First Trailer & Three Clips From Seth Green's STAR WARS: DETOURS

First Trailer & Three Clips From Seth Green's STAR WARS: DETOURS

Check out the first trailer and three clips from Star Wars: Detours. A new animated series put together by the Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich, along with Todd Grimes.

Star Wars Detours™ is an animated comedy that explores what daily life is like in a galaxy far, far away. There are no Empires striking back or attacking clones here. Instead, Star Wars Detours focuses on the universe's regular folks and their everyday problems... which, to be fair, do frequently involve famous bounty hunters, crazed Ewoks, and even a Dark Lord of the Sith.

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Ironnick - 8/24/2012, 1:39 PM
What's wrong with you guys? It looks funnyas hell.
SoFresh - 8/24/2012, 1:39 PM
Seth Green needs to lay off whatever he´s smoking.
BarnaclePete - 8/24/2012, 1:46 PM
Brutal. This is meant for kids though right? I'm sure it would please the 8 and under crowd.
mawilli4 - 8/24/2012, 1:50 PM
This is hilarious. But if you don't like Robot Chicken, then I have a feeling you won't like this.
With that in mind, I will tune in every week with a big ol' bowl.... of cereal, yeah cereal. and some milk too.
spectrecls07 - 8/24/2012, 1:56 PM
its a good thing star wars is around. otherwise seth green wouldnt have a job.
scarecrow007 - 8/24/2012, 1:56 PM
There were some funny parts, but in general it wasn't really that funny.
spectrecls07 - 8/24/2012, 1:56 PM
oh, and fighter pods much?
BIGBMH - 8/24/2012, 2:00 PM
Looks pretty decent. Of course, I'd prefer something with more adult humor, but some of it is pretty decent. Should be good for kids who get the references.
95 - 8/24/2012, 2:01 PM
I thought it was funny. But that's only a couple minutes of it. Not gonna be watching this one on the tube. Sorry Seth.
DioFoRio - 8/24/2012, 2:05 PM
the trailer didn't do the clips justice. That shit was Funny!!
Spidey91 - 8/24/2012, 2:09 PM
I think it was funny,and c'mon,nowadays Star Wars is a joke anyways,so why bitch when you can laugh :P
Deadshot - 8/24/2012, 2:10 PM
How many dudes does it take to make a non-comical star wars parody show, just 3. Seth Green, Matt Senreich, and Todd Grimes. Star Wars is ****ing dead. Beaten to the ground by retards like Macfarlane, Green, and George Lucas.

CapeWing - 8/24/2012, 2:14 PM
I think it looks funny, which is the idea behind a spoof
Montross - 8/24/2012, 2:17 PM
Only with Star Wars can you have something 1313 on one hand and this on the other.
NerdyGeek - 8/24/2012, 2:18 PM
I stopped watching after thirty seconds!
souhunter - 8/24/2012, 2:19 PM
This is funny
Orangelight - 8/24/2012, 2:26 PM
C'mon! That BLOWS!
RorMachine - 8/24/2012, 2:26 PM
WTF? That was funny! You guys need to lighten up
poop23 - 8/24/2012, 2:26 PM
I think Seth Green is creative and I like robot chicken, but we really don't need another starwars parody. There are way way way way too many comedies based on those movies and its just not funny anymore
poop23 - 8/24/2012, 2:28 PM
This is exactly what i feel when I see another one of these ...

RorMachine - 8/24/2012, 2:35 PM
Nah a few of the gags got me..the Ackbar "trap" stuff etc..I mean it's definitely kid orientated, but I'll watch for sure.
Boyle360 - 8/24/2012, 2:39 PM
Yep. Star Wars is dead, but this show looks great!
HonestFan - 8/24/2012, 2:41 PM
Most of these guys who are commenting must not have watched the clips... because they're actually really good. Climb out of mommie's basement and let go of yourselves with your hand-solo.
NeoBaggins - 8/24/2012, 2:57 PM
Not really funny but the design is sleek minus the midgets and its cool there's some original trilogy content.
poop23 - 8/24/2012, 3:01 PM
@HonestFan Watched the clips because the makers of it are usually funny. Knowing that, I assumed that it would get good at some point.. but it didn't.
travispipes - 8/24/2012, 3:06 PM
I think it looks fine.
DioFoRio - 8/24/2012, 3:08 PM
the Chewie and Han portrayed as a couple was hilarious
IIIAdamantiumIII - 8/24/2012, 3:18 PM
MiVigilante - 8/24/2012, 3:20 PM
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 8/24/2012, 3:23 PM
It wasn't bad. I'll give it a shot, parts of it were really funny.
billytwohats - 8/24/2012, 3:27 PM
Oh dear! Star Wars what have you become? In the words of Ras Al Ghul, you have become truly lost!
KingG - 8/24/2012, 3:28 PM
Well, looks funny but not that funnny, no shade o SETH GREEN or ROGEN, MacFARLANE or whatever the [frick] his name is.
darkjoker1 - 8/24/2012, 3:30 PM
this so funny im glad there useing the voice actors from the star wars bits and robot chicken star wars epsodes :D seth green is great when he does star wars stuff i have high hopes this going to be awesome :D
IMNAvenger - 8/24/2012, 3:44 PM
My kids will get a kick outta gives me an excuse to check it out.
SimyJo - 8/24/2012, 3:46 PM

Thanks, I'd forgotten all about Snatch Wars having lost it on my YouTube™ favorites. All I had was 'The Vader Sessions' left (although thats a funny parody too).

I love the Snatch parody... and (see link) so did Alan Ford;

SimyJo - 8/24/2012, 3:49 PM
Although, I'm not sure out American cousins will get all the Cockney rhyming slang in it.

Vader to stormtrooper;
"Stop me again when I'm walking and I'll get your f**kin jacobs off!".

LMAO !!!
SimyJo - 8/24/2012, 3:50 PM

Typo; * Our American cousins *
SimyJo - 8/24/2012, 3:51 PM
*CUT your f**king jacobs off

Dammit!, wheres the 'delete' trash-can icon disappeared to?.
Luigi - 8/24/2012, 3:55 PM
That wasn't good
BigDamnHero - 8/24/2012, 4:02 PM
I'll be tuning in. Love Robot Chicken so I have high hopes!
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