Geoff Johns Says That There's "Still Hope" For SHAZAM Movie

Geoff Johns Says That There's "Still Hope" For SHAZAM Movie

Captain Marvel (or "Shazam" as he'll now be known in The New 52 Universe) may still be headed to the big screen says Geoff Johns, writer of The Curse of Shazam! back-up series. Hit the jump for details.

Talking to Newsarama about "The Curse of Shazam!", a new monthly 10 page back-up story which will appear in Justice League, Geoff Johns has revealed that despite there being little news on the long talked about movie adaptation, there's still hope for Shazam. Below is a brief excerpt from the interview, but you can read it in full by clicking the link below (Many thanks to @AntoBlueberry for the heads up).

You've been working on producing and co-writing a Shazam movie. Is this comic book story at all related to the work you've done on the film?

Not really. It's got some elements that I pitched in there, and some of the same characters, obviously, because the characters cross over. Tonally, it's probably pretty close.

We haven't heard much about the film project lately. Is it dead, or is there still a possibility this could be a film?

Oh, no, Shazam's always — there's always a possibility for Shazam. There's always talk about Shazam. And I can't get into the specifics on that, but yeah, there's hope for Shazam.

Of course, it's unlikely a movie entitled Captain Marvel would go down too well with Marvel (who themselves have a character of the same name) possibly explaining the decision to now refer to the character as Shazam. Would you like to see Billy Batson on the big screen? Sound off with your thoughts in the usual place!

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marvel72 - 1/26/2012, 3:38 PM
this movie must happen,i need a shazam movie in my collection.
Denn1s - 1/26/2012, 3:42 PM
i [frick]ing love captain marvel (or shazam)..he is so underrated and mistreated all these years...
PaulRom - 1/26/2012, 3:54 PM
I'd love to see a Shazam movie. Has potential to be truly epic if done right.
skullboy - 1/26/2012, 4:03 PM
They've been talking about this movie since forever and nothing. Fcuk WB!
thegreek - 1/26/2012, 4:08 PM
This is all i have to say .... :-P

spiderneil - 1/26/2012, 4:11 PM
bet you superior hits the big screen before shazam
Whitemartian - 1/26/2012, 4:24 PM
This worries me. Johns is supposed to have done a sweep over of the Green Lantern script and his JSA episode of Smallville had Dr Fate offed by Icicle 2. Again, Lord of Order killed by an icicle.
SageMode - 1/26/2012, 4:25 PM
One of the very few DC characters I actually like. This should happen.


Right on casting. Right on.
SageMode - 1/26/2012, 4:29 PM
Also DC/WARNER BROS........
Viltrumite - 1/26/2012, 4:42 PM
We need more good (or great. Great is good) DC movies. Let it happen, just don't screw it up.
While they're at it, movies for The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and a good movie for Green Lantern would be awesome.
superbatspiderman - 1/26/2012, 4:44 PM
A Shazam movie would be so flippin awesome. The dude who playef Colluosus should play Captain Marvel and the little boy from Walking Dead should play Billy Batson.
JDUKE25 - 1/26/2012, 4:46 PM
Bring It On Pictures, Images and Photos
dnno1 - 1/26/2012, 4:51 PM
just like there's still hope for a Green Lantern sequel. For that matter, just like there's still hope for a Deadpool film.
SuperboyPrime1 - 1/26/2012, 4:58 PM
if a caption marvel movie is going to be made the villain needs to be epic , the villain is the wild card, the key to this movie,or els its just a bad want to be superman movie and no one wants thats
Mecury1 - 1/26/2012, 4:59 PM
Would like to see a team-up with him and Goyer on this film.
Minghagz - 1/26/2012, 5:06 PM
I think if MOS is a success then they may jump on trying to get this film done.
thatcoldblackcloud - 1/26/2012, 5:10 PM
Poor Geoff Johns. He's so... naive.
tracydavis001 - 1/26/2012, 5:12 PM
I do hope this happens , the Rock as Black Adam all the way!!!!!
HellsHammer - 1/26/2012, 5:21 PM
I want a comic series too damnit!
luffycapri - 1/26/2012, 5:31 PM
yeah : )
Ceejay - 1/26/2012, 5:35 PM
There's not a normal thinking person in the world that would pay real money to see a goofy superhero like Shazam on the big screen. The entire concept is stupid and has fail written in neon all over it. This is the reason DC will end up crippling WB, it picks the stupidest of its wide range of cheesy characters to make into movies people have zero interest in seeing.

