Andrew Garfield On Peter Parker's Development In THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

Andrew Garfield On Peter Parker's Development In THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

While chatting with UK E Online, Garfield jokes about the reasons for the costume redesign, and also reveals which themes he wants to explore with the character this time around. It seems the Mommy and Daddy issues are only going to get worse..

News - some big, some not so much - is starting to filter through for Marc Webb's sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man now. We have a May 2, 2014 release date, we know roughly when it will shoot, we have our Mary Jane in Shailene Woodley and (most likely) our Electro in Jamie Foxx, plus we hear we are in for a redesigned Spidey suit too - something Andrew Garfield jokingly gives a reason for: "The suit is undergoing a redesign because I couldn't urinate in it last time. So I'm less nervous 'cause that's gonna be nice.". But the British actor also lets us in on his plans for where he'll be taking Peter Parker psychologically, and the themes he will hope to delve into now that the initial pressure of delivering the goods with the first movie is off..

"I feel really excited. I feel like we got over a hump with our first one. We had to reinstate the character, and we had to reinvigorate an audience to the character. And I hope to bring more of this theme—the theme of the orphan. I wanna keep exploring that theme of being fatherless, being motherless, searching for purpose and finding a purpose within himself, being a self-made man, I guess."

Garfield goes on to reiterate his feelings of responsibility while playing Spider-Man, but "politely declines to comment" on the Jamie Foxx/Electro casting unfortunately. Anyway, to read the article in full click on the link below.

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DioFoRio - 11/13/2012, 8:58 PM
you're not motherless. YA got May you dipshit
Funsize - 11/13/2012, 9:07 PM
There's too many superheroes with dead parents............
SoapDogg - 11/13/2012, 9:08 PM
I hope they keep the basic look of this suit with the colors and pattern but add a little more of the classic Spidey look to it. I like this version, but it would be cool to see a more classic take on it.
DrHorrible - 11/13/2012, 9:09 PM
@Dionysios Sometimes, an aunt, no matter how close they are to you, can't replace a mother, mostly on an emotional level.
FirstAvenger - 11/13/2012, 9:14 PM
Wait a second the only change is a zipper? That Sucks!
95 - 11/13/2012, 9:16 PM
@Dionysios LMAO!
BB52 - 11/13/2012, 9:22 PM
i love the way they're portraying parker in these new movies. Its just some nice variation from Maguire, which wasn't bad
RR51 - 11/13/2012, 9:33 PM
Didn't like this one at all, but I have faith in the next one.
EpicDeathKick - 11/13/2012, 9:37 PM
I don't know how I feel about Jamie Foxx as Electro...
Platinum - 11/13/2012, 9:39 PM
Thats not what I got from TASM at all, All i saw was that Peter is just a selfish inconsiderate self important brat.
JDUKE25 - 11/13/2012, 9:45 PM
Again, I thought the first one was good. Really looking forward to the second.

He needs to run out of webbing during a fight in the next one. That's one thing they didn't do in the first. Sure, they had the Lizard break his web-shooters, but I want to see him, mid-fight, run out of webbing and think of different ways to defeat his enemy.

Bigger eyes on the suit will be cool. Hopefully they'll get rid of the stripe down the leg and add the belt.

Introduce: Harry, Norman, MJ, and have J.J. in it at some point. Then it will really feel like Spider-Man. I think that's one of the weaknesses the first one had. There were so many iconic characters not in the movie that it didn't always feel like a Spider-Man movie.

If Electro is in it, there had better be a second villain. Electro can not carry the entire movie. Also, begin setting up the death of Gwen Stacy by bringing Norman in to the picture, and have nods to Green Goblin making an appearance in ASM 3. And be more faithful to the comics with Goblin's look.
M3T4LL0 - 11/13/2012, 9:46 PM
not feeling foxx as electro. like... at all.
JDUKE25 - 11/13/2012, 9:49 PM
@SpectaularSpider He acted the most way people would act in his situation. He's a teenage boy who doesn't have a father or mother. Yes, an Aunt and Uncle, but they aren't his parents. He's a teenager who will be growing up and learning from his mistakes as the movies progress, just as most NORMAL people with morals and ethics do. He's a teenager taking on the responsibilites of man.
Howlett - 11/13/2012, 9:50 PM
Sam Raimi Spiderman is still the best Spiderman. The Amzing Spiderman sports a troubled or emotionally disturbed Peter Parker, he's too dark for my taste.
JDUKE25 - 11/13/2012, 9:54 PM
I just hope he gets a little bigger and a little more cut than in the first. He should gain a little muscle as the movies go on.

