Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks SIN CITY 2, Comments On Taking Over The BATMAN Film Series

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks SIN CITY 2, Comments On Taking Over The BATMAN Film Series

Joseph Gordon-Levitt discusses why he decided to take a role in Robert Rodriquez's sequel Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, and also reiterates the two main criteria that would influence his taking a role, such as the next big screen Caped Crusader.

Speaking with Deadline while promoting his directorial debut Don Jon's Addiction at Sundance, Joseph Gordon-Levitt discusses what would influence his taking on a film role, reiterating the two main criteria: a director that inspires him, and a good script. After his roles in critically acclaimed films such as Lincoln, The Dark Knight Rises and Looper, he has been one of the most in-demand young actors in Hollywood as of late. He turned down an offer to star in Legendary's Godzilla a couple months back, and has been linked to both Star-Lord in Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy and Batman in Warner Bros.' Justice League. While he won't be sharing scenes with Godzilla or Rocket Raccoon, Gordon-Levitt will be appearing in Robert Rodriquez and Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, which he talks about here as well. "For me, it’s first and foremost about a filmmaker who inspires me. In the last year I have been extremely fortunate. I got to work with Rian Johnson and then Chris Nolan and then Steven Spielberg. The job I just took, Sin City 2, I did it because I just love Robert Rodriguez’s movies. And then after filmmakers, it’s the script. Sin City 2 is just a fun part to play. I have eclectic taste in movies I like to watch. This year, Django Unchained was one of my favorite movies, everyone is so good and I’m so happy for Leo because he’s a friend of mine; I know he’s hilarious and he showed that side of himself. I loved Life of Pi, and Beasts of the Southern Wild. Any of those filmmakers, Ang Lee, Quentin Tarantino or Benh Zeitlin, I’d love to be in one of their movies."

Gordon-Levitt also had this to say when asked if he would be interested in playing the next Caped Crusader after the end of The Dark Knight Rises, rehashing prior comments on the possibility. "It’s not up to me. It comes down to the same two criteria I just mentioned." Despite his reps reportedly saying otherwise, rumors of the actor donning the cowl for Justice League have been going around on the internet for a couple months now. Would you like to see him as the next Batman?

You can check out Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For on October 4th this year.

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toco89 - 1/20/2013, 1:06 PM
Well there you have it.
jazzman - 1/20/2013, 1:13 PM
Deadline did a epic fail - "Marvel’s new superhero franchise Rise of the Guardians"

the reporter need to do his research better than that for crying out loud.
MrReese - 1/20/2013, 1:18 PM
We need Bruce Wayne in the reboot not young Bruce Willis!! XD
PaulRom - 1/20/2013, 1:28 PM
@Jazzman: Haha, yeah that's a pretty silly typo. Although, I'm currently waiting for the Rise Of The Legends Of The Guardians Of The Galaxy crossover film.
jimpinto24 - 1/20/2013, 1:37 PM
JGL is better as Nightwing than Batman. It would just kill the Batman reboot if he was casted as Batman.
ToTheManInTheColdSweat - 1/20/2013, 1:39 PM
"It’s not up to me. It comes down to the same two criteria I just mentioned."

translation: there's is no justice league or batman movie in development.
GuardianAngel - 1/20/2013, 1:42 PM
"Bruce Wayne HAS to be in the Justice League!"

Why? Will it make the story any better? Actually, having a new Batman would make for a way more interesting story about having to live up to the legend.

"But he doesn't have any training!"

Really? Have you seen what happens after he enters the batcave? How do you know he doesn't spend the next few years training or even travels to France and learns from Bruce? Plus the timing is perfect with Man of Steel. Blake and Clark could be traveling the world at around the same time.

"He's too short!"

Tom Hardy was "too short" until people actually saw the film. It's called "movie magic". How do you think Tom Cruise can still look badass in his films.

It's just annoying how stubborn fans can't accept things that could actually make the films better, just because it doesn't follow the source.
GuardianAngel - 1/20/2013, 1:46 PM
And I forgot to add:

"John Blake was never Batman in the comics!"

