SHAZAM! Captain Marvel is Back Like a Lightning Bolt and Patrick Warburton is the Man to Play The Big Red Cheese!

SHAZAM! Captain Marvel is Back Like a Lightning Bolt and Patrick Warburton is the Man to Play The Big Red Cheese!

Flying back from the big DC sky up above, the big red cheese is indeed back it seems and where it belongs back at Warner Brothers. Read my casting and much much more here... SHAZAM!

When we had the writer's strike, miscommunication with various studio execs, and other unfortunate occurrences back then did eventually kill the superhero movie but you cant keep a good guy down. Holy Moley Captain Marvel is back and its flipping great news!

Captain Marvel is a fictional comic book superhero, originally published by Fawcett Comics and later by DC Comics. Created in 1939 by artist C. C. Beck and writer Bill Parker, the character first appeared in Whiz Comics #2 (February 1940). With a premise that taps adolescent fantasy, Captain Marvel is the alter ego of Billy Batson, a youth who works as a radio news reporter and was chosen to be a champion of good by the wizard Shazam. Whenever Billy speaks the wizard's name, he is instantly struck by a magic lightning bolt that transforms him into an adult superhero empowered with the abilities of six legendary figures; one from the Old Testament and five from mythology. Several friends and family members, most notably Marvel Family cohorts Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr., can share Billy's power and become "Marvels" themselves.

Hailed as "The World's Mightiest Mortal" in his adventures, Captain Marvel was nicknamed "The Big Red Cheese" by arch-villain Doctor Sivana, an epithet later adopted by Captain Marvel's fans. Based on sales, Captain Marvel was the most popular superhero of the 1940s, as his Captain Marvel Adventures comic book series sold more copies than Superman and other competing superhero books during the mid-1940s. Captain Marvel was also the first comic book superhero to be adapted to film, in a 1941 Republic Pictures serial (The Adventures of Captain Marvel).

So its only fair the biggest brightest lightning bolt superhero gets his time to shine on the big screen and show us how its really done!

Casting call!

Patrick Warburton as Captain Marvel, Shazam! =

Seriously he screams the part, not only is he a great actor he has had run ins with comic book projects before like The Tick and Men In Black II. He can easily play funny or serious and i always thought The Tick live action television show got a bad rap and was truly underrated, a gem gone but not forgotten. Anyway, Patrick Warburton IS Captain Marvel!

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) as Black Adam =

The Rock has done what many wrestlers have tried, but failed, he has become an A-list Hollywood actor. The reason why is he is an actor, a quality one at that. Just check out Southland Tales and many of his movies and you will see he has what it takes to be Black Adam. It doesn't hurt that he looks perfect for the part!

When you have Captain Marvel you have to have Billy Batson!

Nathan Horton as Billy Batson =

This young star has had many roles from playing Tiny Tim to appearing on shows like Six Feet Under, E.R., etc. A very good little actor and I really think he would do Billy Batson proud playing the comic book character.

Olivia Munn as Mary Marvel =

What can I say about Olivia that you fan boys don't know already lol. Well it helps she's hot at the moment, heck she's hot anyway. Anyone who hasn't seen her in action should check out G4 or You Tube and judge for yourself. She is Mary Marvel. Stick that tight costume on her and I think you guys would go and see it for that reason alone! ; )

Thomas Dekker as Captain Marvel Jr =

Yes this ones been updated I think we all know having Zac Efron was a bad idea now even though it probably got a lot of female fans buying tickets. Thomas Dekker is a much better choice, he too looks the part plus he can act. Ihave heard that his Terminator television series is at an end. So the guy knows action, he's not a bad actor, and I can now really see him as Captain Marvel Junior. He would bring many levels to the character and do a great job.

Burt Young as Uncle Marvel =

Yeah its the guy from the Rocky movies Polly, but don't he just look like old Uncle Marvel to you? I think so and he's not a bad actor either, so he's our Uncle.

Lets not forget the Wizard who gave the Shazam powers,

Mark Hamill as Shazam the Wizard =

Yeah I could have picked someone out of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or something but why? We got our very own Mark Hamill. He can be made to look much older and he might not get that Trickster role heh heh. I think he'd be good in this as Shazam!

Bugs Bunny as Hoppy The Marvel =

I reckon Bugs was born for the part of our favorite superhero bunny Hoppy. Who wouldn't love this? And um, I'm pulling your leg here lol Let's just leave Hoppy to the comic books and cartoons!