I think he should be about this size in ASM 2. And the costume design isn't bad either.
TheMightyTroy - 11/13/2012, 9:54 PM
Agree with everything youve said @JDUKE25. Im not too keen on Foxx for the role of Electro but it could be interesting.
Keen to see them dig a little deeper this time around and get even more action in it
Jollem - 11/13/2012, 9:55 PM
i really liked the parts dealing with peter being abandoned in the film. i thought they were really powerful and i don't ever really remember the comics exploring that aspect of the character like they did in the film. it's one of those cool things they explore specifically in the movies. like the part in x-men 1 where rouge and wolverine talk about his claws

something like;

"does it hurt--when they come out?".


one of those kinds of cool things

and apparently, the actual comic people like some of the things all the movies do because sometimes they incorporate some things that the movies have in their version

at least bruce had a butler/father-figure and an assload of cash to help with his mommy/daddy issues :)
ShadowOfTheWeb - 11/13/2012, 9:59 PM
I really enjoyed TASM and I dug the suit too. looking forward to what they bring with the sequel
Platinum - 11/13/2012, 10:00 PM

Maybe if he didn't disrespect the people who pretty much raised and took him in, didn't keep his promise to captain stacy, or even think about what dangers his dads research might bring or who it might put in danger would I think otherwise, yea it makes him more "realistic" but it still made him an realistic unlikable guy.
AmazingFantasy - 11/13/2012, 10:03 PM
JDUKE25 - 11/13/2012, 10:06 PM
@SpectacularSpider again......he is just a kid in this movie......... -___- he's not going to know all of this stuff yet. And he wants the girl, and that just sets up Gwen's inevitable death. This will be the consequence of Peter's decision not to keep his promise to Cap. Stacy. Plus, when he gets mad and yells at Ben, that's just realistic. Most people, kids or adults, when they're being yelled at, and they know they've done something wrong, will retaliate by yelling back.
superotherside - 11/13/2012, 10:12 PM
I like him as an actor a lot, to me the movies still seem like a one-shot though. I don't care if they continue the story or not. I just wish Marvel could make their own Spidey movies... buy Fox and Sony, Disney!
Mrcool210 - 11/13/2012, 10:15 PM

i have high hopes for this movie, i just hope 3 things
1, if jamie foxx is electro, he knocks it out of the park like andrew did with spidey
2, i hope osborn is mentioned and developed a little more but not the villian

3, that they don't call it the amazing spider-man 2, i mean geesh you have so many other comic titles, go with spectactualar, or since you use it for advertising, the untold stories of spider-man, anything but the amazing spider-man 2
JDUKE25 - 11/13/2012, 10:16 PM
@Mcool210 agreed lol ASM 2 is a little lazy
Platinum - 11/13/2012, 10:20 PM

Your right YET, but he hasn't yet has he? I'm not gonna give him a credit because he's GOING TO learn those things eventually, I think having two father figures die because of him is enough to tell him what the meaning of responsibility is and by the end of the movie you clearly see it hasn't.

If that doesn't get it through his head I don't think we should give him a pass cause its "realistic" hes just a realistic prick.
evilness - 11/13/2012, 10:25 PM
the father mother angle's boring as [frick].

the only way it can have a nice payoff is if maybe spidey mopes a bit about his parents and then at the end realizes that he has aunt may and gwen and the people of NYC who love him (as spidey), and that sort of fills in the void left behind.

this should've happened at the end of part one. but it's not too late to just get it over with in part 2, instead of stretching it out across three films like they're planning.
rebellion - 11/13/2012, 10:31 PM
his peter was really unlikeable imo. i hope they fix that.
JDUKE25 - 11/13/2012, 10:33 PM
@SpectacularSpider he's still a kid. He's going to be selfish and think about himself at times. You can't have him abide by his promise to Capt. Stacy. He wouldn't put Gwen in danger and we wouldn't get her death. He's not Superman who's a boy scout, he's a teenage kid with teenage ambitions.

Btw, I wouldn't consider Stacy as a father figure for Peter. He had like 2 interactions with him. The Lizard was created due to the formula Peter gave Dr. Connors. Peter didn't know what would happen. His dad didn't leave a note saying, "Peter if you find this, don't give it to Connors. It will turn him in to a lizard and he'll end up killing Capt. Stacy." Sh*t happens every day and policemen are constantly in harms way. Unfortunately, Stacy died in the line of duty. But it wasn't because Peter didn't act. He went to stop the Lizard from spreading that sh*t over Manhattan. Stacy went to aid him and ended up getting killed.
Jollem - 11/13/2012, 10:41 PM
i like to think of capt. stacy as being a slight mentor to spider-man, and not so much peter parker. ben and cpt. stacy both helped shape spider-man in different ways
FOOM - 11/13/2012, 11:08 PM
Holy crap, this is getting worse every day. Like Dionysios said, Peter was never motherless, he had Aunt May. And Aunt and Uncle Ben brought Peter up to be a decent well ajusted person. The whole 'orphan, oh woe is me' theme has got my bullsh*tometer is going off the scale. This is beginning to make Singer's version of Wolverine look good.

