Star Trek Sequel Update

Star Trek Sequel Update

JJ Abrams is purposefully keeping the mystery going concerning the sequel to his re-imagining of the Star Trek franchise. Writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci discuss Klingons, Khan and the villain in an interview with SFX magazine. Included in this article is a poll for who you want to see as the villain in the sequel...

Producer Damon Lindelof recently stated that The Dark Knight will serve as inspiration to JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel, meaning that the story will go one step beyond the first movie, however, the tone will remain the same.

Lindelof: The bar is very very high for the sequel. We are looking at a movie like 'The Dark Knight' which actually went one step beyond 'Batman Begins.' It was really about something and at the same time was a superhero movie. We don’t want to abandon all the things that made the first movie work - have it be fun and emotional, but we also want the movie to thematically resonate, so we are putting on our highfalutin hats.

When Star Trek producer Bryan Burk talked to TrekMovie about the Trek/Batman comparison he had this to say:

…our aspirations are for the [Star Trek sequel] to be even bigger and better than the first one. I don’t mean that just in scope, I mean content and characters and emotionally.

Now UK’s SFX magazine's 200th issue features an article about the Star Trek sequel that includes interviews with JJ Abrams, and co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Both Orci and Kurtzman contribute to the debate about who the villain or villains shall be for the sequel and that the choice will be based on what is right for the story and what the characters need.

The following are statements from SFX’s feature…

Abrams: The universe that Roddenberry created was so vast. And so it’s hard to say there’s one particular thing that stands out as what the sequel must be. Which is on the one hand, a great opportunity. On the other hand it’s the greatest challenge – where do you go? What do you focus on? But I’m incredibly excited about the prospects.

Kurtzman: Starting at a premise of what you want to see and then working a story around it is not how we do it. You have to start with what is the right story. And that if you can say "That’s a story that Khan fits into", that’s how you get to that. Not deciding on a menu list of items and then seeing if you can’t string them all together.

Orci also pointed out that any villain will "reflect" the "new universe" they set up in the first movie. Orci also specifically discusses the Klingons as villains in SFX’s feature.

Orci: Introducing a new villain in the sequel is tempting because we now have this incredible new sandbox to play in. On the other hand, some fans really want to see Klingons and it’s hard not to listen to that. The trick is not to do something that’s been seen before just because you think it will be a short cut to likeability. also quotes Orci from SFX’s Star Trek feature:
The audience is no longer asking 'Is everything going to be the same?' They know that it isn't, and our villain, be it a person or a sci-fi concept should reflect this new universe."

So far, it has been indicated that Captain Pike (or rather Ambassador Pike) will be featured in the sequel. Roberto Orci has confirmed that Montgomery Scott (Simon Pegg) will also return and will have a larger role in the sequel. Humour will still form a vital component of the sequel.

The full Star Trek feature can be found in SFX magazine, which is available in the UK. The untitled sequel to JJ Abram's Star Trek is set to beam into cinemas on June 29th, 2012.

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Angelus - 9/12/2010, 11:48 AM

gaikinger - 9/12/2010, 12:11 PM
you klingon killed my son
LEEE777 - 9/12/2010, 12:16 PM
Nice one @ 6of13!

Not really been much of a Trekkie but loved the last movie and loved the TV show ENTERPRISE too!

Gotta say I personally wanna see THE BORG or even Q!

6of13 - 9/12/2010, 12:26 PM
I think Tribbles would be interesting...
Thanks @Leee
Gotta say that I think Q would own even Galactus :)
However...based on the deleted scenes in Star Trek featuring the Klingons on Rure Penthe, gotta say that I think Klingons would be awesome.
LEEE777 - 9/12/2010, 12:29 PM
6of13 @ True but THE BEYONDER would own Q! : p

Tribbles would be interesting lol, there them things that look like CRITTERS right?!

