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The Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation actor is a well-documented Star Wars fan, so while speaking to MTV he was asked to rank all six films in the saga from worst to best in under a minute. Click on to find out what gets placed where, let us know if you agree, and post your own rankings... - RorMachine
Comparing it to an Indie Film Adam Driver who plays Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakes, shares his thoughts about working on a high profile film like Star Wars. - speedyg33
Another very interesting tidbit from today's Meet The Movie Press here. Word is the character Felicity Jones is playing in Gareth Edwards' Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One is none other than the offspring of the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett! Click on for more... - RorMachine
A month ago it was announced that former Lost and X-Men: The Last Stand actor Ken Leung would appear in the New Star Wars film. We now have our first look at him in character. - speedyg33
While it was previously announced that Disney has plans to produce a Star Wars live action television show many assumed it would be on ABC or another Disney owned channel. It now sounds like that is not the case. - speedyg33
Here's a poster I made in the wake of the ever-growing excitement surrounding the force awakens. Incidentally, it's also the first thing I've posted on this site! - MysteryMonday
If you pre-order Star Wars Battlefront from GameStop, you'll get a copy of this very cool poster. It's a pretty awesome piece and it might just be worth taking the time to order the game early for this as it features a Stormtrooper standing tall as war rages on in the distance... - JoshWilding
This August, the next arc of Marvel's critically acclaimed Star Wars series begins as writer Jason Aaron (THOR) is joined for the first time by new series artist Stuart Immonen (All-New Captain America). This looks amazing, so hit the jump to check it out... - JoshWilding
What was Obi-Wan Kenobi up to following the events of Revenge of the Sith? That's what Jason Aaron (THOR) and Simone Bianchi's (Wolverine) Star Wars #7 looks set to shed some light on exactly that, and you can get a first look at the issue right here... - JoshWilding
At least, that's what this character is being referred to for now anyway. We've seen some concept designs for this handsome fella in the past, but a new leaked image gives us a proper look at one of the Resistance's alien X-Wing pilots. Click on to take a look... - RorMachine
He had a taste of outer space in Guardians of the Galaxy as The Collector, but now Benicio Del Toro looks set to head to a Galaxy Far, Far Away as the villain in Rian Johnson's (Looper) untitled Star Wars: Episode VIII. Hit the jump for further details... - JoshWilding
Since Comic Con is now over, the question everyone ask is "Who won Comic Con?". Not only I'm answering this question, but I think my answer is going to surprise you. - AvatarTarSauce
Actor John Boyega has taken to Instagram to share a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens promotional image, giving us an awesome look at his character, Finn, teaming up with the big walking carpet everyone wants as their copilot, Chewbacca. Check it out... - RorMachine
Amy Schumer's star is most definitely on the rise, and for her new GQ shoot she's made it all the way to the galaxy far, far away... in slightly NSFW fashion! If you fancy seeing Miss Schumer enjoy a post-coital cigarette with R2D2 and C3PO, right this way! - RorMachine
We glimpsed her in yesterday's featurette, and now a behind-the-scenes image of Carrie Fisher as Princess (or is it Queen now?) Leia from J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been released. Plus, we have pics of some of the other characters glimpsed in the video... - RorMachine
Following the release of that incredible behind-the-scenes featurette, the full Star Wars: The Force Awakens Hall H panel (which ran for over an hour) has been released, as have a selection of interviews with everyone from J.J. Abrams to Harrison Ford. Hit the jump to check them out... - JoshWilding
There was no movie slate news at the Star Wars Hall H panel at Comic-Con, but an amazing featurette was released which is guaranteed to give even the most casual fan of the franchise some serious chills! It also confirms that a certain Star Trek actor will cameo, so check it out here. - JoshWilding
As well as that stunning BTS featurette, the panel for The Force Awakens also gave us new looks at the film's antagonists, with fresh images showcasing Adam Driver's Kylo Ren, Gwendoline Christie's Captain Phasma, as well as finally revealing Domhnall Gleason's character... - staypuffed
Apparently Lucasfilm's search for a director to conclude their Star Wars sequel trilogy has come to an end! Heroic Hollywood are claiming that Colin Trevorrow will be unveiled as the Star Wars: Episode IX director at SDCC later today. Hit the jump for more details! - Minty
We recently found out that Darth Vader might be showing up in Gareth Edwards' Star Wars flick, and if the following information is on the level, he'll be far from the only familiar face we'll be seeing! Click on for more, but only if you don't mind potential SPOILERS... - RorMachine
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