Remember folks, as much as we might admire Stan Lee he's never had any strong feelings about how his characters should be portayed. Just as long as their out there promoting his product.
Platinum - 11/13/2012, 11:13 PM

The death of gwen i think is a good story but is it NECESSARY for it to happen just so peter can learn responsibility? I don't think so, other spidey shows/movies have proven that.

I would rather not have them do it, I don't think it would translate well to this series especially how they've set it up so far It would only strengthen the fact peter is just not a very cool dude.
JDUKE25 - 11/13/2012, 11:30 PM
Of course it is. To have Gwen be a big part of Peter's life and not have her life ended in such a tragic way is beyond mental. How would that not translate well to film? There's great chemistry between Peter and Gwen, which would make that event more dramatic and epic. Maybe Peter gets to where he's too sure of himself after the second movie and thinks he can keep Gwen safe, until someone like Goblin comes along and pushes him to his limits, finds out who he is, with the end resulting in Gwen's death, thus bringing Peter and Mary Jane closer. It could very well work on film.
Mego - 11/14/2012, 12:07 AM
@SpectacularSpider Youre right about Webb and Garfield's Peter being an a-hole.
But somehow Garfield doesnt have the ability to connect with most audience members in a way that makes you care if he wins or loses or "gets the girl."
Theres no one thing to point at there its more of a total failure on all levels. Most were able to connect with Emma Stone or even with Leary. But Garfield and Rhys Ifans were just there.
Peter was more like a villain in some ways. He was liked a guy with issues who gets powers and destroys the lives of the only people who cared about him.
And Sally Field also failed to connect as Aunt May.
WeaponX - 11/14/2012, 12:07 AM
Some of you are right, this version of Peter Parker was a bit of a dick. He wasn't likable. There were glimpses of the true Peter Parker but not enough to not want to slap him upside the head. You can argue that he is reacting in a common, realistic fashion and that may be, however, that's the problem. Peter isn't supposed to be like everyone else, he internalizes the daily amount of shit that gets heaped on him and uses his Spider-Man persona to vent and channel that. As Peter, he's still a smart, quiet, good kid even though he has reason to be the petulant shithead he was in TAS, he isn't. That's what makes him different. They took that away from Peter Parker in TAS. The results; an unappealing dickhead.

The realism that did work was in the way he moved as Spider-Man, the way he fought his first big, save-the-city, battle. It was truly amateur. It was messy, he fumbled a lot and even though he won the day it came with casualties. An almost Pyrrhic victory. It was a welcome realism and it made it stand out from the first trilogy. That type of grounded story telling, you can get behind. Turning Parker into a dick, not so much.
siggisuperman - 11/14/2012, 12:17 AM
I thought he did a brilliant job. He added layers to the character which is almost ALWAYS needed for cbm's (it's just a matter of differing mediums)

A lot of you guys are describing Peter Parker like Clark Kent and that is not who he is at all. Peter is a pretty funny guy, that's why so many girls like him. But in the movie I feel that they decided to make him less insecure than is the norm. Why ? Because he is a nerd, and nerds today are a lot more confident then nerds were in the 60's(when spiderman was created)
Ichaos - 11/14/2012, 1:25 AM
Jamie Fox as Electro???? Thats a bad choice and not because of the obvious race flipping but because hes a bloody comedian. Just get Carrot Top while your at it
Ichaos - 11/14/2012, 1:26 AM
At least Carrot Top has the hair for looking like he is generating electricity
AlexDeLarge87 - 11/14/2012, 1:39 AM
Hope they do better this time.

Michael Massee as Norman Osborn or Miles Warren (Jackal).
Timothy Olyphant as Electro.

Olyphant fits for Max Dillon´s insane look perfectly.
He has what it takes.

WeaponX - 11/14/2012, 1:46 AM
@BlackArachnid - I prefer the see the protagonist take the high road because not every normal person would. In this we'll have to agree to disagree in the choice to have him react like everyone else would. But I'm with you in hoping that the character does grow and learn from his first big outing and becomes something more as Peter Parker.
CoulsonLives - 11/14/2012, 1:59 AM
He did act like a douche sometimes, But I hope his character develops into responsibility. He also needs funnier jokes to make everyone crack up in laughter and not tiny laugh. And can be loved by the police and citizen. All in all... Good adaptation
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