VIDEO: Kevin Smith, Eli Roth, Jaime King & More Discuss THE RETURN OF THE JEDI

VIDEO: Kevin Smith, Eli Roth, Jaime King & More Discuss THE RETURN OF THE JEDI

For the movie's 30th anniversary, EW reached out to Fanboys filmmaker Kyle Newman to put together a short film featuring various famous geeks reminiscing about the somewhat divisive third movie in the original Star Wars trilogy.

This is a must watch for Star Wars fans. Entertainment Weekly and Kyle Newman have put together a very interesting short called The Return Of The Jedi: 30 Years And Counting, which brings together some of the geek elite (such as Kevin Smith, Sam Witwer, Seth Green, Chris Hardwick, Jaime King, Topher Grace, Fall Out Boy, Eli Roth, Jason Mewes and others) to talk about the polarizing third film in the original trilogy as its 30th anniversary draws near. Everything from Slave Leah, to Lando's really crappy disguise, to those damn Ewoks is covered.

No embed unfortunately, so click on the image below to watch.

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ShadowOfTheWeb - 5/23/2013, 5:19 AM
Love me some ROTJ
gaikinger - 5/23/2013, 5:36 AM
Beginning of the end. Ewoks uhh... Boba Fett's horrible demise....campy script....entire Jabba sequence....Lucas sold out the adults.
Tempo - 5/23/2013, 5:37 AM
The Return Of The Jedi is my favourite of the trilogy.
RorMachine - 5/23/2013, 6:15 AM
I love the movie too..despite its flaws. I also never had a problem with The Ewoks really, although watching as an adult there are a few silly moments. But that final Vader/Luke duel is one of the bets scenes of any of the movies.
Varanus - 5/23/2013, 6:19 AM
The original trilogy are some of my all time favorite movies. I hope episodes 7, 8 and 9 will be just as good.
Super12 - 5/23/2013, 6:23 AM
ROTJ is my favorite too. The original trilogy really is the gold standard of trilogies and storytelling. So iconic. Whenever I meet someone who hasn't seen them I don't stop harassing them till they do. It just makes me sad thinking about how subpar ep 1-3 are. Screw you should've sold it to Disney years ago
SamHell - 5/23/2013, 6:24 AM
Jedi: second to only Empire

Just didnt like the additions to it. Like the fuc*ed up dance number in Jabbas palace and the redone celebration at the end(esp. with Hayden's ghost)
MrXer0 - 5/23/2013, 6:44 AM
@ gaikinger
I agree 100%! Lucas realized that he could make a helluva lot more money off merchandising if the movies were more 'kiddie friendly' so he went down that road. All of the nonsense that infested the prequels began with RotJ. Empire is hands down the best of the SW movies.
ICStoopedPeople - 5/23/2013, 7:05 AM
I didn't realize it was considered polarizing. Enjoyed it more than A New Hope, but nothing can beat Empire Strikes Back for me.
marcvader1 - 5/23/2013, 7:22 AM
2.New Hope
wcwpoet - 5/23/2013, 7:27 AM
I always find it funny when people praise the hell out of ROTJ and eviscerate Phantom Menace. I loved ROTJ but it has just as many flaws as Phantom Menace which to me gets a bad rap. Empire & ROTS are the best to me.
bestintheworld - 5/23/2013, 8:00 AM
Great call on the wookies

Remove Jar-Jar from Phantom Menace and it's a decent movie. Some good plot points that could have really worked in that movie.
GuardianAngel - 5/23/2013, 8:23 AM
Still my favorite Star Wars film.

And [frick] it! I like ewoks

supermarioworldE - 5/23/2013, 8:44 AM
Weakest of the three, but still epic. The only thing that kills me is the cinematography. When you come off one of the finest looking movies in decades, with empire, you have to follow it up with something just as good.
gaikinger - 5/23/2013, 8:54 AM
Yeah! good point....why wasn't Yoda turned into younger versions of themselves in the netherworld at the end? How come Ben didn't torn into Ewan Mcgreggor, does he like being a decrepid old man for eternity? and Yoda i'm sure might have looked a little better 750 years ago or so. Some good points were made in the video and in the comments but the original Star Wars shiznizzel.
Rowsdower - 5/23/2013, 9:03 AM
Jedi is my personal favorite. Definitely superior to A New Hope.
marcvader1 - 5/23/2013, 9:31 AM
Young Anakin in Phantom was also a turd.
Rowsdower - 5/23/2013, 9:43 AM
This site should make a separate site all about Star Wars.

That way we don't have to see them here anymore.
pwesterberg - 5/23/2013, 10:08 AM
the point when he became darth vader was when Anakin died. so that's why he appeared as a young man at the end.the others were jedis for life. that's what I tell myself anyway. makes life easier.
Newbus - 5/23/2013, 10:16 AM
The space battle is the best out of all six films.
TyrantBossMedia - 5/23/2013, 11:44 AM
Luke: Yoda said there was another. What did he mean?
Ben Kenobi: The one he spoke of was your twin sister.
Luke: Leia...Leia's my sister.
Ben Kenobi: Your insight serves you well.
(what should have followed)

Luke: That and she's pretty much the only other woman in the frickin' movie.
dkhager - 5/23/2013, 3:45 PM
i just wish we could get the entire trilogy on dvd or bluray..UNALTERED ...but vhs will have to do i guess...which is a shame
KingEmperor - 5/23/2013, 7:23 PM
Fall Out Boy are geeks? This is the same Fall Out Boy that didn't even know where their band namesake came from?

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