The Bruce Wayne we've had in the last few films was hardly even the "Bruce Wayne" from the comics. Yeah, he had the same origin, but where were his detective skills or ninja like fighting moves. John Blake has already shown to be a detective and can be trained to fight like in the comics. He can have all the traits Bale lacked from the comics. All that would be different is his name and origin. Yet that's enough for fans to go berserk and order yet ANOTHER unnecessary reboot.
OnePunchBaldy - 1/20/2013, 1:51 PM
@GuardianAngel has just spoken every word that I've been wanting to say for the longest. Props.
jmunny - 1/20/2013, 1:53 PM
I'd like to see him as Batman in a "Batman Beyond" sort of capacity
jmunny - 1/20/2013, 1:55 PM
i.e., with an older Bruce Wayne behind the scenes guiding him. He'd be a good Terry - he'll always look like he's barely old enough to drive. JGL hasn't aged since 10 Things I Hate About You.
ForeverPowerful - 1/20/2013, 1:55 PM
I know its selfish that I'm saying this, but I do kinda wish Nolan ended TDKR in a different way. I've wanted to see Bale and Cavill standing next to each other since they first showed that pic of Superman in front of the bank vault. The realism wouldnt keep Nolan's trilogy apart from it. Its still all fiction. Nothing is saying that it cant happen, its all a matter if someone says it will. I wouldnt mind Blake being Batman for a bit, long enough to get his a$$ whooped, and realize that just no one can be Batman, and Bruce would realize that Batman is his life, that he cant live without him, just like Rachael says.
MrDonut - 1/20/2013, 1:56 PM
Good actor, not Batman
Forget the fact it's an original character, it'd b the 1st time the Justice League are brought together on screen; all the original incarnations of the characters need to be done 1st b4 any newbies are introduced
batfan175 - 1/20/2013, 1:57 PM
@GuardianAngel: you haven't watched the training scene and fighting in BB and TDK then, 'cause he definitely dies NOT fight like a boxer and uses the Keysi Fighting Method, which bases itself in the study and cultivation of natural instincts. Doesn't sound ninja at all? More like you didn't pay any attention, 'cause you were too busy nitpicking.
GodzillaKart - 1/20/2013, 1:58 PM
He is wrong for the role.
jazzman - 1/20/2013, 2:01 PM

that interview is so old. things has changed they will have to use the same Superman in the JL movie
Bandido - 1/20/2013, 2:03 PM
JGL had a good year, all of those movies were pretty great
ForeverPowerful - 1/20/2013, 2:03 PM
I seriously doubt that they would use two sets of actors for their solo movies and Justice League. That would confuse the hell out of everyone who doesnt follow this stuff like we do, which is a decent amount.
UltimaRex - 1/20/2013, 2:04 PM
@ToTheManInTheColdSweat. Congratulations! You're the guy that made me post this today:

"Justice League will be it's own thing with it's own Batman and it's own Superman."

-Zack Snyder. 2011.

Even if JGL's John Blake is Batman in the Batboot he's still not Batman in JL.

Unless someone in WB or the DC movies says, no "hints", no non-answers, no rumours but says the DC movie universe is shared assume it's not.
UltimaRex - 1/20/2013, 2:10 PM
@Jazzman. Who says? Whenever someone is asked all they give is "hints" and non-answers that could be taken to mean anything.

Snyder's 2011 comment is the only yes/no answer we have now. Period. And until someone involved in JL or the DC movies says otherwise it still stands.
Shadowmaster35 - 1/20/2013, 2:14 PM
Nightwing: hell yes.
Batman: meh.
Go for the Nightwing movie if they wanna continue the Dark Knight stuff wit Nolan.
ToTheManInTheColdSweat - 1/20/2013, 2:17 PM


UltimaRex - 1/20/2013, 2:19 PM
@ForeverPowerful. Will the audience get "confused" when Routh won't show up in MOS?

Were they "confused" when [redacted] didn't show up in SR?