dellamorte1872 - 9/12/2010, 12:36 PM
the klingons fit into the story organically though, a militaristic world with chemical weapons, we battle they [frick] their faces up to look all shell like lol. end! it is organic and deals with "escalation" in broader terms. the third should be like "the arena" and the escalation continues to mount
6of13 - 9/12/2010, 12:41 PM


marvel72 - 9/12/2010, 12:42 PM
i think the klingons or khan would be fine,if you use the borg ya gonna have to do another time travel story & we've had that already.
dellamorte1872 - 9/12/2010, 12:56 PM
iron man 2 and tranformers 2 both gave us a huge amount of "wholesome family humor" so unfortunately, i can see them bringing in the "cutesy" stupid tribbles :(
jazzman - 9/12/2010, 12:59 PM

bad idea wont make sense for them to be in the sequel

bring on the klingons
6of13 - 9/12/2010, 1:03 PM
True deadpool72@...My choice is def the Klingons.

The thing with Khan is that Khan featured in an episode of TOS before he appeared in the movie, so the movie in a way was like a continuation of that story, however, this Star Trek is set in a new reality, so they might find a way to make Khan work realistically.
JoshWilding - 9/12/2010, 1:58 PM
Good stuff 6of13! I was never a Star Trek fan until the movie came out last year so I'm not sure who I'd pick as the villain...Khan and Klingons are the only two I've heard of so I'll go for one of them, lol! :P

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Ryden - 9/12/2010, 2:03 PM
Has to be'd be awesome seerng Chris Pine scream KHHHHHAAAANNN!!
marvel72 - 9/12/2010, 2:10 PM
@ ryden

the klingons would be awesome,i admit khan would be cool but what would star trek 3 be the search for spock.
6of13 - 9/12/2010, 2:11 PM
Thanks Josh.

Hamm3rtym3: I meant "realistically" in terms of logically integrating Khan into this new universe movie, since Khan was originally first featured in an episode of TOS which explains partly why he wants revenge against Kirk in the movie which followed.
npatil - 9/12/2010, 2:27 PM

good luck

this films needs to comment on the times of our world in that case, something the first film didnt have.

make kirk less of a p___y this time, instead of him getting beat down by cadets or spock like the last one.
SoulAllFlush - 9/12/2010, 3:05 PM
Might be worth doing a story that involves Time Agents. Something that could either solidify the new timeline, or complicate the film and make it worse. Dunno. I'm not a film producer.
CaptainOtter - 9/12/2010, 3:25 PM
Not much of a trekkie, since all I've seen are the new movie, wrath of khan and search for spock. But if I had to pick, Khan has so much potential for their first encounter, and I'm sure something cool could be done with Klingons.

Regardless, I'm not too attached to any one idea. I'm looking forward to this movie, and with the cast they have I'm pretty confident about it.
dellamorte1872 - 9/12/2010, 3:38 PM
SULU and CHEKHOV need to be the smaller roles everyone else had bigger roles in BOTH the tv and film series. give the brunt of the story to spock, kirk, and mccoy wih uhora and scotty being the supporting
Triptheorist - 9/12/2010, 3:39 PM

Destroyer14 - 9/12/2010, 4:06 PM
Bring on the Swarm.
LOL - 9/12/2010, 5:24 PM
I'd like beings like Q to make a guest appearance via the Squire of Gothos wreaking havoc in trying to reset the universe to what it was before.... with John De Lancie coming in trying to make sense of it all... maybe even helping the universe without Kirk and crew being the wiser. ST:TNG already mentioned that they've been watching humanity for a long time, who's to say that some of the beings in classic Trek were them in disguise under a different name?
CaptainPresley - 9/12/2010, 8:09 PM
How about boldly going in a new direction and not retread old material. Give us a new threat by seeking out new life. Khan's been done twice and the Klingons have been done to death.
Pooh - 9/12/2010, 9:08 PM
No more "Romulan miners" please. Romulans are great but two movies about the "Romulan miners" sucks. But I think I'd like to see Klingons, and maybe even Cardassians, before Romulans.
eleven59 - 9/12/2010, 9:13 PM
heck in this new universe, klingons might never join the federation, the borg could show up earlier, and khan probably isnt even revived at this point and thus has no personal hatred for kirk yet..

