Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Description?

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Description?

Has the footage for the first Star Trek Into Darkness trailer finally been revealed? Is this even real? Get ready for another rumor CBMers!...

Hello fellow CBMers, been a while since i've posted something. But while browsing the net, I came across this little tidbit of info from Trekmovie regarding the new trailer and a vague description of it. Take this with a huge bag of is only a rumor and could be wrong. But I figured it was worth posting anyway.

True or false?

You decide for yourselves-

- "A commenter on claims to have seen the trailer for "Star Trek Into Darkness", and has posted a partial summary of the trailer's contents.

Below is the full, posted comment from "Jeff, God of Biscuits", found at posting # 1105, here on If you would like to remain spoiler-free, please do not read any further, just in case the posting is accurate.

"Jeff, God of Biscuits" posted: "I've seen the trailer - it doesn't confirm that Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell. He has a monologue where he mentions 'revenge' and he looks to have stronger than human strength, so it's a possibility. Also, the Enterprise goes underwater. It's going to make a beautiful desktop wallpaper :)"

"Jeff" goes on to say, in a discussion with other commenter, that the Enterprise is viewed both falling into and rising out of a body of water, and he mentions that the trailer went by "fast". Also, he says that Cumberbatch is seen wearing a black uniform, as seen in the previously released photos of Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock.

Most of the fellow commenters in the discussion were hesitant to believe "Jeff", and it must be stated that most of the information "Jeff" purports to have seen, other than the Enterprise going underwater, has already been seen. However, that does not make "Jeff's" statements untrue, just suspect.

The poster states that he only saw the trailer once, and will not give information as to where and how he had the opportunity to view it, though he does claim to be an industry insider; he is only passing along limited information due to fear of losing his job.

This information is preliminary, of course, and entirely rumor.

Once again, please note that this description and the reliability of the poster is not verifed, and could likely be bogus. Read the post for yourself, and decide; at least it is fun speculation, and we will
know the truth when the trailer, hopefully, is released in a little over a week."

Sound off below with your thoughts CBM, real or not? And could Cumberbatch be Gary Mitchell? Apparently the trailer won't confirm nor deny it but for me as long as it isn't Khan i'm good.
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LP4 - 12/2/2012, 10:18 AM
Before I catch flack for posting this, remember I had already stated this is subject to RUMOR.

LP4 - 12/2/2012, 10:23 AM
My only hope with this film from the start has been that there be NO Khan in it.

I hope that even if the trailer doesn't confirm Cumberbatch to be Gary Mitchell, it will at least denounce the Khan rumors once and for all.
Tony93 - 12/2/2012, 10:45 AM
Niklander - 12/2/2012, 11:25 AM
Wait Enterprise is sunk into the water or it has the ability now to become a[frick]ing submarine!?!!?!? Well we will have to wait to see
LP4 - 12/2/2012, 12:15 PM
Actually NO Taarnish, this is still considered news since i found it on a trek news site. Nice try mister smarty pants
LP4 - 12/2/2012, 12:38 PM
@Taarnish- Please elaborate on WHY this is considered scoops but not "news" ? When on a daily basis I see people posting things here as "news" but it's really just rumor and speculation much like my article.

And I fail to see how this isn't considered "news" when I found it on a Star Trek NEWS site, LMAO

Please mr know-it-all, if you wanna spam my article, at least have some backup.
LP4 - 12/2/2012, 1:30 PM
@Wesley- I've seen plenty of people posting articles under the "News" tab when all they're posting are rumors or speculation. How does that differ from mine? That's right, it doesn't.

LP4 - 12/2/2012, 1:36 PM
I changed it to Scoops so you internet-police stop bitching.

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