Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan Kenobi Set To Return For STAR WARS: EPISODE VII?

Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan Kenobi Set To Return For STAR WARS: EPISODE VII?

After recent news of Ian McDiarmid's Emperor Palpatine returning for Star Wars: Episode VII, a new report claims that Ewan McGregor will reprise his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi as a Force ghost in the J.J. Abrams-directed sequel.

After playing Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Ewan McGregor expressed interest in reprising the role for Disney's Episode VII, most likely replacing the late Alec Guinness as the Force ghost version of the Jedi master. Well, it looks like that will be the case. After breaking news of Ian McDiarmid's Emperor Palpatine returning for the 2015 sequel in a similar manner, Latino-Review has learned that McGregor is on board to play Obi-Wan as a Force ghost in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. The actor is also interested in a solo film starring the character, as Disney will be pumping out various stand-alone installments in the coming years. And after Hayden Christensen's Anakin Skywalker replaced Sebastian Shaw's in the ending of Return Of The Jedi starting with the 2004 DVD re-release, Latino-Review suggests that his possibly reprising his role from the prequels as well isn't out of the question. Are you looking forward to seeing Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi again for Star Wars: Episode VII?

Set to begin filming early next year in the UK for a Summer 2015 theatrical release, Disney and Lucasfilm's Star Wars: Episode VII will be directed by J.J. Abrams from a script by Michael Arndt.
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sameoldthing - 8/16/2013, 7:32 AM
Hope they make him look old & resemble Sir Alec Guiness.
NovaCorpsFan - 8/16/2013, 7:34 AM
[frick] yes! McGregor was the best part of the prequels.
LEVITIKUZ - 8/16/2013, 7:37 AM
I may have hated on Disney with Star Wars because I'm just a concerned fan....

Canon38 - 8/16/2013, 7:51 AM
This is good for his carreer.
fettastic - 8/16/2013, 7:56 AM
It's a [frick]ing force ghost party up in this bitch!
fettastic - 8/16/2013, 7:58 AM
This whole Palpy force ghost bullshit....The ONLY reason Qui-Gon was able to come back was because of his extreme connection with "the living force". how in the [frick] could Palpy possibly do that if he was the exact [frick]ing OPPOSITE?
ibravosp5 - 8/16/2013, 7:59 AM
Awsome, awsome, awsome
IM53 - 8/16/2013, 7:59 AM
I'm with it if true..
NoAssemblyReqd - 8/16/2013, 7:59 AM
I never understood why, in the revised ROTJ ending, they didn't include young Obi-Wan too (or at least have Old Obi-Wan "dissolve" into Young Obi-Wan for their last shot).

I can picture Ghost Anakin looking over at Obi-Wan: "Neener, neener, I gots my smooth skin and flowing locks back, old man!"
SkywayTraffic - 8/16/2013, 8:00 AM
This movie is going to suck so [frick]ing bad...
AshleyWilliams - 8/16/2013, 8:02 AM
He was bloody perfect as Obi-Wan. SO yes, I'm excited.
ComicFan1134 - 8/16/2013, 8:03 AM
I'm Fine With The Ghost Thing, But A Solo Movie? Stupid Idea....
KNIGHT3000 - 8/16/2013, 8:04 AM
TyrantBossMedia - 8/16/2013, 8:06 AM
McGregor's Obi Wan Kenobi was only a shell of what he should have been.

McGregor did the best with the direction given, but a SOLID actor would have been able to make something out of it. McDiarmid rocked it as the Emperor and Senator Palpatine...but McGregor said he hated acting against green screen.....and you could tell.

My opinion........Can we have the Prequels REDONE??! That would be the best idea.
And bring McGregor back and Obi Wan Kenobi, this time he would be actually 20 years older and that much closer to being the 70+ year old (Alec Guiness) Obi Wan.

Then recast Anakin, start with him as a teenager...
Have the turn occur during the second movie.....the Obi Wan/Anakin fight occur at the end.
Anakin gets burned in the lava....and thought to be left for dead.
Then the next movie....WHAMMO....The Suited Darth Vader (Many months, or a year, later) is revealed to be the enforcer of the Emperor and is leading the assault on Jedis and the Jedi Purge.
And Obi Wan meets Vader one more time, realizes that he was once Anakin, and the drama and emotion would be HUGE.
They fight again.....Obi Wan barely escapes with his life and, realizing that Vader is just too strong, runs off to be in hiding waiting for the growth of Luke.

