Disney And Lucasfilm Re-Release Original STAR WARS Teaser Trailer

Disney And Lucasfilm Re-Release Original STAR WARS Teaser Trailer

"The story of a boy, a girl and a universe. It’s a big, sprawling space saga of rebellion and romance." No, that's not the tagline for J.J. Abrams' Star Wars Episode VII; it's for the original Star Wars from 1977! Lucasfilm have re-released the trailer, and you can check it out here.

Nineteen years after the formation of the Empire, Luke Skywalker is thrust into the struggle of the Rebel Alliance when he meets Obi-Wan Kenobi, who has lived for years in seclusion on the desert planet of Tatooine. Obi-Wan begins Luke's Jedi training as Luke joins him on a daring mission to rescue the beautiful Rebel leader Princess Leia from the clutches of the evil Empire. Although Obi-Wan sacrifices himself in a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader, his former apprentice, Luke proves that the Force is with him by destroying the Empire's dreaded Death Star.

Chances are you may have already seen that teaser either on one of the many Star Wars home video re-releases or one of the poorly recorded versions on YouTube. If you haven't though, it's well worth checking out how the movie which would later be dubbed Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was originally advertised. Why Lucasfilm (who are obviously owned by Disney) have chosen to re-release it now is anyone's guess, but one can only hope that it may be leading to some sort of teaser reveal for Star Wars Episode VII! Watching this may also make you wish that the original trilogy had indeed been brought back to the big screen, even if it had been in converted 3D.
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brickwall - 10/12/2013, 3:55 AM
Wow... this trailer makes Stars Wars look like shit. Although at the time it was released all them years ago, it probably looked great.
Invictor - 10/12/2013, 3:58 AM
The force is strong with spoilers with that plot above the video, I wonder if they said Darth Vader was Luke's father in the plot for The Empire Strikes Back.
marvel72 - 10/12/2013, 4:08 AM
just goes to show you how important music/soundtrack is.

star wars has the best opening scene of any movie,the star destroyer chasing the blockade runner.....

nach1wan - 10/12/2013, 4:13 AM
why the hell would they re-release that?
charlie2094 - 10/12/2013, 4:20 AM
Awesome, not a bad trailer for the time. I'm with Josh in thinking (hoping) this might be their way of getting a little more hype before some sort of announcement, teaser, release date, title, anything. May be nothing, but got to hope it's leading to something
MightyZeus - 10/12/2013, 4:21 AM
Favorite Star Wars films have to be the originals. Actually i'm going to get a lot of hatefor stating my opinion but the original Star Wars movies are the best sci fi movies of all time.
datNAMEtho - 10/12/2013, 4:26 AM
Now Disney should remaster the REAL ORIGINAL TRILOGY in 4K!!!!
Maia87 - 10/12/2013, 4:26 AM
Back in the days when Star Wars was cool...
Lozzy - 10/12/2013, 4:40 AM

I Dont see why you would get any hate. Most people would consider Star Wars the best Sci-fi movie of all time.
MexicanSexyman - 10/12/2013, 4:42 AM
I love Starwars, but this was hard to sit through.
Superman007 - 10/12/2013, 4:47 AM
terrible editing.
ManDeth - 10/12/2013, 4:49 AM
Disney bought Star Wars almost a year ago and since we have been bombarded with Disney planted rumors to try to make it relevant again and now they rerelease an old trailer. It is obvious Disney will rerelease the original Star Wars now.
Star Wars was the 70's and early 80's Power Rangers. And we have a greedy corporation doing what George Lucas has done for over 30 years and thats milk the hell out of it while totally f--king over its fans.

Star Wars fans have had nothing but toy commercials and garbage since 1983. Return Of The Jedi, Droids, Ewok Adventure, video games, Special Editions, Prequels, Clone Wars is 30 years of total garbage ontop of garbage yet somehow those fans keep coming back to get crapped on again.
Star Wars fans have been used and played by George Lucas and now Disney for 30 years.
Lucas has Billions, Disney will make Billions and the fans get what? Nothing in Return.

Rant against Lucas all you want but he has played Star Wars fans better than Obama playing Liberals.
I've gotta hand it to Ol' Lucas; he really knows how to run a good scam!
marvel72 - 10/12/2013, 4:55 AM
@ raccoonwithrockets

for me its either the empire strikes back or blade runner.
SimyJo - 10/12/2013, 4:56 AM
I can't believe after finally buying the original trilogy - I see on Amazon there are the 3d blu-rays being released later on in the year!....

charlie2094 - 10/12/2013, 5:11 AM

They are? Didn't know 3D-Blurays were being released, just thought it was Phantom Menace, since Disney cancelled the 3D-releases in cinemas.
ndwwrestler2 - 10/12/2013, 5:12 AM
@SimyJo So there is a chance that we will get an unaltered original trilogy on 3D Blu-Ray, and your screaming "I hate you Disney"? Really?

@ManDeth How about we wait until the first movie comes out before we start trashing a company for being greedy?
NeoBaggins - 10/12/2013, 5:22 AM
They re-released a shitty looking trailer that you could have watched on youtube for years up to this point. To where and what are they re-releasing it to?