so many interesting possibilities...
luv1138 - 9/13/2010, 2:14 AM
Podgemeister - 9/13/2010, 3:26 AM
Something new please!!! I'm a star trek fan, have been for 25 years. Really enjopyed the latest movie even though I was hoping for 1 last blowout for the tng/ds9 and voyager cast. Hope they continue with a story that will show the continuing growth of the friendship between kirk, spock and mccoy and give us some spectacular action that are completely different from anything we have seen in star trek before. Wonder if they will attempt to revert the timeline by the end of a 3rd movie?
RandomHerm - 9/13/2010, 4:55 AM
I think Tribbles could be good for a funny secondary story into the film.
I'd like to see the Borg but I think it's too soon to see them.
Sure Khan is excellent but a very significant single character, so maybe he could be saved for a future movie. Maybe he could be only presented in this film and taken as a recurrent villain for various future episodes.
The Klingons. I think they are the best option. They are very important, as race, in the entire Star Trek universe. I think they should be presented as soon as possible.
claybo4131 - 9/13/2010, 5:26 AM
Not a Trekkie, but man that reboot was a very good movie. If the sequesl is just as good, that will be awesome.
crisborged - 9/13/2010, 8:13 AM
it doesnt rely matter whichever villian they bring into this movie...i just know abrams will give us a movie we wont forget for a long tym.....but the khans have it for me....anxiously waiting for dis movie though its too far off....
Christuffer - 9/13/2010, 8:13 AM
Picard cameo!

Why would they make Klingons the exclusive "villain" of the next movie? That sounds so dumb, i'm sorry, i'm a Trekkie and everything
but that sounds retarded. Maybe if I see it that way then I'll like it.

But...I am only a fan of TNG. :-)
So maybe I don't understand the context.

I don't have the money to buy original Star Trek Season DVDs. Only TNG lol
DDD - 9/13/2010, 8:34 AM
eleven59@ So right you are!!!!

So many possibilities and no need to
retread a single thing!

Truly going where no "MAN" has gone
before! J.J.'S a genius...this opens
up everything to a brand new universe!

Talk about re-starting a franchise's
heart! Man J.J. & the writers used
jumper cables from the U.S.S. Enterprise!
phenomenon - 9/13/2010, 9:01 AM
yeah great that ST2! but.... why not a VOYAGER movie??? I think it did well.....!
and...better villans.... the hirogen or species 8472!!
Yourdaddydevilandlord - 9/13/2010, 10:45 AM
A borg assimilated ship of Klingons. Have the assimilation process not quite work right on the Klingons so that they are still psycho warriors but with Borg tech. Have them go rouge from the collective and try to destroy planets feeling that nobody else is worth being assimilated. The all out three way battle could end with the regular Borg coming in and Kirk banging the queen who agrees to leave our quadrant alone if the Fed helps them destroy the Klingon/Borg rouges and because she is in love with Kirk. Someone get Abrams on the phone!!!
Yourdaddydevilandlord - 9/13/2010, 10:51 AM
Wait, so you start out on the Klingon home world, with them training and drinking, at the same time of course, and then a Borg ship comes in and assimilates the whole planet and you get your new villans, the Klingon/Borg, who then destroy all of the other Borg on the ship. I like this idea, it would be new, yet still familiar with the universe, and of course Kirk gets some alien booty and his pimp hand even controls the Borg queen which we all know it would. It's better than that stupid Nexus idea.
JYCowboy - 9/13/2010, 5:19 PM
I am a long time fan. I truly would love to see a re-invent of Khan but I have to vote Klingon. They have become so vast in their culture and history that they are the enemy to see for this outing.
burnondakota - 9/26/2010, 6:38 PM
They are still to early in the new mythology to bring in Khan, the next movie needs to focus on kirks growth, he still isn’t even a captain yet

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