comes to talking about a sequel. Take from '79-2002, lots of bad Star Trek movies, that were NOT critical or finacial successes, but one thing was for sure, a sequel was ALWAYS released. You're forgetting when your dealing with Parmount, because of the history of success, both on TV & in films, the numbers don't really apply.

Also you have to remember, while Star Trek Into Darkness was a very hyped up movie, that a lot of people seemed to want to see, there is just too much competition for it to even equal what was done in 2009. Iron Man 3, Fast 6, Man of Steel, all movies that either have or will crush ST: Into Darkness.

There will be a film that gets released for the 50th Anniversary of the franchise, regardless is JJ is back to direct. Remember JJ is only the 3rd director to direct more than 1 Star Trek film.
sbdc1939 - 5/22/2013, 11:17 AM
i hope he does come back because even though im not a huge star trek fan, I am a big fan of these films
exe - 5/22/2013, 11:32 AM
Up your game douchebag! Do something that isn't mediocre.
vespasian13 - 5/22/2013, 1:59 PM
Yep 2nd viewing and Star Trek Into Darkness is still brilliant.. Fanboys who say JJ Abrams has shat over the franchise are talking through their arse.. and those who say it's just a rehash! bull! I loved the nods to the originals take a bow Abrams.. And I love how he introduced tribbles "Bones! what are you doing with that tribble?"
Please JJ be there for Star Trek 3..
vespasian13 - 5/22/2013, 2:20 PM
And also saying it's not an original movie is a nonsense to me ! It's Star Trek with Kirk and Spock and crew, set during that time period in an alternate universe and so rediscovering one of that crew's greatest opponents in the alternate timeline makes complete sense..
If you want to see something original don't watch a reboot of a long established franchise..
DukeAcureds - 5/22/2013, 2:20 PM

I love how a tribble saved Kirk's life.
But, yeah, I think it's up to the BO whether the doors are shut on this franchise or not. Maybe it'll go straight into a TV series, instead of a third film. With cheaper actors.
UrbanKnight - 5/22/2013, 3:02 PM
I'm game but not holding my breath with SW in the way. Get someone else to follow the model. Don't want to wait another four years for the next one.
pointman - 5/22/2013, 4:05 PM
I hope he doesn't come back. I think most of you guys are dead on with your assessment that he doesn't care. And I could without all the lense flare anyway.
continuezero - 5/22/2013, 5:42 PM
I love Into Darkness and I'm a lifelong Trek fan of all series (except that Enterprise garbage) and this movie was more than I expected. I loved it. I always wanted more action from Trek and this finally delivered. I just wish that they had Kirk ally more with Khan. After Khan kills his kid in Wrath, Kirk really regrets what he's done to Khan. Don't get me wrong, I loved what they did but I really thought they'd seize a moment to fix Kirk's biggest mistake. I guess they kinda did but now neither one's son's are dead and Khan's frozen again so the events of Wrath could still hypothetically happen.

continuezero - 5/22/2013, 5:43 PM
Gotta also wonder if Carol will even get into the Genesis project now.
continuezero - 5/22/2013, 6:50 PM
Sorry wasn't Khan's son it was his wife that died and he tried to kill Kirk's son.
manofmidgard - 5/22/2013, 10:37 PM
loved the first two movies, so bring on the third! the action and the effects were just amazing! loved the original series as a kid, but realized just how hokey they were as i got older. next gen was better, but still kinda cheesy with every episode looking like it was filmed on the same set. great actors though. the trek movie franchise was pretty awful until they got to the next gen stuff. never liked wrath of khan. honestly, i just couldn't take the fantasy island guy seriously as a villain. his silly accent makes me giggle. abrams really made trek (and khan) a lot more enjoyable for me. still some flaws in there, but two excellent movies so far.
dancingmonkey08 - 5/23/2013, 3:11 PM
I want JJ back for one last movie after he makes Star Wars Episode 7. Make the Klingons the main villains, led by a badass general, do one hell of a movie for the 50th anniversary

then get a new director for a final trilogy and a new take on Kirk and co.
GodzillaKart - 5/23/2013, 10:16 PM
Close the [frick]ing door. This was a piece of shit.
KaineBParker - 5/28/2013, 8:31 AM
I was so disappointed with Into Darkness that idk what to do; it bothered me as much as TASM did

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