A "Trusted Source" Once Again Promises A Spider-Man Cameo In THE AVENGERS

A "Trusted Source" Once Again Promises A Spider-Man Cameo In THE AVENGERS

It seems that the recent rumors started by Jenny Agutter recently has resulted in a surge of reports that Spidey will cameo in The Avengers, with the latest claiming to be from a "trusted source".

BestMoviesEverNews.com have run a story claiming that their "trusted sources" have revealed that Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker/Spider-Man WILL make some sort of cameo appearence in Marvel's The Avengers. Personally, I find it hard to believe any report that spells 'Spider-Man' as 'Spiderman' in their headline, while the site seemingly has no prior track record of scoops such as this one. As usual, take the following with a pinch whole fistful of salt...

"This will be similar to how Wolverine made a quick cameo in X-Men: First Class and Sony’s going to make sure to promote their new Spider-man movie any way they can. Andrew’s (Garfield) isn’t a widely known actor so they want to get his face on everything, including The Avengers even if it’s for a couple seconds."

Convinced? No, me neither! However, until this is either confirmed or debunked by an official source, who knows?! While it does seem ludicrous, it's worth noting that these rumors have been around for a long time before Agutter even dropped the webslingers name in a recent interview. The timing of this one does seem more than a little dubious though. Sound off with your thoughts in the usual place.


Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy
Rhys Ifans as Curt Connors/The Lizard
Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben
Sally Fields as Aunt May
Denis Leary as George Stacy

RELEASE DATE: July 3rd, 2012.

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LucasMend - 1/29/2012, 7:46 AM
Jesus, this rumor is getting ridiculous
JordanKing - 1/29/2012, 7:49 AM
Oh, well i'm sold now. Can't argue against a "trusted source".

ThreeBigTacos - 1/29/2012, 7:55 AM
"fistful of salt..." I think that's my favorite quote of the day. Other than that, hey if this rumor comes out true hell yea. I mean I don't know why Sony and Marvel couldn't strike up a deal: both companies would benefit from it. Even if it's just a blink and you'll miss moment (like some report said).
Bearjew - 1/29/2012, 7:58 AM
dude, if this is for real. Which now, considering SONY is pretty much as dead as Circuit City and could be using this as an advertisement. I will flip my shit!....in a good way
marvel72 - 1/29/2012, 8:02 AM
i personally can't see it but this is definetly one time i wouldn't mind being proved wrong.
MovieMaster - 1/29/2012, 8:03 AM
Notice all these sites only started reporting the Spidey rumor after Jenny Agutter said that he was in the movie.
NerdyGeek - 1/29/2012, 8:09 AM

ThreeBigTacos - 1/29/2012, 8:11 AM
@Irish: haha that looks pretty awesome! See Spidey would look great with the Avengers by the time of his 2nd or 3rd movie, and his classic costume (not that I mind this costume).
Spidey91 - 1/29/2012, 8:14 AM
LOL,that's pretty well done

I don't know,my logical self says it's impossible,but my fanboy self is ready to flip his shit at the sight of Andrew in The Avengers :/
nuclearpriest - 1/29/2012, 8:18 AM
If this rumour is true, then I find it hard to believe that the producers of this movie didn't sit EVERY actor down and say "no matter what, don't mention the Spider-Man cameo". They have to know what complete idiots most actors are and that they will blab everything unless told not to.
ballstothewall - 1/29/2012, 8:26 AM
I'm sure that the cameo might just be a billboard in the movie.
GreyChaos13Zero - 1/29/2012, 8:27 AM
why not have Logan too, i wouldn't mind?)
Supes17 - 1/29/2012, 8:30 AM
Enthralling Tale, Brethren
Ranger14 - 1/29/2012, 8:31 AM
" I mean I don't know why Sony and Marvel couldn't strike up a deal: both companies would benefit from it."

Sony and Marvel (Disney) did strike up a deal with merchandising and film rights for Spidey, but we don't know what the specific details are. We do know Sony still has film rights for Spidey and Disney has merchandising rights. Whether there could have been some special clause in that agreement specific to a cameo, we don't know, but I am open to that being a possibility, albeit a very small one.
JordanKing - 1/29/2012, 8:34 AM
I love the fact that all these Spidey-cameo rumors are based off of what some old woman said, who, most likely, has next to no knowledge on comic books.