Abary - 8/16/2013, 8:07 AM
NovaCorpsFan - 8/16/2013, 8:08 AM
No, Hayden sucked.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 8/16/2013, 8:10 AM
say wut
Pheezmatic - 8/16/2013, 8:11 AM
@noassmeblyreqd I believe Anikin reverted to young form because thats what "the force" remembered him as. Obi was always a fighter for the light side of the force and only become stronger so the force took him as is when he passed to the next phase.
InfiniteMonkey - 8/16/2013, 8:13 AM
Of course bring him back.
One of the best acts in all the series.
Can't wait to see more of the femmes.
Pheezmatic - 8/16/2013, 8:14 AM
ANd [frick] HAyden paniterri, i mean christensen! Him and jar jar ruined the prequels.
jimoakley666 - 8/16/2013, 8:16 AM
I'd be up for that.
wcwpoet - 8/16/2013, 8:21 AM
Wasn't that one of the biggest complaints on the RoTJ re-release that Hayden Christensen showed up as a Force Ghost instead of looking the man that Luke met. So why would younger McGregor show up. I guess, I'm more interested in seeing McGregor play Kenobi in a spin-off film. But it's not that big a deal.
AC1 - 8/16/2013, 8:21 AM
He was one of the few things I actually enjoyed about the prequels, Ewan owned the young Obi-Wan role. Having said that - where's the logic in him replacing Alec Guiness' Force Ghost? Force Ghost's don't de-age, they remain as the Jedi was when (s)he died: the only reason Anakin's ghost looked younger (which was BS in my opinion, and pretty disrespectful to Sebastian Shaw's memory) was that Anakin's goodness died when Darth Vader was born, but was unable to manifest itself until Vader had died as well.

The only way I think I could be down with this is if they managed to make him look like Alec Guiness (which shouldn't be too difficult in this day and age). But why bother bringing Obi-Wan back at all? If they do that, then they could also bring back Yoda and Anakin - if three Force Ghosts of major members of the old Jedi Order are still around by Episode VII, then what is Luke's purpose in the New Jedi Order? How could Luke possibly become the Jedi Grand Master if Yoda and Obi-Wan are still around? I think the ghosts should have moved on by now.
wcwpoet - 8/16/2013, 8:21 AM
@Gusto exactly makes little sense.
Jollem - 8/16/2013, 8:21 AM
he was one of the more enjoyable things about the prequels

ComicFan523 - 8/16/2013, 8:22 AM
Awesome. Really hope Kenobi gets his own film, definitely one of the cooler Star Wars characters.
ABLEE337 - 8/16/2013, 8:22 AM
Best choice since Sir Alec Guinness passed away in 2000.
jmorin - 8/16/2013, 8:24 AM
This makes no [frick]ing sense. Just like when Lucas put young Anakin as a ghost in Return of the Jedi.

Luke doesn't know Obi Wan as young Obi Wan and...Luke should have been like "Who's that tool next to Yoda and Obi Wan?" at the end of the edited Jedi.

If anything, do voiceover only.
jmorin - 8/16/2013, 8:25 AM
Awesome, in the time I wrote my post, 4 people said exactly the same thing. Cheers!
villain001 - 8/16/2013, 8:25 AM
think star trek time traveling... damn you J.J. Abrams
banditt2 - 8/16/2013, 8:26 AM
I was never fond of the Force ghost thing but i'm keeping and open mind about the whole.
But with Ewan McGregor playing Obi-Wan Kenobi in a stand alone movie now that i would love to see.
villain001 - 8/16/2013, 8:26 AM
oh and Leonidas for Batman
malreyn - 8/16/2013, 8:27 AM
What was an X-Men villain doing in a Star Wars movie?
BackwardGalaxy - 8/16/2013, 8:27 AM
Solid actor, but I was really hoping they would stay as far away from the prequels as possible.
StrangerX - 8/16/2013, 8:28 AM
The next spinoff better be something with the old republic.
MexicanSexyman - 8/16/2013, 8:28 AM
If true that would be great, as long as the filmmakers make him look old.
malreyn - 8/16/2013, 8:31 AM
Frick (i did it for you) force ghosts. That sounds like retarded bullshot to me.

HELL YES to McGregor getting a standalone movie, though.

Actually, I'm way more interested in the standalone movie possibilities than I am in another trilogy, anyway, but Kenobi's my favorite character, so I especially want him with McGregor playing him to get one.
StrangerX - 8/16/2013, 8:34 AM
I'm sure they bring back the force ghost to guide luke and his kids or whomever. Force ghosts can't really do shit besides that
LEVITIKUZ - 8/16/2013, 8:35 AM
They will make Ewan look older like Alec.

End of story.
DrRockso - 8/16/2013, 8:44 AM
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