Nobody but 00.001% of people had any interest in a Green Lantern movie and even less than that have an interest in Shazam let alone a movie about him!
THABATMAN - 1/26/2012, 5:37 PM
I'd like him to stay away from this film after the tragedy known as Green Lantern..
Howlett - 1/26/2012, 5:51 PM
thecheetoman2004 - 1/26/2012, 5:58 PM
Am I the only one who thinks it'd be a good idea for it to be an adaptation of the graphic novel "Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil"? If, of course, they plan on aiming towards a slightly younger audience.
RyanLantern77 - 1/26/2012, 6:19 PM
Stay out of it Geoff... I won't even accept this cocktease. You lost all credibility with the Green Lantern movie. Stick to writing comics and let the pros deal with the flicks
IDKwhatToChoose - 1/26/2012, 7:08 PM
@CeeJay--- Actually truth of the matter the movie would make hundreds of millions of dollars. An orphan boy that is granted superhuman powers by a wizard, marketed to the millions of kids alone would sell a crap ton of tickets. It would be marketed on Nick. Nick Jr. Disney Channel, The Hub everywhere their are cartoons. They would probably make it purely to appeal to a younger generation with just enough grown up stuff to appeal to us nerds. It would do a ton better than GL simply because they picked a retarded way to incorporate paralax. They picked a cloud full of skulls-This took away a ton of revenue because many parents did not take their kids to see it. I didn't for that reason. My son was afraid of the cloud lol. This movie would be a success. Could even do Thor-like BO numbers
Daniellantern - 1/26/2012, 7:16 PM
Holy moley! I'm really moving forward for this movie. Better use The Power of Shazam by Jerry Ordway for origin story. The Rock as Black Adam FTW!!
DannyDreg - 1/26/2012, 7:44 PM
[FRICK] Shazam!/Capt.Marvel!! .....LET'S GET GOING ON 'WONDER WOMAN' and 'THE FLASH'!
EtriganTheDemon - 1/26/2012, 7:59 PM
[frick] Geoff Johns
odie00 - 1/26/2012, 8:03 PM
If this is anything like Green Lantern was, I'm not interested. I remember hearing Geoff Johns was impressed with the Green Lantern script and that it followed his Secret Origin story, which I also heard Ryan Reynolds claiming that as well and it was nothing like it. Complete garbage. And I hope this film won't be "kiddy" just because Captain Marvel is actually Billy Batson who is a kid and just transforms. I see Billy as a 13 year old boy maybe 12 but no younger than that anyways. You gotta remember how raw Black Adam is. I went back and read Infinite Crisis and 52, and the novelizations of those stories and how awesome Black Adam was and killing the crap out of everyone.
sexfoodcomics - 1/26/2012, 8:09 PM
They better do it before millar makes his Superior movie.
Talontd - 1/26/2012, 8:22 PM
I don't understand the hold up...logistically this is one of the easiest super hero's to bring to the big screen. Plus it's got that, "Anyone can be a superhero" thing going for it. Batson is just a kid with a good!t, i wish MY kid could see this movie.

DC/WB really need to get their sh!t together.
schneider625 - 1/26/2012, 8:39 PM
Probably be PG rated movie for the kids. Why is there always someone on here with a boner for Joe Manganiello? He could only pull of Hawkman.
My pic is Nathan Fillion.
schneider625 - 1/26/2012, 8:44 PM
Or Geoff Stults! He is my pic for Booster Gold tho as well.
Timerider84 - 1/26/2012, 8:55 PM
After Man of Steel is released, they need to do The Flash, before we get Green Lantern 2. Just sayin
tricklove187 - 1/26/2012, 9:54 PM
There's about as much home for a Captain Marvel movie as there is for Arrested Development to return.

