McG should have stuck to his guns.

McG should have stuck to his guns.

If McG had stuck to his original plans, or at least stayed true to his original ideas, his movie could have been epic.

I gave it an 8 out of 10. It was a great movie, but knowing all of the things that McG wanted, but rolled over on just makes me have to dock some points.

Bale was just playing Batman, Worthington should have been Connor, I would've preferred him back for the next movie, not Bale. McG should have stuck with the original casting.

Just cutting the wet t-shirt scene with no attempt at all to make up for it's purpose to the scene was just odd(they were horny becuase they watched her put some anti-biotics on a wound?), besides that, the scene just jumped, like they physically cut the film out and scotch taped the two pieces together.

Third, the end was totally lackluster, I agree whole-heartedly that McG's full ending would have been horrible, but the one with Marcus becoming Connor and remaining good would have worked, instead he just bastardized his movie in a very predictable, lackluster, and unrealistic(a heart transplant outside in the middle of a desert?) way. I'm not necessarily saying that he should have gone with the re-skinning idea, just that the heart transplant thing was just too predictable and emotionless; there has to have been a better way than this, it seemed like a cop out.

If McG had stuck to his guns he would have had an epic movie that earned him some respect, instead he sold out and I suspect he will just be the guy we complain about for ruining good ideas by pandering to suits, like Singer. I was reminded of the commercial before the trailers start about how it only takes one call to ruin a movie, in this case it took three.
The Good/Interesting Stuff

The T-800 looked frickin monsterous! Who knew that Arnold was 7' tall? The dude that body doubled for the governator looked badass, I actually hit it harder at the gym today with that as inspiration. The work on the face was really good too, I was surprised, I expected a brief shot of his face in passing, but we got a pretty good fight with the full face intact.

I had read that Friedman said that Salvation "borrowed" coltan from T:SCC. It was obvious that they did by the ineffectiveness of the molten metal on the T-800, but it was never verbalized; did the Salvation people cut something out when they realized where the idea came from?

One thing I thought was funny was that dog's were replaced by a little mute kid with a fro. The resistance is supposed to use dogs to warn them of coming Terminators, but it seems that Salvation couldn't figure out how to have a dog sneak out the detonator.

There was something that I thought was a mistake, but then I was not quite sure, I want to see what you guys think. The vehicle that Marcus hotwires at Griffith Park was a Jeep JK, the current generation Wrangler that started in '07, pretty obvious product placement. Is it's presence just another example of McG's pandering, or can we take it to mean that Judgment Day didn't happen until '07 or later?

How did Skynet know that Kyle Reese was worth killing? I thought that Kyle being John's daddy was a secret? Why did Skynet have him as priority one, yet John couldn't tell the generals that that was his dad?
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Macksimus - 5/23/2009, 1:07 AM
Yeah, that is a big mystery. I think they will adress how Skynet knows about John and Kyle this early in the next films.
Aiiwolf - 5/23/2009, 4:24 PM
Exactly. It was a secret. lol

eh, you gave it a b...I gave it a c. was entertaining....but the script was terrible. I agree, bale sounded like batamn....i even wrote that in my review...and i felt the same way i wish sam worthington should of been conner.
THEHAWK - 5/23/2009, 10:40 PM
Bale looks more like the Conner form T2 though, and he drew star power, but I am glad to see an unknown in a prominent role, thats always nice.

To answer your questions:

Skynet knew about Reese because of the original T-800, it knew Reese wsa from the future, and he died protecting Sarah. SO its processor, the one Cyberdine had in T2, had the memory files on it, and all of its data was in Cyberdines systems when Judgement Day occured. It was able to deduce that Sarah Conner had young John roughly 9 months after meeting Reese, so simple deduction allowed it to figure out who Reese was, and they could use him as bait to lure Conner to Skynet. They really needed to explain tat in the movie, it was on of my problems with the story as well.

ANd the Jeep was just a stupid mistake or crapy product testing. My fiance drives a Jeep just like that one, well in slightly better shape at least.

HAWK out
HarrisonBergeron - 5/24/2009, 12:15 PM
You're probably right about the Jeep, it's just that it being so obviously a product placement vehicle makes it seem like all the acquisition paperwork for the studio and such would have the year of the model front and center, someone would have had to notice the discrepancy at some point during production.

I am sort of working on a really loose theory/idea that Salvation used the elements from T3 and T:SCC in an intentionally ambiguous way, and T:SCC's J-Day was in 2011.
YohonKalic - 5/25/2009, 4:52 AM

Well the jeep being an 07 or whatever year it was shouldnt mater, because the tech in this world is much further along then ours is. I mean we dont have anything close to the tech in that movie, so that could have been like a 01 jeep in that world, but its just looks like our 07... thank about it... it will blow your mind! lol.

HarrisonBergeron - 5/25/2009, 1:19 PM
It doesn't work like that. Terminator is supposed to be based off our real world, in our real world we did not get a topless four door Jeep until 2007.
Smolo - 5/26/2009, 8:04 AM
Miles Dyson in T2 said that the chip was crushed beyond repair but it gave them ideas of what could be done. Along those lines at least. So the T1 model Processor could not have been readable because:
B. At the time of T2 they couldn't access the memory banks to upload the information into a current database.
C. Sucker Melted at the end of T2

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