This is [frick]ing stupid.
ndwwrestler2 - 10/12/2013, 5:36 AM
@NeoBaggins If I had to guess, this is probably meaning that they are going to release an Episode 7 Teaser. They are releasing this on their YouTube channel.

But if that Episode 7 teaser rumor isn't true, then I would say it's kind of strange.
zippiesdrainage - 10/12/2013, 5:41 AM
I like to think that when Luke walks out and gazes up at the double suns of Tatooine and contemplates the vast universe and his place in it, he was thinking "Man! I really hope I get to F*#k my sister someday!"
npkuiper - 10/12/2013, 5:42 AM
Every time something like this comes out we get "Disney should re-release the original, unaltered Star Wars films."

They can't. They don't own the distribution rights. 20th Century fox still owns them.
MexicanSexyman - 10/12/2013, 6:04 AM
@ManDeth, it's just fricking movies.
MrCBM56 - 10/12/2013, 6:06 AM
Super12 - 10/12/2013, 6:10 AM
I love how kids watch this and are like "the editing sucks!" It was the 70's dude!! Everything sucked back then Star Wars changed the game!

Also, I've seen this on YouTube a long time ago but never noticed, did this trailer just tell us how long "a long time ago" is? It said a million years in the making...hmm...
sameoldthing - 10/12/2013, 6:12 AM
Star Wars is badass.
SpectacularJoSh - 10/12/2013, 6:20 AM
OMG...will this lead to an unaltered trilogy release??? *crosses fingers*
Hopefully they'll release the un-raped-by-Lucas versions before they release any of the upcoming movies. Star Wars was awesome back then, also I didn't mind the 90s re-edition...but everything after Episode I was utter shit.
Hulksta - 10/12/2013, 6:21 AM
Weird to re-release the trailer. Is it to get hype building for Ep. VII announcements? An original cut of all three on blu-ray essentially just cleaned up no CGI or anything would be great as well.
novaprime - 10/12/2013, 6:55 AM
Beyond Played out!!! Reboot 4,5 & 6 recast luke, and the rest of the Crew!!!
marvel72 - 10/12/2013, 6:57 AM
here is the re-release(by me,a comic book movie exclusive) of the teaser trailers of the empire strikes back & return of the jedi.

JoeMomma29 - 10/12/2013, 7:21 AM
Hate on these movies, but these movies changed the way all other SciFi movies were made. Also Georgey Boy changed how special effects were done.
ibravosp5 - 10/12/2013, 7:30 AM
I'm sorry I wasn't even born during these years so I'm wondering how did people get around to watching these trailers? Like only when they went to the movie theatre or something? Cause we all know that nowadays YouTube is the main way we watch trailers now.
DetBullock - 10/12/2013, 7:44 AM
Or perhaps they are teasing a release of the original version of the film on Blu Ray.

I don't mind the special edition that much but I would very much like to have the old edition too.
thedudeabides - 10/12/2013, 7:45 AM
I can't believe they showed Han Solo frozen in Carbonite in the teaser. Also, no Boba Fett... Kind of frustrating. They couldn't edit trailers worth a damn back in those days.
JoeMomma29 - 10/12/2013, 8:11 AM
@ ibravosp5

Believe it or not but people saw movie trailers at movies they went to go see.
DSAC294 - 10/12/2013, 8:31 AM
Omg has this site turned into nothing but a whiny bunch of "tweens" that bitch about everything.... boo whoo whoo whoo corporations..... whaaaaa bad editing 30 years ago....take your mom's teet out of your miuths, get an f*ing life and get off youtube for a day and enjoy something.
pintoman - 10/12/2013, 9:13 AM
It gives the film a different feeling to see it without William's score. Fascinating. The score changes everything.
Richardness - 10/12/2013, 9:46 AM
Now if we can JUST get Disney to re-release the theatrical cut of the original trilogy on Blu-Ray my faith in that sale will be truly found
sisko1962 - 10/12/2013, 10:14 AM
Boy,Orson Wells telling it straight! Who knew?
Thegeekygurl - 10/12/2013, 10:34 AM
@DSAC294 I think youre the one crying. You need to go to your Mommy and tell her the badman is picking on your favorite childrens movies; Star Wars. She'll tuck you in with some milk and cookies and let you watch Empire Strikes Back or the Ewok Adventure.
Wolf38 - 10/12/2013, 11:00 AM
A good well-made Star Wars film will simultaneously be a huge cash cow, so here's hoping.

I can't recall exactly, but part of 20th Century Fox's rights to A New Hope will revert to Disney in 2020, I believe. Perhaps we will see some sort of release ahead of that deadline. In any event, whoever is in control would earn a lot of goodwill (not to mention money from me) by giving the classic trilogy the theatrical-version, prestige release that those films so obviously deserve. Only in George Lucas' world does it make sense to disown an iconic piece of revolutionary art that also happened to be the highest-earning film of all time in its original version.
V8ER - 10/12/2013, 11:08 AM
@GodofMischief Agreed. Lucas made cinema the way we know it today. And that is weird they re-released the Blu-Ray. Here's to hoping!
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