What's that?

They are?

Well I'll be damned.
DEADinthePOOL - 1/26/2012, 9:57 PM
This article made me re-watch Superman/Shazam, and A Captain Marvel movie needs to happen Asa Butterfield as Billy Batson, I'm a fan of Joe Manganiello for Captain Marvel, Ian McKellen for the Wizard Shazam, I know he is the popular pick and I would like to give you someone else but no one else really fits the role as well as he does. Mark Strong would be the perfect Black Atom unfortunately he is tied in with Green Lantern, so I take Ralph Fiennes for Black Atom!
Mechagino - 1/26/2012, 10:40 PM
@RyanLantern77: What exactly did Johns do? Oh Supposedly produced GL in someway(course wiki doesn't acknowledge this) and he gets a bums rap?

How come no one goes after Stan Lee or Avi Arad or whoever when there's a bad Marvel movie?

I say go for it Johns, you're awesome and I don't understand the silly probably stupid hate for you. :D
Ceejay - 1/26/2012, 11:19 PM
@IDKwhatToChoose - You're dreaming! Shazam as a character is silly as hell, he's never been able to sustain a regular comic series due to his unpopularity, a kid that turns into a corny dressed clichéd looking superhero with the traits of a child still remaining is not an attractive quality to either kids or adults. Kids today don't care for pansy superheroes, they like there super-people badass not whipped ass!

DC will be marketing this to an audience that simply don't exist. You can search the entire top 100 comic book movies and find all the goofiest comic films all languishing with poor box office receipts! The Green Lantern fiasco proved that you can't market corny Superheroes to people in this day and age, they don't care, even the kids! Only Fanboys who despite the odds of all intelligence still buy into that level of degenerate concept and storytelling.

The best thing DC can do is tell Geof Johns to stick to writing badly cliched comics for the audience that don't know any better. The rest of the mature reading world aint that stupid to part cash for literature they wouldn't touch even if they had half a decent brain.

If DC want to make money with their characters then they should be making films based on decent storytelling with interesting and daring characters like Wildstorm's StormWatch and The Authority or Gen13. No Clichéd costumes, no stupid secret identities and real characters with core relateable issues like race, sexuality and relationships. Corny Superhero films are always gonna cost a lot and make about as much as Green Lantern and Fantastic Four, i.e nothing! And their sequels will always make even less, the market for that crap simply evaporated in the last millennium when kids discovered the internet and grew up faster by losing their adolescence to more mature themes for their age. No Marketing attempt to regress them to pre 1990 type kids of the 70's and 80's.
breakUbatman - 1/27/2012, 12:16 AM
Ceejay the thing is it doesnt have to be corny the success of Superior shows that. He has the wisdom of Solomon so he doesnt have to act like a kid when he's grown. Billy Batson just needs to be more Super 8 and less Home Alone. There's not much difference between Shazam and the Hulk conceptually.

I also don't think it's a matter of knowing the character as it is good marketing. How many people knew Hellboy or Blade, even Iron Man was considered B-list. DC would be wise to make movies of lesser known characters so that they can perfect their strategy for the Big Guns.

Green Lantern was just over-hyped and poorly made(Not one exciting action sequence:
BB - Rachel Dawes rescue
TDK - Bank Heist, Car Chase,
Iron Man - Walk of Flames, Mark III vs 10 Rings, Dogfight,
Iron Man 2 - Race track
X-Men FC - Hellfire attacking CIA, Cap - Bucky Rescue,
Thor - Joutenheim invasion, Destroyer vs asgardians,
Superman Returns - Plane Rescue
Hellboy II - Final Fight, Tooth Fairies vs BPRD
Kick Ass - Hit Girl vs Thugs, Final Fight

Green Lantern - Hot Wheels rescue, dogfight, Final fight
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