Dustin Hoffman as Dr Sivana =

For a classic villain you need a classic actor. Dustin is it. Guys, can't you see this guy playing Dr Sivana? A classic in the making! With all the weird and wonderful characters Dustin Hoffman has played in the past he's yet to star in a comic book movie and he would own this villain like he did with Captain Hook in "Hook." Well those're my picks, what do you think?

Hope you enjoyed this article guys. I reckon 'SHAZAM!' will be a wild ride. Hopefully it won't be a straight out comedy and be more like the DC comic books adventure/comedy. Also I'm not saying I want the Marvel Family in there but if they do, they can do a lot worse than getting those actors to play the parts. Whatever happens, it's great news 'SHAZAM!' is back!

LEEE777 - Hope you enjoyed it! ; )
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LEEE777 - 7/20/2009, 11:32 PM
Oh ain't i nice, ive done another Olivia Mary Marvel for you lot! ; D

Joslezio85 - 7/20/2009, 11:40 PM
sh*t, i like it!
YohonKalic - 7/20/2009, 11:44 PM

The Rock is the only good choice out of the bunch. Somehow I just see this being a kiddie movie, where a young boy becomes to be a man and we all learn a valuable message at the end.

LEEE777 - 7/20/2009, 11:47 PM
Look what ive found lol! : D

Cheers @ Joslezio85 @ man! ; )

Yohon @ I don't wanna break it to ya but SHAZAM'S never gonna be TDK or WATCHMEN lol!
YohonKalic - 7/20/2009, 11:52 PM

Did you make those pictures Lee? Also not that I like your picks for your characters, but I thought you might like this.


Phinehas - 7/20/2009, 11:52 PM
I think you casted well, however, I am inclined to agree with Yohon Kalic here. I think a serious tone to the film would give this franchise a much needed makeover. Ditching only some of the characters you had casted is a start. No wabbits or Uncle Marvels, for example. I think it would be wise for comic book films to gravitate away from cornball and camp. Sweet and innocent is okay, provided it adds to the film rather than take away. Liberties taken on Marvel that demonstrates my point can be taken from JLU TAS. He was an innocent youth in the body of a man, yet the story maintained intensity and credibility of identifible realism. If they can do that in a feature length live-action, I'm in!

The full episode here:
LEEE777 - 7/20/2009, 11:54 PM
Another Dwayne Johnson for ya!

Joslezio85 - 7/20/2009, 11:56 PM
I for one, think that it would be a good movie. Maybe, more family friendly. But has anyone noticed that kids like comics too. That sure is when I started reading them, and it kind of bugs me. That most of the comic movies that come out now. I have to go watch them first and than let my mom know if they are okay for my kid brother to watch. So maybe, they should make some that are okay for little kids too.
LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 12:01 AM
Hey cool, im not the only one that thinks Patrick would be cool as CAPTAIN MARVEL!!! ; D

An hey, i reckon he could play SERIOUS too easy! ; )

Cool pic Yohon and no i didn't do that pic you found but yeah all up top all mine!

PHINEHAS @ Yeah like i said above i don't want it a comedy and hopefully we wont see HOPPY an co lol, but it wont be no DARK KNIGHT thats what the new SUPERMAN is going to go like ive heard! Anyway if they make it an ACTION ADVENTURE film first and everything else second its gonna be good!
YohonKalic - 7/21/2009, 12:02 AM

~walks into room~

Wow Joslezio...... I.. I.... Officially hate you and everything you stand for....

~walks out of the room~

LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 12:04 AM
JOSLEZIO @ you hit the nail on the head dude!

Its SHAZAM you just know its not going to be dark no matter how much you wish for it lol!

Guys ROTF wasn't even dark, think about it! : D

YOHON did fall outta that bed wrong lol!
Phinehas - 7/21/2009, 12:06 AM
I hope so Leee. I am loosing confidence in Hollywood Studios and their writers. The story on Supes going Dark was just a knee jerk reaction after the immediate success of TDK. Now all bets are off, and anything can happen. They don't need dark, just intensity.

I wouldn't mind if there were comedic elements to a story like this. But it can't be campy and expected to succeed. It would have to have a tone likened to that of the first two Mummy films. But hopefully better written.
LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 12:09 AM
Im doing this in BOLD so you see it everyone!!!

I do not want a full out COMEDY and hopefully the MARVEL FAMILY wont be in it much if at all but there's no way in hell WARNER BROS will make this too serious, BUT a big action adventure fantasy blockbuster would be nice!
LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 12:09 AM
Yeah PHINEHAS @ Exactly man! ; )
InTylerWeTrust - 7/21/2009, 12:10 AM
That episode of JLU was kick ass. Superman vs. Captain Marvel=Pure awesomeness.

