Joseph Gordon-Levitt Featured In Latest Poster For SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Featured In Latest Poster For SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Dark Knight Rises) will play Johnny in "The Long Bad Night" segment of Frank Miller and Robert Rodriquez's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and he gets the spotlight in this brand new poster for the movie. Hit the jump to check it out!

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For weaves together two of Frank Miller’s classic stories with new tales in which the town’s most hard boiled citizens cross paths with some of its more repulsive inhabitants. In Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Dwight is hunted down by the only woman he ever loved, Ava Lord, and then watches his life go straight to hell. Chronologically, this story takes place prior to “The Big Fat Kill” (featured in the film Frank Miller’s Sin City) and explains how Dwight came to have a dramatically different face.

Starring Josh Brolin, Eva Green, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Powers Boothe, Rosario Dawson, Dennis Haysbert, Stacy Keach, Jamie King, Ray Liotta, and Jeremy Piven, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is set to be released on August 22nd, 2014.
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DrKinsolving - 7/26/2014, 8:12 AM
Odin - 7/26/2014, 8:30 AM
Really waiting for this.
Archgoat - 7/26/2014, 8:48 AM
Sin City is the best comic book movie of all time, right after Watchmen. None of DC / Marvel stuff comes even close.
matthuliz - 7/26/2014, 9:09 AM
Watchmen, Sin City, 300... yeah, these are the best!

2 out of 3 directed by Zack Snyder! Yes! BvS:DoJ for the WIN!!!

grif - 7/26/2014, 9:36 AM
hey its robin! lmfao
SigmaCenturion - 7/26/2014, 10:50 AM
Saw the trailer for this during Dawn of the planet of the apes. And have to say the trailer I saw made me more interested in the movie than the first few previews for it.
Odin - 7/26/2014, 11:03 AM
RobertLiefeld - 7/26/2014, 2:03 PM
I can't wait for this film. All of these posters look great.

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