It just won't happen, he's not part of Marvel's Universe, and it'd be beyond stupid to just jam him in and hope he fits in with the rest of em.
SpideyQuad - 1/29/2012, 8:38 AM
Maybe as PP taking photo's?
HellsHammer - 1/29/2012, 8:39 AM
Id love to see him in it but Im not going to get my hopes up
MovieMann - 1/29/2012, 8:40 AM
spiderneil - 1/29/2012, 8:41 AM
it's bullshit. why would sony let spidey appear in avengers? what's in it for them?
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 1/29/2012, 8:42 AM
My trusted source says he won't be in the movie.

"Andrew Garfield isn't a widely known actor, so they want to get his face on everything."

Yeah, because Toby Maguire was a regular A lister before he was spider-man. Nobody gives a crap about Andrew Garfield, they are going to see Spider-Man. It could be played by ANYONE, and people will still turn out to go see it.
Dev - 1/29/2012, 8:43 AM
This article is complete BS. Why did this site have to wait until some vague actress associated with the Avengers movie to reveal that there would be a spiderman cameo to finally come out and say so? The site is just building and feeding on the controversy previously reported that spiderman will cameo in the Avengers. Simply put the site just wants attention in all this BS cameo rumor.
CaptainAmerica31 - 1/29/2012, 8:43 AM
Actually if you think about if someone leaks a statement saying Spidey is going to cameo in the avengers..and he is( hypothetically l) then it would draw in more people to the theater, just to see if it may be true,it's kind of a market strategy.
blvdnoise - 1/29/2012, 8:44 AM
$$$ <--- that's what. Yes, not probable. Not impossible.
spiderclone - 1/29/2012, 8:45 AM
@jkm ....not part of marvels universe? i hope you mean marvel studios movie universe because im pretty sure the last spidey comic i bought had a big ol marvel logo in the corner

i dont want spiderman in the movie i find it silly that the avengers is out before spiderman but. hell be established in the movie?
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 1/29/2012, 8:45 AM
They don't need to market the actor playing Spider-man. That is just a waste of money. You have Spider-man. The character markets himself. Like I said it could be played by anyone of us and it will still make a ton of money. Plus why would Andrew Garfield be in the avengers and not Spider-man. Honestly, if it were just Andrew Garfield nobody would know, or honestly give a crap he was there.

Now, if Spider-man had a cameo that is a totally different story.
CaptainAmerica - 1/29/2012, 8:46 AM
@ Moviemann, it is legally possible.

@ Spiderneil, Sony would benefit by having people ease in to the idea of a Spider-Man reboot.
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 1/29/2012, 8:47 AM
@Captain America

Sony already eased people into a reboot with Spider-man 3.
CaptainAmerica - 1/29/2012, 8:51 AM
DCnerd46 - 1/29/2012, 8:52 AM
Doubt it's going to happen, but I'd love to see a cameo. I love the fact that Marvel has built its own cinematic universe. Shame DC hasn't done the same.
joeker - 1/29/2012, 8:52 AM
if this was true it would be cool but because they are both owned by DIFFERENT companies & they have already said in a interview which was one here that this will not happen
CaptainAmerica - 1/29/2012, 8:52 AM
Tru dat, but yea, Sony doesn't really benefit too much from it and neither do Marvel/Disney. It would just be for the fans.
Ranger14 - 1/29/2012, 8:53 AM
Moviemann@ Last fall no one would ever have believed that it would be legally possible for Disney/Marvel to own the merchandising rights to Spidey. ;-)
spidey1994 - 1/29/2012, 8:55 AM
No way! but if Spidey is in it, I'll cream my pants!
Cheesehead - 1/29/2012, 8:59 AM
No chance
TheDpool - 1/29/2012, 9:00 AM
truth be told I didnt belive the wolverine cameo til i saw it so maybe?
JordanKing - 1/29/2012, 9:02 AM
@returnhangar Yeah, I meant the the movie-verse, my bad ;)
TheIconicMan - 1/29/2012, 9:03 AM
It may have some Avengers' heroes, like Ant-Man or Wasp. But Spider-Man is a little unlikely. I don't know, but it's difficult.
Dox - 1/29/2012, 9:05 AM
Unlikely, but it would be a really cool cameo.
DCfan89 - 1/29/2012, 9:08 AM
i would really love it if Spidey was in this movie..... but.. i doubt it :\
MovieTheaterLad - 1/29/2012, 9:10 AM
You wanna know why Wolverine cameo'd in First Class?

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