When whoever (my pick: Armie Hammer) shows up as Superman in JL each member of the audience will either be too smart to be confused or too dumb to care. But no one will be "confused".
UltimaRex - 1/20/2013, 2:21 PM
@ToTheManInTheColdSweat. Is there another yes/no answer? I mean aside from JL:M in 2007...
ForeverPowerful - 1/20/2013, 2:21 PM
Yes and No's arent always what they seem in this industry.
UltimaRex - 1/20/2013, 2:27 PM
@ForeverPowerful. Too right but the 2011 comment is pretty straightforward. Not a lot of wiggle room in that unlike all the non-answers we've had since. If something had changed we should have been told by now.
TonyChu - 1/20/2013, 2:27 PM
Bruce Wayne is Batman. John Blake was not one of the founding members of the JL it was Bruce Wayne so please to the people condoning this John Blake to be Batman, just stop. I swear if WB connect the Nolan trilogy with a JL film then that's just a smack in the face to the fans and Nolan claiming this was the the definitive end to his Batman saga.
BSingerFoxMen - 1/20/2013, 2:28 PM
Let's hope we don't get a director for the MUCH NEEDED reboot that inspires JGL then. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, he's a good actor, but I hated his character in TDKR. I hated the entire IDEA of TDKR in the first place, but throwing in that little wink at the end was effing retarded. If he came on board as Bruce Wayne, maybe, but then that might confuse the average movie goer.
ForeverPowerful - 1/20/2013, 2:31 PM
@UltimaRex. I agree with you definitely. No one has said basically anything at all regarding this. I'm just waiting for the big annoucment I guess on anything about JL. If there is one even....please god let their be one.
Killuminatic - 1/20/2013, 2:33 PM
@GuardianAngel Yet you still cling on to the same franchise... How delusional are you man? Although BB and TDK were great movies, Rises being the least favourite. You do realise the whole mythos and characters were pretty much bastardised. Not that it was all negative, I mean it was a fresh experience rather than sticking solely to the source material - plus you've even mentioned yourself "The Bruce Wayne we've had in the last few films was hardly even the "Bruce Wayne" from the comics." We've yet to see the definitive Batman, so changing the character to some made up character for the movies would be blasphemy. Bruce Wayne HAS to be Batman. There's no question to it.
continuezero - 1/20/2013, 2:34 PM
Bruce Wayne is Batman. Anyone saying otherwise is clueless. So is anyone that thinks Bruce Wayne is not essential to a JL movie. Thats like saying Steve Rogers is not essential to the Avengers or Professor X is not essential to the X Men.
UltimaRex - 1/20/2013, 2:34 PM
It's going to be around the time of the big Star Wars announcement.
Killuminatic - 1/20/2013, 2:40 PM
P.S Seeing by your avatar, you look like a fan. But regardless of that, what I don't get is that you actually thought through towards the question of "Who should take the mantle of Batman?" Come on man...
GuardianAngel - 1/20/2013, 2:53 PM
@Killuminatic I've been a Batman fan long enough to realize there is no "definitive Batman". Sure, a lot of people say that it's the Bruce Timm version, but even that isn't 100% true to the source. The only reason Batman has been so popular all this time is because he's constantly being reinvented in order to keep the character fresh. Of course, that doesn't always work (Schumacher for example), but that's when you know you need to try again. I'm not saying they need to keep it on the Nolanverse, but they could treat it the same way they did with Ang Lee's hulk and TIH or Batman Returns to Batman Forever. There could definitely be a change in tone and "realism", while avoiding a reboot. I agree that the Nolanverse is getting old, but that doesn't mean they have to reboot the franchise. They could easily pull the John Blake character and the basic backstory from TDK trilogy and put it into a less realistic universe.

A guy on deviant art did this and you should definitely check it out to see what I mean.

Here's the link.
birdfists - 1/20/2013, 2:55 PM
Bruce Wayne needs to be older, more 'manly'.
FennecPilot - 1/20/2013, 2:58 PM
Anyone think JGL could pull off Doctor Strange?
jdog127 - 1/20/2013, 3:02 PM
I just desperately hope that Chris Nolan and Christian Bale have some super-top-secret deal with WB/DC where they agreed to have that horribly disappointing "Robin Blake is now Batman" ending just so they can surprise the hell out of everyone and have Bale reprise his role in The JL movie. If WB/DC really wants to compete with The Avengers 2 and Marvel in 2015, they'll have Bruce come back to the cape and cowl after finding out that John Robin Blake either dies or gets severely injured trying to be the Batman. This would not only be epic and dramatic as hell, but would definitely create enough hype/buzz to give Marvel a run for its money. Imagine the epic feeling of seeing Bruce/Bale as Bats at the end of an already epic Cavill-led JL trailer......

And to say that Nolan's trilogy can't fit into the JL movieverse is ridiculous. That depends on the overall tone, direction, and acting in the JL movie. RDJ also said a similar thing about Iron Man not fitting into a possible Avengers movieverse and he was obviously wrong.
mctrinket - 1/20/2013, 3:09 PM
Move on from the Nolan Batmans. Just move along and start fresh. It's over. Let it go.
Facade - 1/20/2013, 3:11 PM
I wouldn't mind seeing him as The Batman. I like Gabe Macht, too.
IronHood - 1/20/2013, 3:14 PM
I wouldn't mind seeing him as Batman, but only if he plays Bruce Wayne, is as tall as Henry Cavill & obviously bulks up. Batman ain't no skinny, short bitch!
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