Nice picks lee except for Zac efron, sorry but he

LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 12:12 AM
TYLER @ I know what you mean, but dude MARVEL JR wont probably be in it anyway lol! I hate that guy too lmao.

Im hoping for Mary Marvel though heh heh! ; D
YohonKalic - 7/21/2009, 12:14 AM

You want it to be like the first two mummy movies, wtf is wrong with you guys. Thats it!

Hawk out!

LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 12:14 AM

Don't ask lol, ive just found it!
InTylerWeTrust - 7/21/2009, 12:15 AM
Ahhhhh, very nice. I'd like to give Munn a marvel and make her say Shazam lol. I don't know what I just said.
Phinehas - 7/21/2009, 12:15 AM
Warburton's gonna have to hit the gym! Have you seen him lately on Rules of Engagment? He certainly doesn't look like Brock Samson!!! lol
LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 12:15 AM
Um @ Yohon @ Your not HAWK lol!

There can be only one!!! : D
LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 12:18 AM
TYLER @ Lmao!!! ; )

PHINEHAS @ Don't watch that, well i have caught a ep once or twice, damn he's wasted on that crap! Why is it all the great shows like THE TICK never make it?! Argggghhh!

Bring back THE TICK! Grrrrr
YohonKalic - 7/21/2009, 12:19 AM

Pift! I was saying There can be only one before you were born lee, Who wants to live forever?

LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 12:20 AM
Heh heh heh!

Damn, i love that song!!!
LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 12:22 AM

Bloody YOU TUBE i couldn't get the HIGHLANDER one!!!
ALmighty1080 - 7/21/2009, 12:35 AM
i like the castings besides zac efron, attaching him to anything associated with action is immediate fail.
InTylerWeTrust - 7/21/2009, 12:36 AM
Couldn't have said it better myself ^^^^^.
LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 12:39 AM
YEAH I HATE ZAC lol! (Its a ploy to get all the girls to spend money on the movie heh heh)

Cheers ALmighty @ Well like i said CAPTAIN MARVEL JR prob wont be in it anyway! But who would you guys like playing JUNIOR then???
InTylerWeTrust - 7/21/2009, 12:41 AM
Ryan Reynolds
LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 12:43 AM
Lol! He sooo would play him too!!! : D
Phinehas - 7/21/2009, 12:53 AM

Bring back the TICK!!!

Who's with me???
LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 12:57 AM

YohonKalic - 7/21/2009, 1:01 AM

Oh god not these talking Ads again, [frick] dragon ball, I hate these damn talking ads, I have my sound on for music, and all of a sudden I get blasted with DRAGON BALL!!!

LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 1:03 AM
Hey how about THOMAS DEKKER from TERMINATOR series???

He'd make a great JUNIOR!!!

; )
LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 1:05 AM
I friggin' hated that damn DRAGONBALL id rather watch BRIDGET JONES DIARIES 3 than sit through that again!!! ; D
LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 1:15 AM

heh heh.
TheDurkinKnight - 7/21/2009, 1:49 AM
LEEE, good pics, but NOT Zac Efron...the dude is a teenie bopper, Thomas Dekker is a bit of a cry baby on SCC, but I'd rather him. Warburton IS Shazam, great pic!
LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 1:59 AM
DURKIN @ I knew i made a bad choice with ZACY boy but hey, im only human heh heh, yeah i hate the guy too lol!

Cheers man!!!
THEHAWK - 7/21/2009, 2:42 AM
I was somewhat with you right up until Zac Effron, then you lost me. DAMN YOU FOX, DAMN YOU TO HELL! Youand your subliminal messaging, making perectly good minds, ok functioning,no wait...Damn it! I'll be right back, I need to kill someone

[Door slams...Gunshot heard few minutes later] OKAY i'm back, just had to kill me a FOX exec, i could actually see Warburton in this, barely, but I lik him and would give him a shot.

Even though you casted one of my favorite actors as Sivana, what about Christopher Walken for the role?

@LEEE. Thanks for having my back bro.

@Yohon. There can be only one!

That comes on TV tomorrow! If me and Jen aren't... occupied, I may watch it!

THE one and only HAWK out.
LEEE777 - 7/21/2009, 2:52 AM
No worries bro! ; )

Cool u found the song!!!

Yeah ZAC was bad, i admit it lol, my bad!

WALKEN hmmm, not bad, hey WALKENS a fav of mine funny enough! I do like HOFFMAN a lot too though.

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